Graphic design is an essential part of every business. From logo creation and branding to online ads and merchandise designs, graphic design is a brand’s invaluable asset. But, hiring a graphic designer that meets your business needs and professionalism is challenging. So, if you’re wondering which websites offer a graphic designer for hire, here are the top five.

1. Penji

graphic designer for hire

Hiring graphic designers from Penji is like working with a team of professionals. It’s similar to working with an agency sans the steep rates. Penji is an on-demand graphic design company that offers unlimited graphic design for flat monthly rates. Penji’s subscription is flexible, which means you can subscribe to the service when you need multiple designs for your business. Once the designs are completed, you can stop your subscription with no cancellation fees. 

Penji’s graphic design process is quick and easy. You only need to submit a design brief and let the assigned designer and account manager do the magic. Wait 24 to 48 hours for the first draft and request revisions until you’re 100 percent satisfied. Do all these on Penji’s efficient custom design platform. 

Benefits of hiring graphic designers from Penji:

  • Fast turnaround
  • Reliable designers
  • Vetted professional designers 
  • Affordable
  • Flexible subscription

Penji pricing:


2. Fiverr

freelance marketplace

Once you land on Fiverr’s website, you’ll find the layout easy to navigate. Fiverr categorizes different kinds of graphic design work, so recruiters can find one that fits their needs with ease. Fiverr also displays a category called “Most popular in Graphics & Design” for those still deliberating on their desired design. 

You can find 12 graphic design categories to hire graphic designers. Some are logo and brand identity, web and app design, art and illustration, architecture and building design, and more. Under each category are subcategories. For instance, under the logo and brand identity, you can choose whether you want a logo design, brand style guides, business cards, stationery, fonts, and typography. You can click on the freelance graphic designer that matches your budget and business design needs. 

Benefits of hiring graphic designers from Fiverr:

  • Easy-to-navigate user interface
  • Categorized graphic design work
  • Simple hiring process
  • Cheapest at $5 per gig

Fiverr pricing:

design rates

3. Upwork

freelance marketplace

Upwork is another website that offers a graphic designer for hire and more. It’s one of the ultimate freelancer marketplaces where recruiters go for exceptional skills. Upwork’s website will show the graphic designers’ hourly rate, rating, number of jobs they did, and their expertise or specialty. For example, graphic designers could belong in the same “Graphic Design” category but vary in skills. One could specialize in branding and Google slides, while others offer layout and logo design. You must click on the designer’s profile to check their portfolio and learn more about their offers. 

If you want graphic designers to come to you, Upwork makes it easy to match you with the right one. Post a job, writing all the job details. Expect to get in touch with qualified candidates within 24 hours. You can use the platform to collaborate by video calling, chatting, sharing files, and tracking project progress. Payments are also done through Upwork, and you only pay for authorized work. 

Benefits of hiring graphic designers on Upwork:

  • Quick collaboration via the platform
  • Hassle-free and secure payments
  • Shortlist graphic designers

Upwork pricing:

freelancer rates

4. DesignCrowd

unlimited graphic design

DesignCrowd’s platform works differently than the others on this list. You can find a graphic designer by typing in the search field or browsing through the grid-like layout that showcases designers. Search for a designer by filtering the design category and choosing logos, business cards, flyers, web, 3D, apps, billboards, etc. You may also filter by country, which is suitable if you want a steady designer who can work in your time zone. Finally, you can also sort graphic design experts by earnings, rating, or projects won. 

Hiring graphic designers from DesignCrowd is a bit pricier than other marketplaces or on-demand services. The pricing will depend on the type of project and other requirements. All you have to do is invite the designer, specify what design you need, create a design brief, and input your email. You’ll receive unique designs from multiple perspectives worldwide within hours. 

Benefits of hiring graphic designers from DesignCrowd:

  • Versatile skills
  • Choose from over 100+ designs per project
  • Money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with the project

DesignCrowd pricing: Starts at $99

design rates

5. 99designs

design contests

99designs offers a unique way to find graphics designers for hire. You can search for a designer by filtering the project. Go through a series of steps from 99designs, such as the type of design, industry, designer level, language, certifications, etc. You may also browse from the many design samples on the page. Once you find a design you like, you can view the designer’s portfolio or invite to work on a one-on-one project.  

Design contests are another way of finding graphic designers or getting immediate designs from 99designs. All you have to do is write a detailed design brief on the platform, and 99designs’s experts will submit their designs based on your needs. You choose the best one and ask for revisions if necessary. Design contests start from $299 for a logo and vary depending on the design type you want. You can also save a few bucks when you choose packaged deals. 

Benefits of hiring graphic designers from 99designs:

  • Multiple ways to find a graphic designer for hire
  • Varied rates
  • Global graphic design experts

99designs pricing:

design rates

Which option is the best to find a graphic designer for hire?

If you’re looking for a one-off project, holding contests on 99designs or working with freelancers from Fiverr or Upwork might be your best bet. You pay a one-time fee and hire again when you need more designs. 

However, if you have a steady demand for branding or marketing designs, Penji is the most suitable and affordable option. For only $499 a month, you get unlimited designs and revisions without the hassle. Plus, you can request specific designers for your future projects. 

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