Music concerts have had a notable evolution throughout the years. From the peace-loving hippies in the 60s to the EDM-banging millennials in the 20s, music concerts have proven to be a lucrative business. 

The way concert-goers are entertained has changed as well. They can expect lights, projectors, lasers, interactive special effects, and the whole shebang. 

Amidst this shift towards tech integration in music concerts, there’s one thing that hasn’t changed though — striking concert posters.

While the band is the main attraction that drives people to attend music gigs, graphics on concert posters act as the second driving factor. The graphic design is the driving force that urges fans to come. 

Without further ado, I’ve curated the most captivating concert posters from legendary bands of all time.


band concert poster design

Who doesn’t like dancing to the feel-good tunes of Madonna? We all know this artist as the famous vamp who lets her confidence radiate into her music. Like a Virgin, Borderline, Papa Don’t Preach, Material Girl — these tunes never get old. 

But Madonna’s confidence also shows in her concert posters as well. Take a look at this 1990 Blond Ambition World Tour design. This is when the all too famous ‘cone bra’ made its debut. 

The design is too striking for its bareness, but there’s not a single ounce of repulsion to it. The entire concept represents how the artist feels about herself — confident and powerful.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

band concert poster design

Here’s a recent concert poster from an all-time favorite band, the Red Hot Chili Peppers. For their 2019 Australia and New Zealand tour, the first-ever in twelve years, their concert poster is simple yet eye-catching.

There’s nothing like a good old band logo to bring that sense of familiarity to the grunge tunes we know too well. The red asterisk logo encapsulated in the band’s name with full typography complement each other. That alone is enough to bring Oz and NZ fans together and see them live after 12 years! 

Smashing Pumpkins

band concert poster design

Smashing Pumpkins’ Cain’s Ballroom concert in 2010 came with an unorthodox concert poster design. 

There’s a bizarrely mystic message behind the entire composition. The crying scarecrow is leaning towards the rat. The rat’s hand is on the scarecrow’s forearm, and the other carries a red flower. Lastly, the trance-like black and yellow background holds both characters together, making these elements all too arcane. 

The entire design symbolizes the band’s music, ranging from heavy metal, pop, gothic rock, psychedelic rock, and more.

Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles 

band concert poster design

Who hasn’t heard of The Beatles? We all dream of marching that Abbey Road crossing someday. The Beatles music has resonated into the lives of many worldwide. 

From the youth to the elderly, their songs will linger even after many generations. That’s why there are small and big tributes to the band worldwide. 

And Rain is a theatrical production that lets Beatles fans experience what it feels like jamming to the old tunes. This concert design dons the images of the original Beatles members playing their designated musical instruments. The background is the United Kingdom flag where the members are from. 

The layout is well-played having all the texts in a vertical format, allowing the eyes to scroll from top to bottom with ease.


band concert poster design

Here’s another recent music gig from the heavy metal band — Metallica. Concert posters are usually personalized according to the location. Typically, the posters’ texts and information differ from one place to another. 

But this 2019 concert in KFC Yum! Center dons next-level customization. The KFC Yum! Center was named after the famous fast-food chain, KFC. 

On the poster, the man with an emaciated face holds a bucket of chicken, reminiscent to that of KFC’s chicken bucket. There are also people eating and drinking in the background. 

However, the gothic components are still there, depicted by the crow, skeleton hand, chicken head, and the broken bridge. 

Foo Fighters 

band concert poster design

This poster by the famous illustrator who is iconic in rock and roll art, Jermaine Rogers, is a unique one. 

Dave Grohl, the Foo Fighters’ frontman, is pointing towards the audience, fans, or would-be fans. It is accompanied by the phrase, “You’re the star of the very first show at the Anthem in Washington, DC!” 

If that doesn’t compel you to attend, I don’t know what will! 

Pink Floyd 

band concert poster design

Pink Floyd is the famous English rock band that has gained traction in rock and roll history. 

A pink-colored concert poster design couldn’t be any more fitting for a band named “Pink Floyd.” But that’s not all. The different elements on this poster set the mood for the concert in the Montreal stadium, Stade Olympique. 

The bright pink that covers half of the poster and the vintage image of the crowd create design balance. But the inflatable pig, the band’s staple prop, ties it all together. 

The Misfits 

band concert poster design

No fluff concert posters work to the artists’ advantage like The Original Misfits’ poster for a Madison Square Garden gig. 

The Original Misfits is a punk rock band from America who incorporates some grotesque themes and imagery in their performances. Here, the texts pop out against the white skull logo in the background. 


band concert poster design

This is another all-time favorite band where the tunes transcend most generations. And this 2013 Las Vegas concert poster is a natural standout. 

It reminds you of the well-known comic book series, ‘Archie’ and his friends. The contrasting colors are perfect choices for the images. Lastly, the entire concept reminds you of the band’s characters — gawky, eccentric, and brilliant. 

Blink 182 

band concert poster design

Blink 182 has always been known for their energetic live shows and kinky music videos. Their bizarre humor is no different from their concert posters

This is for an Ohio concert in 2016, and everything about this poster screams Blink 182. The provocative hand holds the cocktail glass, and the man seemingly drowns someone on it. Plus, the animal print border, the other weird details, and the vintage-like feel all depict the band’s badass notoriety in the music scene.