Thanks to the proliferation of AI tools, everything is automated. AI can even customize your YouTube thumbnail with a prompt! How can AI help you with your YouTube thumbnail designs? Here are our top picks for the best AI thumbnail for YouTube.

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Get Unlimited Custom Thumbnails

All the designs you need every month with Penji

One of the popular free AI thumbnail makers is You don’t need an account to use the tool. You have two options when getting thumbnails. First, you can fill out a form to submit a prompt. The other option is to select a template. Both options allow you to edit the images once generated. However, a downside of using this tool is it can’t generate more images. You need to edit everything to your specifications.

Here’s how to get an AI-generated thumbnail from this site.

ai thumbnail maker

1. Fill out the form

2. Click “Generate Thumbnail Ideas”

3. Edit the thumbnail as needed.


Simplified is an all-in-one AI marketing solution. It’s ideal for marketers who need to ramp up their marketing game to the next level. You can generate videos, content, copy, and images. The AI marketing platform has a dedicated AI thumbnail maker feature. Here’s how to get AI thumbnails from the platform.

On the Free plan, the default size is “Shorts.” However, you can change the dimensions (1080x1920px & 1280x720px).

1. Go to

simplified ai thumbnail maker

2. Select AI Designer

3. Click “Generate with AI”

4. Choose AI Thumbnail Maker

5. If needed, customize dimensions by clicking the pencil icon.

6. Once done, supply a title and customize other options, like creativity level and brand colors.

7. Select the “Next” button and choose a template. (You can opt to skip this part)

8. Once selected, click “Generate.”

9. Edit as needed.


Like other graphic design applications and photo editors, Fotor has also expanded to offer AI-generated tools. The photo editing app uses its proprietary model, the Fotor M2. This model ensures it generates the best AI images. Before using Fotor, sign up for an account to generate images. Plus, you also need to subscribe to Fotor before using the editor.

Here’s how to receive a YouTube thumbnail design from Fotor.

fotor thumbnail creator

1. Go to the Fotor AI Image Generator

how to use fotor

2. Then, on the left side, fill the prompt box with descriptive text about the image you want the AI to generate.

3. After that, customize the image. First, select an aspect ratio. The aspect ratio for YouTube thumbnails is usually 16:9 or 9:16. The 16:9 is for horizontal videos. Meanwhile, the 9:16 option is for YouTube Shorts. Then, choose the image style, letting you choose among ten variations. Finally, decide how many images the AI should generate. You can select up to six images.

4. Once customized, click Generate!

fotor dashboard

5. You can make simple edits on the thumbnail before uploading your video!


Veed is one of the best video editors used by professionals and non-editors. Since Veed is a video editing software, it makes sense they’ll offer AI tools to help with your video creation process. Unlike some tools on this list, you don’t need an account to access the AI thumbnail maker page. However, the image settings have a square resolution, which isn’t ideal for usual YouTube videos. Still, it’s worth trying. Here’s how to use Veed.

veed thumbnail maker for youtube

1. Fill out the prompt box and add your text there.

2. Click “Generate” and wait for the AI to create an image.

3. Once generated, you can download the image or edit it.

Plus AI

plus-ai youtube thumbnail generator

Unlike other options on this list, Plus AI’s AI YouTube Thumbnails requires you to pay before using their service. According to Plus AI, you need to submit a prompt. Then, let AI do its thing. Once their AI generates thumbnails, they will send the five best variants by email. Then, you can edit it as needed or use it immediately.

You will pay $5 for this service.


AppyPie is one of the few AI-powered platforms for small businesses and marketers. This site has one of the easiest ways to get an AI thumbnail. Unfortunately, you must register and subscribe to leverage AppyPie for your AI-generated YouTube thumbnail.

Here’s how to do it.

1. Fill out the prompt box with your prompt. Make sure that you provide a specific prompt. Additionally, you can upload an image to personalize the image.

2. You need to wait for AppyPie to generate the image.

3. Review the image and customize it when needed.

How Do You Make a YouTube Thumbnail Online?

If you’re unimpressed by AI-generated images, you can design them yourself using a graphic design app. Before designing, you can use a screenshot from your video. Or, you can design from scratch using stock images.

For this tutorial, here’s how to create a YouTube thumbnail using Canva.

1. Identify the video dimensions. Usually, it would be 1920x1080px for horizontal videos. Meanwhile, the vertical image is 1080x1920px. In Canva, the default dimensions are 1280x720px.

2. Once the canvas is ready, add an image element (whether it’s the stock image or screenshot).

3. Add engaging text and other elements.

4. Once you’re done editing it, you can download and upload it along with your video!

How to Get Custom YouTube Thumbnails from Penji

AI has a reputation for creating unrealistic and possibly plagiarized images. It doesn’t fully capture your envisioned thumbnail. Plus, some AI thumbnail makers don’t allow you to edit the finished product.

Instead of using costly AI thumbnail makers, depend on human designers to help you create engaging and eye-catching YouTube thumbnail designs. Here’s how to get a personalized thumbnail from Penji.

Before that, make sure that you subscribe to Penji to get YouTube thumbnails and other designs!

1. Go to the Penji dashboard

2. Select “New Project”

ordering thumbnails through Penji

3. Supply a Project title and search for YouTube thumbnail on the design category field.

4. After that, select the thumbnail size.

5. Provide a description. If possible, provide reference images.

6. Then, select File Deliverables and Associated Brand, if applicable.

7. Once done, click “Create Project.”

After submitting your design request, your project will be assigned to a designer. From there, expect to receive your thumbnail design within 24 hours! After that, review the design and check if the design needs more work. If it does, provide feedback and use the built-in revision tool for further notes. However, if it’s 100% to your liking, you can download the design and use it as a thumbnail in your upcoming YouTube video!

Final Thoughts

You have three options to get YouTube thumbnails. First, you can use AI-generated thumbnails for quick fixes, especially during a time crunch. Secondly, you can create a thumbnail from scratch using design applications like Canva to personalize your YouTube thumbnail.

Finally, subscribe to a graphic design service like Penji for professionally made YouTube thumbnails and many more designs. Plus, check out our other AI tutorials for marketing, business, and more!

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