When AI tools, such as ChatGPT and DALL-E, first blew up in 2022, it gave creatives quite a scare. Some creatives viewed AI as a threat, while others saw it as a chance to increase efficiency and productivity significantly. The creatives at Penji are with the latter on this one. We’ve tested several of the best AI marketing tools, and it worked to our advantage! Here are our top picks!

Table of Contents

1. Phrasee 

Best for: For personalized email marketing

Phrasee is an AI tool that generates personalized marketing copy. Most generative AI tools work on large language models. However, Phrasee’s content engine works differently. While other AI content engines generate smart and quality copy and text, Phrasee’s software ensures the copy engages with audiences, which is perfect for your email marketing. 

Phrasee top features

  • Use the Brand Voice feature to ensure your messaging is on-brand
  • Understand the best language that resonates with your audience
  • Use Phrasee’s curated messaging to reach your audience 

How does Phrasee work?

You enter the content brief by stating your brand voice and details about the project. Then, Phrasee’s Content Graph associates your keywords with several text fragments to build out your content. 

Configure your style guide first by clicking Admin on the top toolbar. Here, you can set up the language, punctuation, stylistics, selected keywords, emoji use, etc. But two of the most powerful tools on Phrasee’s engine is, the Alternative words and Never generate features that filter or select keywords or icons that align with your branding or not. 

You can then select and revise the copy you will use and export. 

For example, if your keyword contains “50% off TVs,” the Content Graph associates the keyword TVs with home cinemas and electronics to suggest possible copies. 

After the engine generates on-topic texts, it ensures the copy aligns with your brand voice. 

Then, Phrasee’s Diversity feature lets you generate 10 different versions for testing. This is a better way to deliver emails that focus on branding consistency.


  • Contact the team for a quote

2. Clearscope

Best for: For content creation and optimization

Ask any SEO expert worth their salt, and they’ll tell you how search intent plays a crucial role in ranking your keywords. Clearscope, an AI content optimization software, is an expert in this field. It’s one of the best AI marketing tools for writers, SEO experts, and marketers who want to produce highly relevant content. This platform is built around some of the best natural language processors, such as Google Cloud Natural Language, IBM Watson, and OpenAI. 

Clearscope top features

  • Easy integrations for content tools you already use for seamless workflows
  • Content tracking features to monitor content grade score

How does Clearscope work?

With so many AI content generation tools, you’d think Clearscope works the same. But you’d be surprised how powerful Clearscope’s AI tool is. 

First of all, Clearscope understands relevant terms and adds to them instead of giving users the same information. It helps users understand search intent better. Clearscope focuses more on the WHY instead of just the WHAT. 

It checks competitors’ content, generates crucial questions relevant to your content briefs, ranks relevant keywords, and offers header suggestions. 

One of Clearscope’s top features is its unique content grading system. Keywords are based on search intent, but search intent also changes. This is why this top AI content marketing tool continues to monitor your keyword and rank its content grade based on current search intent. 

These reports cover essential factors:

  • Giving relevant SERP research
  • Writing optimized content outlines
  • Simplifying text comparisons on top-ranking pages


  • Starts at $199 per month

3. Infer 

Best for: For social media management

The top AI marketing tools use efficient and accurate analytics to help businesses get their desired leads. Infer is one of the best AI-powered predictive analytics tools for gathering leads based on the likelihood of customer conversion. This lets sales teams focus their marketing strategies on high-value prospects. 

Infer top features

  • Integrations with the most significant data connectors
  • Employs retention scoring to prevent users from churning
  • Offers a more granular understanding of your customers for segmentation

How does Infer work?

Connect all your data easily and securely to ensure more intelligent predictions by Infer. Use its powerful AI tool for use cases and gather insights summarized into data stories. 

After that, Infer schedules a predictive pipeline that runs on your most current data in minutes. Users can then write impactful AI-powered predictions into operational systems. 


  • AI-driven dynamic pricing that enables pricing adjustments

4. Drift

Best for: Chatbots for customer support

Drift is one of the most effective AI chatbot marketing tools with a proven track record. Its three-year analysis with Forrester showed a 50 increase in sales rep efficiency. This AI software lets you set up a powerful AI chatbot that can answer instant responses to customer inquiries and address common issues. 

Drift top features

  • Easy user interface
  • Impactful conversational AI
  • Full customization options

How does Drift work?

Drift’s conversational AI automates insights, recommendations, and conversations. 

Website visitors can send their questions and get personalized answers. Since Drift’s AI system is trained on more than 100 million B2B sales and marketing conversations, the platform learns your brand voice quickly. It implements context-switching for a more effective lead qualification. 

It has the Conversational Landing Pages feature that engages in real-time conversations with key accounts. 

Drift also allows you to create more “expansion” pipelines through personalized playbooks, a 360-degree view of your customers, and 24/7 customer support and recommendations. 


  • Starts at $2,500 per month

5. AdRoll

Best for: Ad targeting and optimization

If you’re investing in pay-per-click marketing, don’t let your investment go to waste by showing ads to the wrong people. Use AdRoll to optimize your ads and target the most relevant audiences. It’s your all-in-one ad targeting and optimization AI tool that offers thousands of free ad credits when you subscribe to advanced packages. 

AdRoll top features

  • Powerful bidding AI technology that creates more predictions per second than NASDAQ
  • User-friendly platform where you can run campaigns, get reports, and connect social media ads platform
  • Ecommerce features like easy-to-use email builder, recover cart abandoners tools, upsell and cross-sell to best customers

How does AdRoll work?

First, you need to connect your website to AdRoll and confirm the connection. 

Then, you can explore how your website can maximize AdRoll features by launching an ad campaign. 

AdRoll has one of the best AI email tools that will match website visitors to email addresses they enter on your site. You can use the recover cart abandoners to target people who added items to their cart but didn’t check out. 

Finally, AdRoll also helps you deliver personalized product recommendations to website visitors. This way, each visit is likely to progress into conversion. 


  • Offers pay-as-you-go pricing, and the basic plan starts at $36 per month

6. SEMrush

Best for: Voice search optimization

SEMrush is one of the best AI marketing tools for improving website visibility online. Its over 55 tools can help brands with SEO, SMM, PPC, keyword research, PR, content marketing, competitive research, marketing insights, and campaign management. Nowadays, people use voice search to look for information online. Studies show that 62 percent of Americans use a voice assistant on any device. Use SEMrush to structure your content that caters to these commands and improves voice search results. 

SEMrush top features

  • Use the Magic Tool to generate thousands of keywords from a single seed keyword
  • A sensor that can monitor signs for Google algorithm updates and changes
  • Powerful keyword research tool that optimizes voice search keywords

How does SEMrush work?

SEMrush can do keyword research, competitor research, link building, rank tracking, paid advertising, on-page SEO, and more!

Since SEMrush has over 55 tools, let’s focus on one of its top tools—the Magic Tool. 

You can use this tool to generate millions of keyword ideas from one seed keyword. Type the main keyword, and it’ll show you thousands of keywords, which you can filter by Question, Broad Match, Phrase Match, Exact Match, and Related. 

You can also search keywords based on intent, such as Informational, Navigational, Commercial, and Transactional. The platform shows all the details you need to know about a particular keyword, such as volume, trend, keyword difficulty, cost per click, etc. Above is a sample results page for the keyword “clickfunnels.”


  • Starts at 129.95 per month

7. Optimizely

Best for: Visual content creation

Optimizely aims to Orchestrate, Experiment, and Monetize. This tool can be used for content creation, campaign management, and delivering customized commerce experiences. However, most users love it for its digital asset management. 

Optimizely top features

  • Centralized storage for all digital assets
  • On-brand control

How does Optimizely work?

Optimizely manages, organizes, and easily reuses brand-approved content. Its functional digital asset management helps accelerate asset discovery. You can create brand templates with your most current assets. 

Keep all your digital and marketing assets in one user-friendly platform. You can organize your assets in a centralized repository with multi-format support, labeling, batch uploading, folders, filters, and OCR search. 


  • Offers a free version and starts at $79 per user per month

8. Adobe Target

Best for: Customer segmentation and personalization

Customer segmentation is crucial to maximize your paid ads. One of the best AI marketing tools for customer segmentation is Adobe Target. Segment your audience based on demographics and psychographics. This way, you can deliver and offer personalized content across multiple channels. 

Adobe Target’s top features

  • Unified visitor profile to recognize every customer interaction
  • Real data-driven website optimization in a unified view
  • Powerful segmentation features like creating exclusion rules in real-time

How does Adobe Target work?

To optimize your marketing strategy, you must deliver different content to specific audiences. Adobe Target is one of the top AI marketing tools, helping you deliver personalized experiences. 

By default, Adobe Target’s traffic is evenly split between experiences, with the option to specify percentage targets. 

Target works its magic by identifying whether the visitor who landed on a page qualified for the specified audience activity. If that visitor isn’t included in the activity, they’re shown default content and not included in the activity’s reports.


  • Adobe will choose the best package for you. You just have to answer a form to get an estimated rate.