Thanksgiving is one of the busiest holidays in the United States. And for marketers, this means more opportunities to rake in revenue. If you want to lure more followers, subscriptions, or sales this season, these best Thanksgiving social media posts should compel you to start your own.

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REI’s #OptOutside Campaign

rei marketing campaign

REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.) is every adrenaline junkie’s one-stop-shop for all things outdoors. Not only do they have everything from men’s, women’s, and kid’s apparel and gear, they also have brilliant brains behind their marketing department. 

REI is the epitome of what staying true to a company’s branding is all about. They created a Thanksgiving social media campaign called #OptOutside. Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time to be grateful for the little things, and not get caught in crass consumerism. And one thing REI, its employees, and its target audience are thankful for is being able to relish the beauty of the outdoors.

The adventure-loving brand boycotted the Black Friday frenzy and encouraged everyone to spend time outdoors instead — including their employees. To show that they don’t want any part of the Black Friday shenanigans, they closed all their stores right after Thanksgiving.

They also encouraged everyone to share their outdoor adventure by using #OptOutside on social media channels. And this has gained ultimate accolade from people worldwide. Indeed a more powerful way to gain new patrons than promoting your products.

Coca Cola’s “Share A Coke” Place Cards Campaign

share a coke

Coca Cola has always created the most well-played marketing tactics on any event or occasion. And this time, they decided to heighten the “Share A Coke” campaign by giving it a fun and useful Thanksgiving twist. 

The “Share A Coke” campaign gives consumers a personalized buying experience. By customizing any Coke can or bottle with their names, they can proudly call it their own. 

And the Thanksgiving twist? Consumers can use these customized bottles as table place cards. By promoting this campaign on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, no one ever has to sit next to their least favorite relative!

Ave40’s UGC Thanksgiving Giveaway

ave40 vapeman global

A user-generated social media campaign works like a charm, and Ave40 agrees. They partnered with Vapeman Global to give away five Vapeman Steam Engines. To enter, the participants only need to do three steps:

This type of content is gaining popularity in two of the biggest social media platforms — Facebook and Instagram. It’s a great way to promote brand awareness, increase a company’s social media following, and possibly earn more conversions. 

Zappos’ Baggage Claim Game 

baggage claim game american airlines

Sometimes, the best Thanksgiving social media posts that will win the hearts of your audience don’t involve exclusive deals and discounts. It’s when big brands return the favor through fun games and exciting prizes. 

And although this particular game from Zappos happened outside the virtual space, the company garnered 2.4 million social impressions across popular social media channels by using the hashtag #TravelHappy.

Traveling on holidays can be quite daunting. But with Zappos’ and American Airlines’ tandem, they’ve managed to turn a baggage conveyor belt into a “Wheel of Fortune” extravaganza. A passenger won if their luggage landed on a conveyor belt block with a prize. In the end, all 1,000 participants took home giveaways such as oven mitts, Thanksgiving magnets, and more.’s “Which Thanksgiving Dish Are You?” Quiz

realtor which thanksgiving dish are you

Quizzes and polls are foolproof ways to gain more engagement from your audience. If they’re well-thought-out and engaging enough, businesses will undoubtedly receive more than comments. Social media users will most likely share the best Thanksgiving social media posts such as amusing quizzes and polls. Not only will you be successful with engagement, but you’ll also create an infinite form of digital marketing through virtual word of mouth.’s “Which Thanksgiving Dish Are You?” quiz was a big hit. Participants take the quiz and answer Thanksgiving-related sets of questions. And like how the stars and planets line up to determine a horoscope, the dish choices reveal their participants’ personalities. 

While this was done on a landing page, the final result had sharable Twitter and Facebook icons. It was truly a smart way to bring traffic to a company website while boosting social media presence. 

PETA’s “Grace” Video Campaign

peta marketing campaign

When you put a little wit and humor on your social media post, it’s going to gain traction online. And PETA knows how to play the guilt-trip card when preaching for their advocacy. 

Thanksgiving enthusiasts eat around 46 million turkeys every year. According to PETA, turkeys have the same affectionate feeling, such as dogs and cats. They would much rather want to build nests and preen themselves instead of being on a plate during Thanksgiving. 

In this video, an honest little girl says “Grace” by recounting a blow-by-blow process of how turkeys are killed in farms. And while NBC refused to air this ad, it has since become a YouTube sensation with over 400,000 views! 

Unilever’s #ShareAMeal Campaign

feeding america thanksgiving campaign

While many children devour scrumptious turkey meals and pumpkin pies on Thanksgiving, more than 12 million American children are left hungry. In an effort to raise awareness to the public and promote a philanthropic program, Unilever partnered with Feeding America for the #ShareAMeal campaign. 

This campaign aimed at donating a million meals so starving children can enjoy a lap of luxury on Thanksgiving. And Unilever made it extremely easy for kind-hearted participants to join. Users can post a throwback photo of them enjoying a feast with the hashtag #ShareAMeal. One post equals one meal to Feeding America. 

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There you go! Start posting compelling Thanksgiving social media ads and you’d be surprised how fast you’ll gain traction this year.

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Final Thoughts

Companies that believe in the power of social media are those that unceasingly corner the market. By putting together the best Thanksgiving social media posts, coupled with digital solutions like audience behavioral tracking and analytics, reaching success will never seem like a tall order. And for the most beautiful and professional Thanksgiving posts, subscribe to Penji to make it in time for the holiday season!