ChatGPT has been a dependable text generator for personal and professional use. It brings entertainment and can increase productivity. But if it can generate text, can ChatGPT generate images as well?

If you ask ChatGPT to generate images as an image generator, here’s its response:

chatgpt interface

However, not all hope is lost since ChatGPT is under the OpenAI umbrella. The OpenAI platform has three features: ChatGPT, Dall-E 2, and Dall-E 3. Plus, they have an API allowing developers to use it for app development.

But if you submit a code as a prompt, you can let ChatGPT generate images! Scroll down below to find a code to let ChatGPT generate images for you.

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What is the ChatGPT image generator?

Dall-E 2 and Dall-E 3 are the two image generators under the OpenAI umbrella. Dall-E 2 is the earlier model, which you can access anytime. However, it requires you to buy credits to generate images. Meanwhile, Dall-E 3 is a feature of ChatGPT Plus, the OpenAI subscription model.

What Plugin Generates Images in ChatGPT?

If buying credits would be too costly, plugins are a workaround for generating images using ChatGPT. Note that plugins are available on the ChatGPT Plus subscription model. But what plugins should you use?

1. Argil

chatgpt plugin

Argil helps ChatGPT Plus users experience image generation without leaving the app. And if you need a seamless experience, you need to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus and have an Argil account.

According to Argil, you can use the image generator by training it. Once trained, go to ChatGPT and select the Argil plugin. From there, it will generate images.

2. MixerBox ImageGen

chatgpt plugin

Another plugin you can use is MixerBox ImageGen. You can select from your list of ChatGPT plugins. From there, you can submit a prompt. According to WhatPlugin.AI, you can see what MixerBox has generated by creating a URL to see the image.

3. Creative Mind

chatgpt plugin

Our final ChatGPT plugin is Creative Mind. Flexibility is its advantage over other ChatGPT plugins. You can specify sizes, the number of generated images, and image types. Plus, ensure that you submit a detailed prompt as well!

How to Get Images from Other Open AI-Powered Image Generators

1. Canva

Canva uses the OpenAI and Stable Diffusion Models for their Magic Studio feature. 

However, you can use Dall-E in your Canva account to generate images using that image generator app. But when using Canva, make sure that you are a registered user to access the OpenAI model.

Here are the steps in using Dall-E with Canva.

Go to your Canva dashboard.

image generator

On the left side, scroll down and click Apps.

It will lead you to a new page to click “Dall-E.”

image generator

A pop-up will let you select if the AI-generated image would be used in an existing or new design.

When you choose a new design, you can choose “Custom Size” or find the canvas you need for your art. Fill out the width and height of the canvas and click “Create New Design.”

image generator

From there, you’ll go to their editor to fill out your prompt. Make sure it’s detailed to ensure the OpenAI model will understand what you need.

image generator

In the editor, you can submit your prompt. Once submitted, click Generate Images and select the image based on what you envision.

2. NightCafe

Nightcafe immediately asks visitors to sign up for an account before using any of their features. Once signed up, here’s how you can get generated images from NightCafe.

image generator

First, you’ll go to your NightCafe dashboard. Then click the Create button.

image generator

After that, you’ll be redirected to the Editor, where you can finally submit a prompt, allowing NightCafe to generate the images you need. 

On the left side, you’ll see where to fill out your prompt. 

image generator

Once filled out, you can choose the preset theme. 

image generator

Then, you can choose the number of images to generate. If you’re ready, click Create and see the result.

You can download the image if you’re satisfied with it. Or, you can submit a new prompt by following the steps above.

3. Bing Chat

Who knew that a search engine like Bing would adopt AI models for search and images? Bing Chat (for images) uses the Dall-E 3 model to generate images.

Well, if you’re Team Bing, here’s how to get images from your favorite search engine. 

image generator

You should go to the Bing Image Creator site. Make sure that you have a Microsoft account before submitting a prompt to Bing.

image generator

Once signed in, you can submit your prompt. You can fill out the prompt box and click Create. It takes a while for the image generator to work on your prompt. The Dall-E 3 model will generate three images based on your prompt.

4. Kapwing

Kapwing is another AI image generator you can count on if you want images from the OpenAI model. The image generator app encourages you to submit a detailed prompt to get AI-generated images. Here’s how to get AI-generated photos from Kapwing.

Reminder: You need a Kapwing account to use the image generator. Plus, you need to subscribe to Kapwing to generate images.

image generator

First, you need to click “Enter Prompt” to access the editor. 

chatgpt plugin

From there, you need to click the prompt box below “Create an Image about…” It will open a new window, allowing you to submit a prompt. Once you have filled out the prompt box, click Generate Images. From there, wait for the image to load.

What Code or Syntax Can You Input? has created a code letting you generate an image on ChatGPT without leaving the site. You can copy the code here. Make sure that you copy it word for word to ensure that ChatGPT will generate an image. Here’s how the code works.

Although ChatGPT maintains that it only generates text, the OpenAI model will help you with images. Additionally, one specific code can become a workaround for generating photos in ChatGPT without subscribing to ChatGPT Plus.

Users have three ways to get images from ChatGPT or the OpenAI model. First, you can subscribe to ChatGPT Plus, allowing you access to the marketplace and integrate plugins into your account. Second, you can use AI image generators powered by the Open AI model. Three of them have free options, allowing you to take a test drive before using Dall-E. Finally, you can use’s code to generate images.

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