Top Bar Promotion Ideas For 2019

Karen Garces By Karen Garces, 04/24/19

If you’re new to the bar industry, promoting your new business will be an uphill battle. You can’t just put all your eggs in one basket. A brilliant idea would be to take your marketing approach to different marketing mediums — but that’s only half the battle.

Appealing images and videos of your drinks, cocktails, food, and even the image of your bar’s interior are deciding factors for consumers. When you brush aside an excellent graphic design to save a few bucks, you’re only setting your bar up to failure.

If you have no clue on where and how to start advertising, here are some bar promotion ideas for 2019 which will get those patrons through your door in no time.


Share Your Story on Social Media

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Connecting with your audience on a personal level is essential. Some consumers choose brands or companies with their interests. Tell your story by sharing your head bartender’s journey, sharing the makings of your best-selling cocktail drink, or recent funny experience in your bar. This will create a social media buzz, excite consumers, and will even entice them to visit your bar if they want in on the fun. Putting a face on that logo will also humanize your brand like what Ticonderoga Club did on one of their social media posts.


Advertise Theme Nights Through Flyers

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Some people visit bars to break the mold and relieve their stress. People who work a nine-to-five can feel mentally and physically exhausted. A bar’s role is to amuse and comfort people after a long day. Creating “theme nights” will give your customers something to look forward to. You can think of a lot of different fun and creative events to attract your target market. For example, you can organize a “Salsa Night” or “Disco Night” like Rack Bar and Grill’s flyer. Another amazing theme is “Trivia Night.” This will give your customers a new and exciting experience every time they visit your bar.


Promote Your Best-Selling Cocktails on Facebook

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With so many bars competing for every customer’s attention on social media, you want to make your online presence heard and noticed at first glance. Upload enticing photos of your best-selling cocktails or dishes. When I look at The Heat’s images on Facebook, I almost want to nip down to their bar for a quick alcohol fix.


Offer Loyalty Programs Through SMS or Emails

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Loyalty offers a great way to build your regular clientele. Sometimes people hop from one bar to another because they don’t feel a connection with the place. Offer a discount for regular customers through SMS or emails. This way, your customers will feel like they belong to an elite club and would want to keep coming back for the discount and freebies of course! Check out Beer Head Bar’s Beer Club Loyalty Program.


Advertise a Ladies’ Night Through Posters

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A Ladies’ Night is a great way to attract a huge crowd. Women come for the free drinks and men come for the women. As a result, men pay for more drinks to woo women. Create inviting and eye-catching poster displays like this Unlimited The Break Free Bar’s design. Poster displays are placed on walls, bridges, and other public places, so the design should captivate a passerby’s attention.


Make Your ‘Happy Hour’ Viral on Social Media

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One of the challenges of operating a bar is getting more customers during the slow hours which is usually the regular employee work hours. You want to tempt consumers to drop by during these hours to avail of discounted alcoholic beverages. Take a look at Ted’s Bar’s happy hour offer on social media.


Update Your Website to Celebrate Special Occasions

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A lot of people celebrate special occasions with their loved ones, families, and friends. And since most of these special occasions are national holidays, give your customers something special on these days. Update your website’s event calendar for any upcoming occasions, national holidays, or any significant annual events. Check out Rusty’s Raw Bar and Grill’s announcement on their website for St. Patty’s Day.


Make Your Billboard Stand Out

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Outdoor advertising is an effective way to make your brand seen especially in high-traffic areas. Investing in a good billboard design is beneficial for your bar in the long run. A captivating billboard design that represents your bar and branding is the perfect “bait” for walk-in customers. The Rainbow Bar and Grill has a unique old-school rock vibe which is evident in their logo design and font choice.


Cocktail Giveaways on Social Media

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The best form of marketing by far is through word of mouth. Create a buzz on social media that will expand your following and make people want to visit your social media network every once in a while. Creating regular online contests will make you stand out on any social media platform. Airstream Cafe’s ‘Cocktail Giveaway’ is a customer favorite. By asking a customer to tag a few friends, you’re already effortlessly creating an infinite form of marketing for your bar. I’m sure a free cocktail drink or two won’t drive your sales down.


Organize Fun and Unique Events

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Karaoke nights, live music, bands, and DJ nights are some of the most common nightly events in bars. Try to break the routine and organize something unique and creative which you know your target market will love. Ever thought of a drag show night? The Bar Durham’s special LGBTQ live shows every last Friday of the month will make interested people look forward to this event. It’s fun, it’s quirky, and it attracts a vast audience.