Advertisers have one of the most challenging jobs in the world. Aside from always creating fresh content, advertisers also need to keep up with changing trends and consumer behaviors. On top of that, they also have to align the ads with the brands’ identity. This entails continual brainstorming and countless trial and error. But one brand has always had a knack for creating tearjerker ads that tug at everyone’s heartstrings — Nike. 

The brand launches creative advertising designs, copywriting, and videos that inspire and empower. So what makes Nike’s commercials the best in the marketing sphere? It’s simple. The brand knows how to combine emotional appeal, inclusivity, influence, and creativity. And brands should follow in Nike’s footsteps and amp up their commercials because the best Nike ads never get old.

If you want some inspiration before creating your next commercial, these 10 best Nike commercials will move you. 

1. Mamba Forever

Sometimes, less is more can make even the most significant impact. And when you pair simplicity with powerful copywriting, you’ll have everyone shedding a tear or two. This commercial is an ode to the great Kobe Bryant and the helicopter crash that left everyone heartbroken. It shows a simple black background with text indicating the stages of Kobe Bryant’s journey in basketball. The word “Forever” doesn’t change while all the other achievements in his life are summarized, while actual interviews play in the background. The slogan “Mamba Forever” caps off the video to pay homage to the legendary basketball player. 

2. Worth the Wait

Every team wants to bring home the bacon to their country or state. And if you’re into sports, you know how monumental championship titles are. The entire nation or state comes together to cheer for their team, and they also celebrate as one once their team wins. This is the case for one of the best Nike commercials that showcases the Cleveland Cavaliers. It pieced together the emotions and hope of the people in Northeastern Ohio when the Cleveland Cavaliers won its first NBA championship after being on a losing streak for years. 

3. Find Your Greatness

One of the best Nike commercials that went viral in 2012 is the Find Your Greatness campaign. It’s a commercial featuring everyday athletes in different sports, trying to be the best in their field. It’s a simple video that shows anyone can achieve greatness in sports and life as long as you try. The messaging is clear and impactful, encouraging everyone to be the greatest they can be. 

4. The Last Game

This is a fun animated commercial for the 2014 World Cup. The Last Game is a story about a scientist who creates clones because human football players make too many mistakes. Once these clones get on the field, football loses its significance and pushes The Originals players to do other jobs instead. Until Ronaldo, the Brazilian football player, kidnaps every Originals member and challenges the clones to a game. The Originals won the game because the clones weren’t programmed to go out of the box. 

5. Write the Future

Write the Future is a commercial about how the World Cup can influence other people’s lives or even the economy. The video shows how Cannavaro blocks Drogba’s goal. Because of this, people experienced a cacophony of emotions, even bringing some to their knees. Overall, it shows how dramatic the world of football is — even from a single pass or strike. 

6. Unlimited Future

The Unlimited Future campaign is next on this best of Nike commercials list. It shows the actor Bobby Cannavale doing a pep talk to babies Lebron, Serena, Zhou Qi, and Neymar Jr. He tells the babies that life is unfair and they don’t get to decide everything. However, they do get to choose how their story ends. The gist of Cannavale’s message is that they should take the bull by the horns and give it everything they got. The video ends with a baby affirming all of Cannavale’s statements by bringing a fist up in the air. 

7. No Excuses

This is one of the best Nike commercials that pushes everyone to just do it. It features the professional wheelchair basketball player Matt Scott saying all these excuses about why people can’t train. It doesn’t show he’s in a wheelchair throughout the video until the end when he says another excuse, “and my feet hurt.” And this line shows how even a disabled athlete like Matt Scott doesn’t make excuses as he trains religiously. 

Although this commercial encourages the disabled community, it’s also for everyone able. It reminds them that they can overcome whatever struggles they have to push through life’s journey. 

8. Impossible Stairs

Nike advertises its Air Vapormax shoes in a creative and fun way in this video advertisement. It features a runner hesitating to go up a flight of stairs. But every time she takes one step, she sees her Air Vapormax changing colors and styles. And she enjoys going up the impossible stairs and reaches the top happy. The video ends with “Air to move you forward.”

9. Failure

One of the best athletes in history recounts how some people may have believed that he didn’t go through failures. And that he was on sports podiums without even lifting a finger. In this video, Micheal Jordan explains to a bunch of basketball players how his strength and pain were his motivation. And that a myriad of failures was why he achieved success in life and sports. 

10. You Can’t Stop Sport

The last video in this best Nike commercials list is the You Can’t Stop Sport commercial. It features several athletes doing their thing. But the interesting part is the split-screen that seemingly connects one athlete’s similar movement to the other. The overall message is that nothing can stop sports or athletes. They keep moving no matter what. 


The best Nike commercials are viral for a reason. That’s because all these video advertisements are strategic and impactful. And this is the reason why Nike is the top sportswear brand to date. Once you know how to connect and evoke emotions within your target audience, expect to get positive results. So take a leaf from Nike’s marketing tactic and increase memorability within your audience. 

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