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Fangtastic Halloween Advertising Ideas That Boost Sales

September 9, 2019, by

Holloween seems to be lurking at our doorsteps. People are getting ready for a myriad of Halloween parties and trick or treat events. This urgency should make consumers, both children and adults alike, go scrambling for Halloween treats, costumes, and irresistible deals. 

That said, startups and big corporations should give their customers quite a marketing scare this Halloween season. It’s time to gather up the marketing crew and unleash those creative juices. 

Halloween enthusiasts have waited 10 months for this occasion, and it’s time to give them what they deserve. Amplifying your Halloween advertising ideas should keep the company in the red and finish the year strong. Learn from these Halloween advertising ideas from big industry players. 


YouTube Video Ads

burger king halloween marketing

With over 1.5 billion users logged in monthly, a broad reach is highly possible with the spookiest videos. The most widely used YouTube video ad is TrueView. These are pre-roll video ads with a view-through rate of 15 percent. The average cost may also run between $0.10 and $0.30 per view. 

Burger King doesn’t do things by halves when it comes to Halloween advertising ideas. They made this spooky video advertising their free whopper when you come dressed as a clown in select BK stores in the US. 


Snapchat Campaign

fanta packaging halloween marketing

Creating limited edition products should get your avid fans excited. Without changing the branding, small and large companies can take their packaging a notch higher this Halloween season. With a few graphical tweaks and digital integration, this Halloween marketing idea should skyrocket those sales even before November comes knocking on your doors. 

Fanta did a smart Halloween packaging innovation. They put a QR code on the Halloween-themed cans, and when consumers scanned it on Snapchat, it unlocked creepy filters. 



harley davidson halloween marketing

Who says everything has to be digitally advertised? The most effective Halloween advertising ideas still focus on conventional marketing. And Harley Davidson didn’t disappoint with their Sportster Forty-Eight Bike poster. It’s an image of a skull containing the various bike parts with the catchphrase: “This Halloween, treat yourself to genuine Harley-Davidson parts.” 

The graphic design looks simple, but the simplicity is what makes it stand out. The overall black and grey composition and the high-quality skull image convey the entire Harley Davidson branding. 


Blog Marketing 

cosmopolitan halloween marketing

Blog marketing ultimately has an extensive audience reach, especially when done the proper way. Valuable, informative, or funny content is sure to get likes and shares in a varied demographic range. Blog marketing connects to consumers that companies can’t reach through emails so that alone is already a big plus. 

Of course, the biggest challenge is to have a high click-through rate. Aside from valuable content, the blog title should reel consumers in. Cosmopolitan gave makeup enthusiasts tips on how to create a cute cat Halloween look over your makeup. 


Facebook Ads

delightful desserts halloween marketing

With over 2 million Facebook users, utilizing Facebook Ads will do more good than harm to your company. Additionally, the modification and campaign adjustment features are perfect for startups which can’t shell out a huge marketing budget. 

Any ad that has the word “Free” will surely capture any digital native’s attention just like what Delightful Desserts did with theirs. 


Instagram Ads

kylie cosmetics halloween marketing

Acquired by Facebook in 2012, Instagram Ads also gives you a couple of media choices depending on your preference. You can choose from Stories Ads, Video Ads, Carousel Ads, Collection Ads, or Photo Ads. The average cost-per-click may range from $0.50 to $1 but may reach up to $3 for the big industry players with a hefty marketing budget. 

Kylie Cosmetics never disappoints when it comes to high-quality images. This Halloween-inspired Instagram Photo Ad is for the new matte and metallic collection launch. 


Twitter Ads

autozone halloween marketing

Twitter also gives other social networking platforms a run for their money as their 330-million audience reach can provide businesses with high revenue potential. It works similarly with Facebook and Instagram Ads in terms of modification. Advertisers can go through three simple steps too:

  • Choose the target audience
  • Amplify Twitter messages and get discovered
  • Set a budget and pay if users retweet, like, reply or click on promoted Tweet

AutoZone’s creative Twitter Halloween ad contains humor and eye-catching graphics while giving value to their customers. 



target elsa costume halloween marketing

Catalogs still offer amazing sales results provided that the content is a cut above the rest. And that’s what the eighth largest retailer in the United States did with their catalog Halloween ad. 

Target’s marketing department stepped up to the plate in terms of Halloween advertising ideas. It featured a girl in arm crutches and leg braces dressed as Elsa from the movie, Frozen. This Halloween ad is strategic because it evokes emotions. In fact, one mother who has a daughter with special needs posted how grateful she is of this Target ad, and it made the rounds on Facebook. 


Outdoor Advertising 

frightmare halloween marketing

Outdoor advertising caters to a variety of audiences. Plus, it’s not limited to the digital natives only. Whether it’s a flyer, poster, or billboard, digital immigrants will have equal opportunity to scrutinize any form of outdoor marketing media. Outdoor advertising can even persuade children to get their guardians to patronize the products or services. 

However, this Over Farm Frightmare Halloween festival advertising invoked a different feeling for children. The Advertising Standards Authority censured their billboard and poster Halloween ad with a scary, sinister man holding a chainsaw and a decapitated head. The organization said the ad wasn’t child-friendly especially that it was next to a train station. 

Come to think of it, if your billboard graphics can make this powerful impact on innocent eyes, then that means you’re on the right marketing path. 


Influencer Marketing 

lyndi kennedy halloween marketing

Crocs partnered with the right fashion blogger for their Halloween #ComeAsYouAre Instagram campaign. Lyndi Kennedy and her son wore their Halloween-ready costumes, matching them with comfortable limited edition Avengers crocs shoes. The photo garnered around 4,500 likes! 


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