generative ai for sales

With AI being front and center online, entrepreneurs and marketers are seeing its benefits increasingly. Generative AI, or genAI, is an artificial intelligence technology that generates different types of content. Content can range from text to audio to images and even videos. One way generative AI for sales has been helping marketers is by expediting processes. These AI tools help generate graphics, text, videos, audio, and more. 

If you’re wondering what some free generative AI tools are, here are five for your content marketing strategy.

1. ChatGPT for content ideas

Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is one of the pioneers of generative AI tools launched in November 2022. This AI tool is based on a large language model. Because it’s trained on large datasets, marketers can use ChatGPT to generate content blog ideas. ChatGPT browses through billions of blogs in the same niche or industry and selects the most relevant. 

To get the most relevant and exciting content ideas, inputting a thorough prompt is crucial. Ensure you’re typing a clear prompt to get the most accurate results. 

ChatGPT is a free tool for gathering content ideas or even writing text. Here’s an example for the prompt “Please give 20 content blog ideas for a new travel and tours small business.”

chat gpt prompts for ai sales

While ChatGPT is trained on large datasets, it’s still essential to fact-check information. Generative AI for sales must contain factual details to prevent backlash from customers. Doing your research is recommended when relying on AI tools for written content. 

2. Semrush for long-form content

Semrush is an all-in-one tool for managing your digital marketing strategy. On top of its diverse advertising features, Semrush also lets you create an entire article through its AI-powered content generator. 

Semrush is a reliable generative AI for sales, helping content writers, bloggers, and marketers write long-form content within seconds. Also known as AI typer, Semrush’s AI content generator is trained on large data and language patterns. 

This AI platform is also excellent for your SEO content strategies as it targets specific keywords. All you have to do is enter a keyword, and the content will be generated. 

Here’s an example of Semrush’s AI-generated content:

3. Toolsaday for email newsletters

Toolsaday is an excellent tool for busy marketers and entrepreneurs who don’t have time to craft email newsletters from scratch. It’s an innovative AI-powered email generator that considers the readers and the email’s purpose. 

Toolsaday is user-friendly with a straightforward interface. As long as you provide this generative AI tool with the guidelines, the outcome will be relevant with a personal touch. The platform lets you include details like the desired tone, subject, recipient, sender, language, and email length. 

generative ai for newsletters

Here’s an example of a prompt for a spa offering 20 percent off during launching day. Toolsaday generates an entire email in a few seconds. You can also choose the Reply to Email option to send and automate personalized email replies.

4. DALL-E 3 for AI-generated images

Another way marketers and entrepreneurs can use generative AI for sales is through AI image generators. When it comes to AI graphics generators, DALL-E is one of the pioneering platforms launched by OpenAI. It runs on artificial intelligence and creates image outputs based on text prompts.

DALL-E 3 is a successor of DALL-E 2 that offers more nuanced details than its predecessor. It reassures users with accurate images that quickly transform all your ideas into life. This AI image generator adheres to text descriptions, ensuring an image output is precisely what you imagined. 

You can use an AI image generator for your blogs or emails. That way, graphics can strengthen your messaging even more, creating more impactful sales content. It all boils down to the kind of AI image generator you choose. Check the image results first, as some generators don’t produce good quality. 

Here’s an example of a free image generator. As you can see, the images are distorted and somewhat creepy. 

Here’s a better quality AI image generator, Image Upscaler, that lets you input a prompt and choose a type of photo outcome. The image result is exceptionally good, comparable to stock photos you can download. 

Here’s Image Upscaler’s output:

ai generated woman getting massage

5. for sales clips and tutorials

Creating videos will make your sales ads more engaging. Some brands incorporate short clips in their blogs or emails to attract readers. is one of the most user-friendly text-to-video AI tools that makes video creation and editing a breeze.

It offers a drag-and-drop feature, letting anyone with zero video editing experience create professional-looking clips in minutes! Veed even generates subtitles for your video automatically. However, you may also manually type the subtitles and edit as needed.

Here’s how to use Veed for creating and editing videos:

Type in a clear text prompt of what kind of video you want. 

Wait a few seconds for the video output. 

You will have the option to open it in Veed’s video editor and edit as you please. 

Final Thoughts

Generative AI for sales is beneficial for every busy marketer and entrepreneur. The technique to ensure a good outcome is to choose reliable AI tools that produce high-quality results. Using AI generators alone isn’t a good idea. If there’s one thing generative AI doesn’t have—it’s human emotions. It’s best to pair artificial intelligence with human creativity and insight for impactful sales content. 

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