Professional illustrators and artists aspire to create masterpieces for personal or professional projects. If you’re one, you need the right tools to create the best illustrations for clients. One tool is the handy marker. But which are the best illustration markers for drawing your pieces? Here’s our list of the top markers used by experts!

Types of Illustration Markers

When buying illustration markers, two main types are available on the market: water-based and alcohol-based. Here’s when you need to buy each marker type.

  • Water-based illustration markers – Water-based markers are the best for personal projects, like journaling or water coloring. It’s much cheaper than alcohol-based markers. Plus, you can blend easier with these markers. However, it fades faster and warps paper.
  • Alcohol-based illustration markers – Alcohol-based markers are ideal for various surfaces other than paper. Plus, you can blend various colors with different nibs. Plus, you can buy refillable ones to avoid buying markers repeatedly. However, it’s expensive. Additionally, you want to be in a well-ventilated room when using these because of the fumes.

1. Copic Sketch

illustration markers

Copic Sketch is one of the well-known illustration markers for professional artists and illustrators. Beginners can use this for various illustration designs or projects. 

The Copic Sketch comes in a whopping 358-color set! Plus, it has two tip types: a medium broad and a super brush. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about replacing your Copic Sketch whenever it runs out of ink. It’s refillable, saving you money in the long run! Moreover, you can customize colors when you mix inks. However, 358 colors aren’t available to buy in one go. Instead, you can buy the 72-color set first and buy the rest.

Price: $575.28

2. Ohuhu Honolulu Dual Tips

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One illustration marker set comparable to the Copic Sketch is Ohuhu Dual Tips. It’s a more affordable alternative to Copic Sketch. You can choose which dual nibs you’d prefer. You can buy a brush and chisel combo or a brush and fine one. Plus, you can buy a 320-marker set for your illustration projects. Additionally, it’s the best marker set for drawing different people since they cover various skin tone colors. However, unlike the Copic Sketch, they don’t offer ink refills.

Price: $244.99

3. Chartpak Spectra Ad Marker

illustration marker brand

Since 1974, the Chartpak Ad Marker has been a fan favorite for artists and illustrators. Unlike other markers on this list, Chartpark has only 131 colors. However, it has three nibs in one marker, which is a plus if you want to switch between various tips. Additionally, you can buy blenders, too! If you want refillable dual-tip markers, buy from the Spectra line. You can get up to 96 colors only, but it’s a bang for your buck if you have many illustration projects.

Price: $42.60 to $683.10

4. Winsor & Newton Promarker

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Do you like drawing black-and-white illustrations instead of colorful ones? Winsor & Newton offers double nib markers for neutral colors only. However, if you draw colored ones, the art supplies company also provides multiple color sets! They have 189 colors available and offer a 96-piece set. Their markers are easy to use for layering and blending. Plus, to avoid color bleeding, they also sell specialty paper to create flawless art or illustration works.

Price: $12.99 to $549.99

5. Tombow

illustration marker brand

Another illustration marker competitor is Tombow. The art supplies company offers various markers, but the cream of the crop is the Tombow dual brush pens! This is one of the best options for illustrators looking for water-based pens. They offer a 108-color set complete with a carrying case. However, if the 108-piece set is too much, you can buy individual illustration markers or 10-piece sets. Tombow recommends that you store these pens horizontally for long-lasting use. 

Price: $3.45 to $355

6. Arteza EverBlend

illustration marker brand

If you want alcohol-based and water-based markers from one brand, Arteza has the EverBlend line to help you achieve your masterpiece. Products under this line include:

  • Art Markers
  • Ultra Art Markers
  • Ultra H2O Markers

All EverBlend products have dual tips. You can even change the tip type with tweezers. They don’t offer ink replacement, but you can replace the nibs, available in fine, brush, and chisel types!

They sell a 144-piece set of alcohol-based markers, available in sets of 4, 10, 12, 24, and 36. Meanwhile, the water-based ones are available in sets of 12 and 24. 


  • Alcohol-based markers – $5.99 to $174.00
  • Water-based markers – $18 to $36

7. Sharpie Color Burst

illustration marker brand

If you want a colorful array of markers from a popular brand, why not try the Sharpie Color Burst? The fine-tip marker has a bright and vivid finish, ideal for coloring! Plus, the Sharpie Color Burst creates detailed marks and lines. You don’t have to worry about fading. Plus, it’s also waterproof! The Sharpie Color Burst comes in 24 and 34-piece sets. However, their markers have one tip only.

Price: Starts at $14.50

8. Uni Posca

illustration marker brand

Do you need various tip models for your illustration projects? The Uni Posca is the ideal marker for you! Here are the tips you can draw and color your art projects with:

  • Round tip
  • Soft brush
  • Fine tip
  • Precise tip
  • Bullet tip
  • Chisel tip
  • Rectangular tip

The Uni Posca range is water-based and available in various colors. However, the colors depend on the model and tip. The PC-5M (bullet tip) is available in 49 colors in a 29-piece set. The set and other models are available on Amazon.

Price: Model-dependent, but the PC-5M is $82.98 (29 pieces)

9. Faber-Castell Pitt Artist

illustration marker brand

Faber-Castell is another well-known brand that made it to our list. The Pitt Artist line comes in different nibs with three tips: fine, brush, and chisel. They have a diverse range for the Pitt Artist line since you can choose between colorful pens or black ones. Additionally, their illustration markers are waterproof and permanent. Plus, they’re odorless. You can purchase a 90-piece set in a wooden box or various tones like neutrals, blues, basic, or pastel colors. However, if you want replacements or individual pieces, they have black or neutral-colored big pens, artist pens, and ink pens.

Price: Starts at $6.99