It’s been a great year. With 2022 out the door, the time to rebuild your brand is here. Luckily, the hub for unlimited graphic design is here to help. With Penji, you can start on creating a brand kit that will enhance your company.

Branding can be a tricky concept to start. Ensuring that you have consistent visuals that match your brand values and overall mood is hard. However, it is an important step in building brand visibility across the board. 

Penji can help secure key items for your branding. By investing in our unlimited graphic design service, you can start building your brand today. We offer all the essentials to help lift your platform in 2023. 

What Is a Branding Kit?

Looking back is not an option. Expanding and developing your business should always be your brand’s goal. With 2023 on the horizon, there is no better time to do that.

 To establish the value of a brand, you need to invest in your visuals. The mood, tone, and design of these visuals must stay consistent. This way, you can create brand awareness amongst your audience. 

The key elements of a branding kit are all items that Penji’s design experts know well. A brand logo, branded product packaging, consistent content, etc are all essentials that can be created with Penji. 

Build a Branding Kit with Penji in 6 Steps

Brand Logo Design

Your brand logo is the first interaction a customer will have with your company. Meaning, your logo design is the first impression; it has to have a strong impact in order for your customer to remember your company. 

With that in mind, it’s not enough to just have a logo. Today, there is a lot of competition for attention, both online and offline. Creating a logo that speaks to your brand values and has the element of unique design is essential.

Incorporating your brand values in this is important. This can be done through design and branding techniques. For instance, integrating your brand colors, brand font and brand aesthetic is a must. Keeping these elements present throughout all of your materials will build the foundation for consistency.

From this, it is easy to feel like step one of branding already has a lot riding on it. Don’t worry. Penji’s service is designed to give our clients designs that speak to their brand and their brand only. With unlimited revisions, you can ensure that you develop a logo that suits your brand and your brand alone.

Branded Product Packaging

After establishing your branding, it’s important to keep integrating it in all of your branded materials. This ensures you never lose brand awareness and recognition. In addition to that, it shows that your company has their graphic design in order. This instills trust, and therefore brand loyalty. 

Product packaging is your opportunity to excite your customer before they see the actual product. Your brand product packaging speaks to the type of mood you want to instill in your customers.

Certain features that are good to include are your brand colors, fonts and taglines. These help to solidify your overall design. However, you also want to include elements that speak to your aesthetic. For instance, if you are a wellness company, you may want to use a neutral tone with a minimalist vibe. This gives a feeling of relaxation and clarity. 

This type of design allows you to convey your brand’s mood. It makes it easy for your target audience to relate to the product and connect to your brand, making them more likely to return. 

Promotional Items for Customers

For promotional item ideas, ask yourself what your target audience is interested in. This can come from analyzing customer behavior on your website or in-store. By analyzing what items, promos, or pages are getting the most attention, you can figure out the best items for customer appreciation. 

Remember, you want your customers to feel that you care about them. Using a unique and specific design for promotional products is important. This accentuates the feeling of personal connection. 

Promotional products should feel useful for customers’ lifestyles. Some examples include to-go cups, sample products, customized planners, face rollers, or designed socks. These are just ideas, but they are more useful and creative than traditional promo ideas. 

Penji is a great way to design specialized promotional products. Since your designer will already understand your brand values, they can easily integrate your aesthetic and personality into your products. This way, you can ensure consistency in your designs.

Along with that, sometimes it’s good to advertise your promotional products. This can show customers that your company appreciates its loyal fans. Penji can help develop high quality product shots for your website and social media platforms. 

Customized Social Media Content

Social media content is more important than ever. When someone sees high-quality branded images, it creates an immediate reaction. Ideally, this reaction should be excitement for your brand and the lifestyle it represents.

Penji’s expert designers can create any type of content design. Simply write a small blurb about your content needs, as well as visuals you’d like to include, and our team can deliver these pieces in under 24 hours! 

Moreover, we can help with content design for more than just social media. For instance, online ads, email marketing templates, and website layouts. Once again, using professional graphic design adds to brand authority.

When you take away long turnaround times, quality risks, and inconsistency, your customers hold your company in higher regard. Penji can also ensure that your content is eye-catching, and completely unique to your brand.

In-Person Branding

In-person branding is, granted, a more traditional way of branding. With the rise of social media marketing, the idea of branding in person can seem obsolete. However, don’t underestimate the value of consistent branding in face-to-face interactions. 

Implementing your materials from online to in-person creates a sense of unity within your brand. Naturally, in-person branding offers a personal tone. Digital branding can capture attention in a flash, but you’ll need something deeper to both capture and hold attention.

In-person branding includes physical materials that provide your customers with relevant company information. For instance, business cards, flyers/brochures, booklets or customized clothing. Handing these out is an easy way to increase brand awareness and inform your audience. 

Penji can help design these items for company promotion events. We specialize in customizing designs to fit your brand personality. If you are looking for your items to be more customized, we offer flexible requests with custom dimensions, source files, and unlimited revisions.

Customer Experience Items

Customer experience is crucial. When your audience has a positive experience with your brand, they are more likely to return and refer it to their peers. That’s why curating strong online and in-person materials is essential. 

Certain customer experiences include custom menus, infographics, catalogs, website layouts and promo signs. All of these, when created properly, can exude the brand mood. Your brand tone of voice can—and should—be present everywhere.

For instance, if you are a fine dining restaurant, you want your menu to give the feeling of luxury. You can start by using a font that communicates prestige and elegance. In addition, your menu has to have a layout that is easy to navigate. There’s nothing luxurious about inconvenience. 

This same idea applies to website design. Customer experience, or user friendliness, directly impacts how long a customer will spend on your platforms. It also determines how many users will convert into customers.

Penji understands these important rules. We want to help you form the best impression for your customers when they visit your website. Penji’s designers understand the need for creativity and functionality in digital design. Navigating with ease is essential for nurturing your customer base, and we can help you create that!

New Branding, New Beginning

2022 may have been a great year for your branding. Why not be better? When you have unlimited graphic design at your fingertips, creating the perfect brand kit is easier than ever. 

Penji can help you curate designs that are unique and engaging to your audience. Building your brand is important. It’s your vision, and it deserves to be brought to life! Invest in our branding essentials this year to solidify your brand. Give your brand the authority and awareness it deserves.