Contrary to what some modern marketers are saying, email is not dead. Email newsletters are an excellent way to connect with your audience in a personalized manner. It delivers a straightforward message to the proper recipients cost-effectively. Most marketers use email automation tools to segment audiences and ensure emails are sent to like-minded individuals. On top of automation, AI can help with email newsletter creation. Are you wondering if an AI newsletter generator is a good strategy for 2024? Here’s how it can benefit your business.

What is an AI newsletter generator?

An AI email generator is one of the newest AI technologies that almost completes the entire marketer’s responsibility list. Like content writing or copywriting, email newsletter creation involves time, creativity, and comprehensive research. All these factors (and more) are crucial to getting your brand’s email newsletters higher open and click-through rates. 

But what is an AI newsletter generator? It works similarly to a content generator like Jasper or ChatGPT, except its features and filters are built for emails. These AI newsletter generators also use natural language processing algorithms to analyze existing content and audience. 

AI newsletter generators rely on machine learning techniques to optimize email campaigns. These email newsletters are created based on user behavior and predicting preferences. These AI-powered tools go beyond ordinary email user segmentation and deliver tailored content that resonates with target audiences. 

You can personalize your email newsletter by specifying the details on the AI newsletter generator. You can write the email’s purpose, subject line, the recipient, the sender, the number of words, language, etc. And since these generators are trained on large datasets, these platforms can suggest recommendations, leading to more personalized emails. 

Here’s how to use a free AI email generator Toolsaday.

Step 1: Choose a type

Step 2: Write the purpose of the email

Step 3: Fill out some optional fields for a more favorable outcome. 

Step 4: Generate email and revise. 

What are the benefits of using an AI email generator?

Integrating AI into your email marketing strategy is a way to increase email newsletter delivery. On top of that, here are some benefits of sending AI-generated email newsletters. 

Decrease costs

Paying for an AI email generator is more cost-efficient than paying a freelance or in-house copywriter. The latter is paid by the hour or per project, while the former is cloud-based. This means you pay a fixed monthly rate in exchange for limited email credits.

To give you an idea, here’s Mailmodo’s monthly rates:

Drive sales

Using artificial intelligence to generate emails will increase sales because of precise user behavior targeting. It allows you to understand your audience better, crafting more impactful email newsletters. AI newsletter makers also help you create more personalized content through aggregated user information.

Save time

One of the reasons why AI is a boon to businesses is because it saves time. As with content writing and image creation, email writing also takes time. It requires a few hours for brainstorming and research and two to three hours to write the final email. AI eliminates this by analyzing large datasets to create an email that resonates with your audience. 

You only need to enter prompts or project details, such as your email purpose, target audience, offers, etc. AI email newsletter generators will put everything together in minutes. 

How can brands use AI in email marketing?

It’s important to consider AI as an assistive tool to bolster email marketing campaigns. AI-powered tools work best when paired with human input and creativity. Relying on AI alone is like growing a climbing plant without guiding it. Here’s how to use AI newsletter generators to boost your email marketing campaigns. 

Create compelling subject lines

Email subject lines are crucial because they are either dealbreakers or dealmakers. The subject lines determine if recipients want to open the emails or not. Subject lines also help recipients decide which emails to prioritize. You can use AI to experiment with a variety of subject lines and choose the best one that fits the purpose of the email and the overall goal.

Implement thoughtful segmentation

Instead of manually segmenting your list, you can use AI to help your email newsletters stay relevant to target audiences. AI newsletter generators are trained on large datasets, which allow you to analyze user behaviors, interests, and preferences. AI may also categorize your existing customers according to purchase history, browsing patterns, and more. This ensures your newsletters are sent to people likely to open and read your emails. 

Understand the customer journey

A customer life cycle begins with product exposure to develop interest, gain desire, purchase, and achieve loyalty. AI helps you understand every customer journey so you can tailor every email to ensure your customers have a smooth transition. AI newsletter tools help identify customer needs and characteristics matching your email marketing campaign. 

By understanding your customer’s life cycle, you can maximize every journey by being able to offer product recommendations. For instance, if a customer visits your website and stays on one product page longer or inquires about a particular product, AI can offer similar products to these customers.

Moreover, if a customer abandons a cart, AI retargets these customers through automation. Emails are sent to abandoned cart customers, and you can let AI generate a more personalized retention offer. This is done through predictive analytics. AI can take hints about users who abandon carts, unsubscribe, or leave your website. Marketers can then send the right emails to those users at the right time. 


One of the most beneficial factors of using AI in email marketing campaigns is automation. AI tools for email advertising help marketers schedule email deliveries at the right time. This way, you’re not missing out on crucial opportunities that might garner you a loyal customer. 

Additionally, AI can help set up drip campaigns or emails based on behavioral triggers. 

Some examples of email marketing automation types are retargeting, welcome emails, post-purchase emails, and standard promotional emails. 

Why do you need captivating graphics in your emails?

Including captivating graphics in your emails will help elevate the overall email tone and strengthen your message. While brands can still use AI to generate custom images for email newsletters, nothing beats working with professionals. 

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