Animation isn’t a new medium in the advertising space. However, many brands invest in animated ads to attract audiences and set themselves apart from the competition. In the past few years, brands like Slack and Semrush have exhibited that animation can become effective in getting the results you desire for your marketing campaigns. But what have brands published this year that are compelling so far? Check out the animated ads running in 2024 (so far) by big brands and up-and-coming businesses!

1. Headspace

headspace ad

One notable brand publishing animated ads regularly is Headspace. The company uses bright custom illustrations and animated characters to catch non-Headspace users’ attentions when using their devices.

It has engaging ads that show users the basics of meditation in less than 30 seconds. It’s a great way to introduce potential users to meditation before downloading the app. Here’s an example of one of its ads running on Meta.

2. Semrush

semrush ad screenshot

Semrush has also invested in publishing animated ads to persuade marketers to use their tools for SEO and competitive research. It’s well-known for its Keyword Magic Tool Ads. However, they’re also promoting other features, like its competitive research tool.

Even though the video was posted around three years ago, Semrush still runs this ad. It’s a great animated ad since the animation is updated, and the information is still relevant.

3. Lyft

lyft youtube ad screenshot

Lyft is another well-known brand that posts multiple ad media types. Published in 2023, this ad compels users to download the company’s app to take them anywhere or explore the city their own way. 

Lyft also uses customized illustrations, which helps in brand recognition. Plus, the pink motif in their logo is subtle but recognizable in the video.

4. Airbnb

airbnb animated ad

Love it or hate it, Airbnb has some cool animated ads. This one catches your eye since it uses 3D animation styles and targets potential Airbnb hosts. It persuades the would-be hosts to list their homes and “get paid” while renting an Airbnb in another destination.

5. Hubspot

hubspot animated ad

Do you want to showcase your products and make it feel like they’re brand new? Get inspired by HubSpot’s animated ad! The all-in-one business platform introduced Spotlight ‘24 in its new ad campaign. It lets non-HubSpot users know what they’re in for when they use and subscribe to HubSpot.

6. Liquid Death

liquid death video screenshot

Don’t be afraid to generate a somewhat controversial ad to promote your brand. Liquid Death, the canned water company, worked with an animation studio and a voice actor to create their ad series: The Adventures of Murder Man (yes, that’s the title). You can watch the slightly gory and funny animated ad here!

7. Rakuten Kobo

rakuten ad screenshot

Rakuten Kobo collaborated with The Garden to create the “Bringing Books to Life” campaign ad. The video briefly brings popular books to life with animation, like The Scarlet Letter and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. It makes you feel like you’re transported into the world of a featured book. Watch the animated ad here.

8. Reactine

reactine animated ad screenshot

Animation is a great method to visualize general locations and show characters doing various activities in a few seconds. Reactine published an animated in March 2024. It’s an allergy medicine, letting audiences know that they can enjoy their life or stay in Canada with this medicine all year round. You can watch the advertisement here.

9. Le chocolat des Francais[es]

le chocolate des francaises ad screenshot

For International Women’s Day, Le chocolat des Francais decided to feature and honor women in their candy bars. As part of their gesture, they even added the -es to Francais, making it a feminine word. The animated ad shows audiences and potential buyers in which women from various fields will be featured. Plus, buyers know that the bars are also interactive and that proceeds from buying these bars will go to a charity. You can watch the animated ad here.

10. Taltz

taltz ad screenshot

Here’s another animated ad from a medicine company. Taltz uses a similar formula on how typical commercials promote their medicine on TV. It has statistics showing that actors enjoy their lives despite their conditions. It’s a great alternative to showing real people, plus, it shows the pharma company’s creativity through animation. You can watch the ad here!

11. Old Spice

old spice ad screenshot

Here’s our last pick for the best ads of 2024. Old Spice is known for its funny ads. And this one doesn’t disappoint. The anime ad was published in Mexico and Brazil where the majority of the population loves watching anime. The ad campaign is a web series where they can watch the Old Spice Warriors (Stick and Spray) defeat the stink in the world. Plus, it has an anime opening, which is standard in anime series. You can view the ad series here.


Are animated ads more effective?

It has the potential to become successful, especially when you find the right tools or services to create animated ads. Plus, you also have to publish on the right platform to maximize your expected results.

How does animation attract an audience?

Not everyone consumes animation as their preferred viewing media. Animation can capture one’s attention and keep their eyes glued to their screens. However, not all animation types can be interesting to people. It’s important to choose the right illustrations and animation styles to engage your audience to watch the ad from start to finish.

What is the purpose of animation in marketing?

Animation makes marketing campaigns even more compelling and engaging. Still image ads, print ads, and billboards can catch one’s attention. However, animation can be captivating if done right. Plus, with the right animation, your target audience can remember your ads more and help them make decisions about purchasing your products or services.

How Can Penji Help with Your Animated Ads?

As seen from the abovementioned examples, many brands use tailored illustrations to set themselves apart from the crowd. 

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