There’s no doubt that ChatGPT has become everyone’s personal assistant or somebody’s good friend. For whatever reason you’re using ChatGPT, you’ve probably only scratched the surface. You can get more out of it when you subscribe to the Plus plan. But is it worth trying? Here’s our guide on the ChatGPT vs ChatGPT plus debate.

ChatGPT Features

Converse, Answer, Provide Solutions

chatgpt vs chatgpt plus

ChatGPT is well-known for its text-based responses. With the GPT 3.5 model, it’s well-trained to answer anything. OpenAI said that this model was fine-tuned in 2022.

Users can ask questions, get responses, and converse about any topics. Additionally, users can submit prompts for ChatGPT to answer or provide solutions.

Regenerate Responses

Sometimes, ChatGPT doesn’t provide accurate or great responses. That’s why you can click the Regenerate button for other answers that ChatGPT can offer.

Custom Instructions

ChatGPT interface

A newly introduced feature in ChatGPT is custom instructions. This allows ChatGPT to generate personalized responses based on your inputted personal or business details. Plus, having custom instructions trains the AI. Here are the details you can add to custom instructions:

  • What’s your job?
  • What are your hobbies and interests?
  • Which topics would you discuss?
  • What is your tone of voice?
  • How long should the responses be?
  • How should ChatGPT address you?
  • What stance should ChatGPT take on certain topics?


  • Responses are updated until Sept 2021
  • It has a 25-message cap for every three hours
  • Difficulty accessing the site during peak hours
  • OpenAI reveals that ChatGPT may provide nonsensical responses
  • It can generate repeated phrases

ChatGPT Plus Features

Anything from the free ChatGPT subscription will also be included in ChatGPT Plus. 

Faster Responses

ChatGPT interface

If you think ChatGPT on the free subscription is slow in generating responses, ChatGPT Plus is much faster. The ChatGPT 4 model gives faster and even more accurate answers.


ChatGPT interface

Although ChatGPT can be customized using the custom instructions feature, plugins can take it up a notch. You can customize your ChatGPT experience with plugins, giving you specialized recommendations, direct links to restaurant or airline reservations, and generate images!

Is ChatGPT Plus Much Better?

In terms of features, yes, it’s much better. You can still access ChatGPT during peak times. Plus, you get access to plugins and new features.

Is ChatGPT Plus Better Than Free?

It’s a better option, especially if ChatGPT is your primary tool for most of your workflows. You don’t have to worry about downtime. Then, you can supercharge your ChatGPT experience with plugins.

Verdict: The real winner in the ChatGPT vs ChatGPT Plus debate is the Plus version. But don’t underestimate the power of ChatGPT, even as a free app.

Maximizing Your ChatGPT Plus Account

1. Find Travel Recommendations

You can ask ChatGPT about travel recommendations. But with travel plugins like Klook and Expedia, you can get personalized recommendations. Additionally, you can ask ChatGPT for the direct link to booking airlines, hotels, or activities. Plus, you can even organize your travel plans!

2. Book a Table


OpenTable has a plugin allowing anybody to book a table anywhere they wish. With this plugin, you can ask ChatGPT about the best restaurant recommendations. From there, ChatGPT lists the best options with links provided for immediate booking. 

3. Translate Phrases

Although ChatGPT knows how to speak various languages, you can enhance your learning experience with a language plugin. Speak is one of the plugins to use when learning a new language. You can converse with ChatGPT in your target language. Plus, you get instant feedback on how you speak the language.

4. Play Games

chatgpt interface

ChatGPT can already play text-based games. Chess is one plugin you can install to hone your logic and strategic skills on the app. Unlike other online chess games, you need to send a notation to make your move. Additionally, ChatGPT can help you learn Chess along the way!

5. Generate Images

chatgpt interface

One limitation of using ChatGPT is it’s only text-based. Thus, ChatGPT can’t generate images. However, there’s a workaround of using a code to provide users with images. But with ChatGPT Plus, you can use Argil to get images without leaving the AI app. 

6. Automate Workflows

Zapier is also available as a plugin on the AI app. You can pair Excel, Slack, Gmail, Dropbox, Teams, and so many more productivity apps. Once you install the Zapier plugin to your ChatGPT account, you can start prompting and automating everything!

7. Shopping

Although Google will show you the latest prices of your favorite items, the Klarna plugin will recommend users with prices of their desired items. You don’t even have to Google to search for the item. ChatGPT will provide the link directly if you’re ready to purchase.

8. Cooking

Image credit: instacart

Who knew ChatGPT could help you cook your favorite meals? With the Instacart plugin, ChatGPT will generate recipes! Then, with the plugin, ChatGPT will provide you with a link to shop the ingredients provided in the recipe!

ChatGPT Plus Alternatives

1. Simplified

ChatGPT Plus’s main competitors will have to be Simplified. The marketing platform offers AI-powered services like design, text, and video. 

One advantage Simplified has with ChatGPT is the AI graphic design tool. You don’t need a subscription when using the AI tool. All you need is to sign up and get free credits to generate images.

Meanwhile, on the free ChatGPT subscription, you need to use a code to generate images. Similarly, you must upgrade to the Plus plan for plugins that generate images or designs.

2. Writesonic

If it’s a text-based alternative you’re only looking for, then Writesonic is the best option. In fact, you have two options to choose from: Botsonic and Writesonic. Writesonic can generate 10,000 words for you monthly. Meanwhile, you can send Botsonic 100 messages monthly. It’s not much compared to ChatGPT, but it’s worth trying since Writesonic also has image generation, article rewriting, and Zapier integration.

3. Copy.AI

Our final alternative is Copy.AI. Copy.AI is ideal for marketing and sales teams! You can generate social media captions, digital ads, sales emails, cold emails, and so much more! However, Copy.AI has a 2,000-word monthly limit, but they give 200 credits upon sign-up!


It’s no secret that ChatGPT Plus has the better model and uptime availability. Plus, the updated GPT model provides faster responses and is trained for better results. That is to say that the free subscription is lacking. Sure, it doesn’t have plugins, but the free app can be trained with custom instructions and regular conversation to yield your desired results.