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There’s no set time for how long one social media strategy is executed, from planning to monitoring. Before the advent of AI, planning could take days, and content creation could take weeks. However, AI speeds up and streamlines processes from ideation to monitoring. Here’s how AI helps social media marketing teams manage their workflow and become more efficient than ever.

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How is AI Used in Social Media?

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Generate content ideas

Generative AI can help you when you’re experiencing a block. For instance, you can ask an AI what is trendy on social media. Another example of how AI can help you is by asking about random holidays and what posts you can publish. Generative AI helps push out content and lets you plan it for a long time.

Create images and videos

Generative AI can reduce ideation to creation in a few minutes. You can submit prompts, and the AI will give you what you need. However, it’s best to check the output before publishing. This way, your visual assets align with your brand and have been properly reviewed.

Suggest hashtags

AI can suggest even the simplest item off your social media checklist. You can check trending hashtags. However, AI can identify which hashtags are relevant to your brand and posts. This will let you reach more audiences!

Predict the best time to post 

CoSchedule reveals the best days and times to post on social media:

  • Days: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • Times: 8:41 AM, 3:15 PM, and 7:00 PM

However, that’s not a universal standard. Your company could perform better on another date and time. You can remove the guesswork with AI by identifying the ideal times and days to get more engagement and comments from your social media platforms!

Analyze competitors 

AI can get you ahead through competitor analysis. You don’t need to use various platforms to monitor the competition and their performance. An AI-driven social media management platform can give you all the data and more to get ahead in the game!

Limitations of Using AI in Social Media

One major limitation of AI in social media is the need for more human emotion in creating graphics or other generated content. The AI will generate what the user needs and won’t provide an “emotional” component to the generated content.

One significant limitation is its ability to interpret text into an image, especially when the graphic you’re requesting will have text on it. Sometimes, the AI will put gibberish instead of your required text. In addition, the photo editor can’t fully edit the whole image, meaning you can’t amend the text.

The final major limitation of using AI is the originality of the generated content. Since AI models are trained on published content, AI is likely to plagiarize or copy from humans. Written content can be edited easily using plagiarism checkers. However, images can be tricky. Some AI plagiarism checkers can do this, but to avoid any trouble, consider working with graphic designers. Penji is a graphic design service that ensures you will have custom and branded images! 

AI-Powered Social Media Features

Social media sites employ artificial intelligence tools to help marketers and users streamline creation, publishing, and monitoring in one place! However, not all AI-powered social media features can help you generate content ideas. Here’s how the top social media platforms have integrated AI.

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram use Meta AI to let users edit images and use stickers with AI. Additionally, Facebook users can chat with Meta AI to get recommendations and generate images. Finally, some users can interact with characters, like talking to real people. As such, Meta collaborated with popular celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Dwayne Johnson, and Snoop Dogg to embody the AI characters.

On the other hand, marketers can leverage the Meta Advantage+ since it’s an AI-powered feature. Meta’s AI can identify the ideal target audience for your campaigns. Plus, it optimizes your content to ensure your target audience engages. 


TikTok announced that the TikTok Creative Assistant feature had been integrated into the TikTok Creative Center. The Creative Assistant is a guide in providing the best practices for posting content. The Creative Assistant will also tell you which high-performing content is best and help you write and refine your scripts before recording your videos!


Twitter (currently X) has recently introduced a new AI tool for premium users. Grok is primarily used for research purposes. However, marketers and agencies with premium accounts can use Grok to ask about the latest trends in your niche or help you identify tools or strategies to become more productive on social media.


Dream Screen is the new AI feature on YouTube. The video-sharing platform introduced this feature in late 2023. Creators can simply type a video they want to publish, and the AI will generate it. Only select creators have access to this feature. Besides that, YouTube Studio will give you AI-powered insights to help creators with video ideas. In terms of audio, AI will provide the best music for video and AI-driven dubbing tools to reach audiences around the world! 

Top AI-Powered Social Media Tools

Most AI-powered social media tools are generative AI for images, videos, and text. However, some AI social media management tools help teams develop efficient workflows. Here are some social media management tools to aid your workflow!


ocoya ai social media tool

What do you get when you put Canva, HootSuite, and into one platform? It’s Ocoya!

The AI-powered social media management tool assists users with the following:

  • Get ideas and repurpose content
  • Get custom images
  • Generate hashtags based on your content
  • Create 50 variations of copy in 28 languages

Even though Ocoya is a standalone platform, you can integrate this into eCommerce stores, Canva, Grammarly, Zapier, Google Drive, and so much more! is an all-in-one social media marketing solution. The AI can generate social media posts like written content, reels, and images. Additionally, you can publish and manage your social media content and monitor competitors in one platform!

Here’s how you can use to generate images or text.

Once you sign up for, you can access the dashboard. social media tool

Then, choose which content you need. For this example, we’re choosing “Text to Post.” 

Then, submit a prompt. The prompt lets you describe your post. 

Once done, click “Next,” and you can choose which post to publish. 

Once chosen, click “Generate,” and wait for the AI to do its work. 

After that, you can edit the post or download and post it immediately! 

If you want to edit, click the Pencil button.


Another AI-powered social media platform is Simplified. It’s an all-in-one solution for marketers, social media teams, agencies, and small businesses. The platform allows you to submit text prompts, which the AI will generate social media copy, images, and videos. Additionally, you can schedule social media content. Plus, the platform’s free to use for social media, website, blog, and other marketing needs!

Here’s how to start with Simplified.

simplified ai social media tool

Select the content you want to generate. From there, click the “Generate with AI” button. This will depend on the content you need. For example, with the AI video, you need to upload videos. Another option is the AI designer. Their AI can generate presentations, YouTube thumbnails, ads, carousels, memes, and quotes.

If you want a specialized generative ad platform, should be your new reliable social media ad creation tool. Besides generative content, also has an AI competitor analysis tool! You can get ahead of the competition by getting website insights, demographics, traffic channels, hidden landing pages, and international reach. Finally, you can also do A/B testing with social media ads!

You have only seven days to try before deciding to use this or another platform.


FeedHive helps social media teams schedule their content, know when the best time to post is, and adjust content to a platform. However, FeedHive has an AI feature, too! 

Here’s what you can expect when using FeedHive.

  • AI Writing Assistant – FeedHive’s writing assistant is powered by ChatGPT’s GPT-4 model. The platform has also finetuned this model and trained to write. Finally, it has a chat option, too!
  • Improvements and suggestions – The AI suggests better wording and copy to be more engaging. Plus, it will finetune the copy to make it viral.
  • Predictions – Their AI knows how to predict posts and virality.
  • Best time to post – The AI will analyze the best time and day to publish your posts through a hot spot analysis.
  • Inspiration – Get 3,000 templates, personalize these templates, and save ideas in one place!