6 Brilliant Custom Sticker Design Ideas You Can Copy

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6 Brilliant Custom Sticker Design Ideas You Can Copy

May 20, 2020, by

laptop stickers and post its

Custom sticker design has become more than just cute adhesives we use to seal our letters. Nowadays, you can find varieties for anything and everything – from hydro flask stickers to wall decals. Needless to say, it’s a great product to offer both online and offline, as long as you know what sticker designs sell.

In this article, we’ll look at types of stickers and the materials they’re typically made out of. We’ll also look at some of the best custom sticker illustration examples that will cling to your buyers’ minds.

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Custom Sticker Design Ideas and Examples

Here are a few popular types of stickers and the design ideas currently trending on the market:

1. Custom Hydro Flasks Stickers

sticker ideas for water bottles

Custom stickers design for hydro flasks are very popular these days. This can be due to a lot of people trying their best to be eco-conscious by lugging around their own reusable drink bottles. And what better way to make the newest trendy accessory unique than to personalize it with stickers!

Water bottle adhesives are typically made from Polyvinyl chloride or PVC. This synthetic plastic polymer is waterproof so the material is good for enduring spills and moisture. Flask stickers vary in size. However, they typically come in small designs you can appreciate without having to turn the bottle over.

Tumbler adhesives are usually cute stickers that look fun, young, and adds a pop of color to a plain flask. This custom sticker set available on Amazon, for example, features a tropical theme with pieces featuring waves, cork sandals, shades, a pineapple, and a shaka sign. A sticker template like this works well because it’s visually refreshing, and it aptly represents the energizing effect of hydration.

2. Custom Laptop Stickers

sticker ideas for laptops

Many people draw inspiration from the everyday things they use at work. Consequently, laptop stickers are popular among users looking for that extra dose of stimulus to get the job done. Stickers for laptops vary from cut-out types to skins.

Cut-out types are the usual kinds you can also use for other devices such as water bottles, letters, and other smaller items. Skins, on the other hand, are adhesives that cover the whole back part of the device’s screen.

Laptops are pricey gadgets. So, you wouldn’t want to damage the body when you decide to take the sticker off. Because of this, it’s crucial to opt for vinyl stickers. You can take off removable vinyl without leaving a residue. It also comes in various styles, including matte, glossy, and clear.

If you want to personalize your laptop but don’t want to look juvenile or amateur, go for classy skins. Skins vary in sizes and typically come in the measurements customized for certain devices.

This art deco design, for example, adds a touch of excitement without sacrificing elegance. The gold lines and dark gray, textured, geometric shapes make up a design that looks like a Great Gatsby speakeasy wallpaper.

3. Bikes and Motorcycles

sticker ideas for bikes

Bikers regard their two-wheelers as their trusty partner on the road. It’s not surprising that many decorate their bikes with adhesives that reflect their adventures and remind them of their best rides. Motorcycle custom sticker design makers are popular among riders who want personalized adhesives for their bikes.

However, there are many ready-made stickers available on the market if name or custom stickers aren’t your thing. Most stickers for two-wheelers come in narrow sizes that will allow the user to attach it to the bike frame. It’s also crucial to choose a material, ideally adhesive, that doesn’t fade under sun exposure.

This sticker bundle for motorcycles and bikes offers designs that will make your vehicle look even cooler. Most of the stickers are black and white, so they wouldn’t clash with the color of your two-wheeler’s body.

4. Helmets Stickers

sticker ideas for hard hats

If you want to decorate your bike, why not go all the way and design your helmet as well? Just like stickers for motorcycles, adhesives for helmets must be waterproof and not prone to fading due to sun exposure. 

Aside from motorcycle helmets, however, adhesives for welding helmets and hard hats also fall under this category. Most designs for helmet stickers are patriotic, motivational, or funny, aimed at making a hard day’s work a bit lighter. This adhesive set, for example, features a mix of nationalist pride and images that aim to inspire.

This type of stickers comes in a typical sticker size, an average of around 2” x 2”. This size is just enough to stick it to a curved helmet without developing air gap lines.  

5. Car Stickers

sticker ideas for vehicles

Car decals can instantly transform it from drab to fab. Just like other outdoor decals, however, you should choose a variety that’s waterproof and fade-resistant. You must also select a material that won’t leave marks on your mirror should you decide to take off the sticker.

Stickers for cars vary in sizes, but most of them are sized just enough to be seen on the bumper or rear mirror without blocking the driver’s sight. Designs often range between the owner’s ideals or descriptions about the driver or passengers. For example, it’s not uncommon to see a “Baby Onboard” decal on cars. This design, however, offers an unusually fresh and cool vibe to it.

6. Wall Stickers

sticker ideas for room walls

If you’re looking for a cheap way to glam up a room in your home, use wall decals. It’s also a viable option for renters who aren’t allowed to paint their units. You can attach decals, take them off, and reapply them all without damaging the wall paint.

Wall decals come in different sizes, depending on the style. This design, for example, features a prominent tree that you assemble by putting together eight sheets of 16.9″ x 11.8″ stickers.

When looking for sticker design ideas, consider all the factors involved. Not only should the style and size work for the type of device it’s meant to be used for, but the design must also appeal to the targeted niche.

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