In today’s modern era, eBooks have replaced traditional books, much like how Netflix superseded DVDs. eBooks are easier to access, distribute, and store than printed books. According to Statista’s projections, eBook readers are expected to reach 1.12 million users by 2027. This is why there is a current demand for eBook creation tools. We’ll walk you through the best eBook maker tools to produce the perfect eBook. Check this out and see which software suits you best. 

1. Blurb

ebook tool

Blurb is an eBook creator and an eBook publisher too. Eileen Gittins founded the company in 2005. The team includes designers and developers who are passionate about telling life stories. 

Key Features:

  • Publishing and physical printing support
  • Display books on Blurb’s bookstore
  • Help with many books, including children’s books, cookbooks, etc.
  • Professional quality eBook design editor
  • Popular eBook formats support

A PDF format eBook costs $4.99, while a fixed eBook layout with iPad support costs $9.99.

2. Publuu

Publuu is an online publishing platform offering an eBook creator, know for its user-friendly interface and interactive capabilities. Made to streamline the creation of digital content, Publuu has gained popularity among authors, marketers, and educators due to its intuitive design and versatile functionality.

Key Features:

  • A simple, user-friendly interface
  • Embedding of links, videos, and animations with interactive add-ons
  • Organization and showcasing of eBooks with a Virtual Bookshelf feature
  • Seamless reading experience across all devices
  • Detailed analytics to track reader interactions and gain insights

Publuu offers a range of pricing options, including a free trial for users to explore its capabilities. The subscription plans are tailored to meet various user requirements, with prices starting at $7 a month.

2. Canva

ebook design tool

Canva is an online design software that has become highly in demand for making design accessible to all, regardless of background or skills. It is famous for image editing and social banners. Aside from that, It’s also an excellent eBook creator that’s easy to set up and use.

Key Features:

  • More than 1,000 templates for eBooks
  • Easy-to-use editor
  • Free plan available
  • Easy to share and collaborate on projects
  • Can add animations to eBooks
  • With built-in marketing tools 

Canva has an excellent free plan where you can access more than 250,000 templates on their website. You can also subscribe to their paid plan, only 11.99 Euros/month (about US$11.69). 

3. Visme 

ebook design tool

Visme is cloud-based content creation software suitable for creating eBooks. The company started in 2013 and has grown to more than 4.5 million users worldwide.

Key Features:

  • Easy customization settings 
  • Allows users to create interactive books
  • Has premade eBook templates
  • Various fonts and millions of stock photos to choose from
  • Drag and drop editor

Visme offers a free plan that gives 100MB of storage with access to a few templates. If you want access to the complete feature package, opt for the Personal or Business plan, which will cost you $15 and $29, respectively.

4. Kitaboo

ebook design tool

Kitaboo is another cloud-based eBook maker. It also offers digital rights management (DRM) protection. It protects your eBook from theft and online piracy.

Key Features:

  • Support in 25 languages
  • EPUB conversion support
  • User analytics to track book performance
  • Support for images, videos, audio
  • Supports read-aloud for easy engagement
  • Secure online book distribution

Kitaboo offers a free trial. If you want to access all their features, contact Kitaboo, and they’ll create customized quotes depending on your needs.

5. Flipbuilder 

ebook design tool

Flipbuilder is an eBook creator specializing in magazines, catalogs, and brochures. Its unique characteristic is the flipping page effect, which makes eBooks more interactive. Plus, you can create a bookcase to show on your website.

Key Features:

  • Support for converting PDFs into magazines, catalogs, and brochures
  • Pre-made templates for flipbook formats
  • Rich media support, including animations
  • Mobile responsive designs
  • Analytics support
  • Publish in various forms, including HTML files, EXE, APP, APK, or WordPress plugins

Flipbuilder comes with three license options: Flip PDF Plus ($129), Flip PDF Plus Pro ($399), and Flip PDF Plus Corporate ($1299).

6. Marq

ebook design tool

Marq (formerly Lucidpress) is a content creation website that allows you to produce eBooks. Established in 2013, Marq has an innovative user interface that is easier to use than other software. 

Key Features:

  • Supports multiple types of printed materials
  • It has a drag-and-drop editor.
  • Grants access to brand asset hub to store all your assets
  • Customizable templates

Marq has a free plan that allows you to create three documents per month. You can start with a free trial to test the software.

7. Google Docs

ebook design tool

Google Docs is another example of an eBook maker. Its functions are like Microsoft Word. With Google Docs, you can save all your work on the cloud with Google Drive. You need an active Google account to get started if you haven’t done so yet.

Key Features: 

  • Unlike Microsoft Word, this word processor supports .pdf and .epub formats
  • Cloud-based system.

8. Beacon

ebook design tool

Beacon is an outstanding eBook creation software that allows you to design lead magnets for your WordPress website. In addition, you automatically translate your articles into a lead magnet format of your choice. Beacon is a free-to-use WordPress plugin.

Key Features:

  • Templates are customizable
  • You can also create and reuse your templates.
  • Support for multiple lead magnet formats
  • Pdf download

9. Draft2Digital

ebook design tool

Draft2Digital is an eBook creator software that helps with layout, publishing, and distribution. The catch is that Draft2Digital doesn’t charge for formatting or updating an eBook, but they take a 10% cut of sales. 

Key Features:

  • Automated eBook templates
  • Has designated homepages of author
  • Helps distribute books to all major online retailers
  • Manage and track eBooks with reports

Draft2Digital pays you monthly with the following payment threshold: 

  • At least $25 for checks
  • At least $20 for Payoneer
  • A minimum of $10 for international direct deposit
  •  $0 for all other digital payments. 

10. Adobe InDesign

ebook design tool

Adobe InDesign is a professional eBook creator software. The only downside is that using the software has a bigger learning curve. It is part of Adobe’s creative suite, which gives you complete control over each aspect of your eBook:

Key Features:

  • Create stunning eBooks with complete formatting control
  • Work with a team for collaboration
  • Use thousands of Adobe fonts
  • Create storyboards
  • Publish online with AdobeInDesign
  • Great for making interactive eBooks

Get a subscription for the Adobe Indesign app for $20.99 per month.

11. Designrr 

Designrr is an eBook maker that converts blogs, podcasts, videos, and other content into eBooks. It was developed by PageOneTraffic, a content marketing company based with offices in London and Delaware. Since the inception of Designrr software in 2026, the software has been highly patronized by business owners, marketers, authors, and bloggers. It has gained 260,00 users and continues to grow. 

Key Features: 

  • eBook templates for multiple formats and uses
  • Copyright-free image library
  • Image Editor
  • Project draft editor
  • Save time by importing content
  • One-click ebook publishing
  • Support for PDF format and epub format

Designrr offers four pricing plans:

  • Standard ($29/month)
  • Pro ($39/month)
  • Premium ($49/month)
  • Business ($99/month)

12. Pressbooks

Pressbooks is a user-friendly publishing platform that caters to educators. It was created for teachers, developers, designers, and artists. The company partners with organizations to support open education, institutional publishing, and curriculum development initiatives. 

Key Features: 

  • Create new eBook in PDF or epub format
  • Adapt content for classrooms
  • Add annotations to content, including rich media
  • Add interactive elements like quizzes/exams

Pressbooks is a free eBook creator, but they also have paid plans for individuals starting from $19.99/book.

13. Kotobee

This interactive eBook maker is perfect for authors, instructors, teachers, and independent publishers. Users generally appreciate the value for money and user-friendly features of Kotobee. It has over 200,000 customers, including established companies and organizations like Oracle, Pearson, and Harvard. 

Key Features: 

  • Straightforward eBook branding
  • Support for audio, video, and widgets
  • Export to more than 12 ebook formats
  • Learning Management System (LMS) integration
  • Advanced editing tools

Kotobee has three price plans: 

  • Basic ($150)
  • Premium ($300)
  • Institutional ($2000) 

14. Vellum

Mac users can create beautiful eBooks via the Vellum eBook maker tool. It works for many platforms, such as Apple Book, Kindle, and Kobo. Each specialized file can direct readers to buy your next book in their favorite store.

Key Features: 

  • Easy setup of margins, page numbers, headers, and footers
  • Use drop cap and embedded fonts
  • Easy to import manuscripts
  • Browse the available templates to find the right one that suits your genre
  • Preview feature see eBooks look across devices
  • Easy to update eBooks

Vellum comes with two price packages. The eBooks-only package costs €180, while the eBooks + print package costs €230.

15. Kindle Create

Kindle Create is a free eBook maker from Amazon. It is perfect for publishing your content with the Kindle Direct Publishing Platform. You can also access an Amazon course to learn how to use Kindle Create with all its features. Whether you are writing a comic book, cookbook, travel guide, or novel, Kindle Create can help you create a professionally designed eBook. 

Key Features: 

  • Professionally designed themes
  • Automated suggestions for styling
  • Preview ebooks for phones, tablets, and eReaders

The software is free to use. However, you can only publish for Kindle, and image captions are unsupported.

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