Data analysts are crucial to business growth. They analyze and interpret data. Plus, they visualize this data when presenting it to relevant stakeholders. Additionally, they use software applications to organize all collected data and create visualizations. Finally, they recommend solutions to improve and develop the business. These tasks could take up much of their time, and some still do them manually. However, AI can ease repetitive tasks and visualizations in a few clicks. Here are AI tools for data analysts. Plus, know how AI can help data analysts with their duties.

Use Cases for AI Data Analytics

  • Analyze data
  • Create dashboards
  • Generate reports
  • Visualize data
  • Clean data
  • Interpret data
  • Predict data
  • Automate data entry and other tasks
  • Provide explanations on certain data sets or metrics
  • Develop machine learning models for advanced data-related tasks
  • Review developed code for data visualization and machine learning models

AI Tools for Data Analysts

1. Polymer

Many data analysts need business intelligence-powered apps to help them analyze data faster and more efficiently. Polymer is one of the best AI tools for data analysts. Polymer will help you view all your data in one place in an organized and visual manner. The AI component assists you in generating dashboards, gaining more insights, and conducting evaluations. Plus, you can talk to their AI to know how your business is performing, get insights and data for certain metrics, and receive visualized reports.

2. Tableau

Another handy AI tool for data analysts is Tableau. It promotes data democratization and helps data analysts simplify data. Tableau works well with Salesforce’s Einstein, which will automate your workflow and give you an organized view of your dashboard. Additionally, they have Tableau Pulse, which will provide simplified language regarding your data and predict questions regarding your data.

3. Akkio

Akkio is one of the best AI data analysis platforms. This platform is ideal for agencies!

Tired of cleaning up data before presenting it? Akkio has an AI-powered feature to clean your data and eliminate repetitive cleaning tasks. Plus, they prepare and organize data instantly. The AI-powered software can also predict sales forecasts and customer churn with its Predictive AI feature. You can also get reports instantly with their unique AI feature. Plus, it has nifty integrations with top software apps like Hubspot, Zapier, and Salesforce. Additionally, you can use the GPT-4 model to chat with a bot to get insights and data in a snap!

4. AnswerRocket

AnswerRocket has a dedicated generative AI platform to help users with their data and workflow. The software company can help you through chat and natural language flexibility. You can converse and ask the AI everything about your data. Besides this, it can analyze your data, get predictive information, and further understand your data through visualizations. Plus, it can help users automate repetitive tasks and produce insights and presentations. Finally, the company ensures that your data is secure!

5. Microsoft Power BI

If your business uses Microsoft, then the Microsoft Power BI software is ideal for data analysis and analytics. The platform will help you organize data in one place. Additionally, you can integrate other apps into Microsoft Power BI to supercharge data analysis. Plus, for new users, you can set up training and onboarding materials.

6. MonkeyLearn

Image credit: Owler

One of the best AI tools for data analysis is MonkeyLearn. Its no-code platform makes it accessible to any data analyst!

Here’s how MonkeyLearn helps data analysts:

  • Net promoter score analysis
  • Voice of customer analysis
  • Customer satisfaction analysis
  • Review analysis
  • Survey analysis
  • Support analysis
  • Support ticket rerouting

In addition to these use cases, it provides users with data instantly. Additionally, users can customize their experience or train a machine-learning model for faster workflows. Finally, the AI can visualize and interpret data!


Even though is a workflow automation software, data analyst teams can also use this tool for sales, market research, and personal productivity. can help you scrape data from websites and export the data to your spreadsheet editor, CRM, or other database. Additionally, the AI can generate reports and summarize data. Plus, to aid sales teams, their AI can identify which leads could lead to opportunity. 

8. Pecan AI

Another AI-powered data analytics platform is Pecan AI. However, this platform is for predictive analytics, helping your company look ahead and learn the trends. Like most platforms, you can chat with their AI. Their AI can predict specific metrics based on your question. Besides that, you can also upload a CSV file or integrate other databases or systems into Pecan AI. This way, the AI will generate a predictive model. Plus, they have a predictive notebook, which will train an AI about specific data. Finally, their AI can identify the best predictive model to help you solve any issues that may arise.

9. Sisense

Sisense has a powerful AI platform to help you take action through insights, predictions, and trends. First, you can make minor modifications to some inputs and see how they can affect your business in the future. Then, you can get trends based on past behavior. Plus, they have a natural language model to converse with their AI to understand metrics and other data. Finally, you can get notified of some anomalies and integrate apps into Sisense for a more powerful experience.

10. Qlik

Qlik has one of the most comprehensive platforms for all things data! First, they ensure real-time updates, security, and governance. Plus, you can deploy structures and create automatic mapping of your data. Plus, like other tools here, they have a generative AI chatbot and visualization tools to present data in an organized way. Also, you can create and customize dashboards! Plus, get reports in various formats like PDF and PPT. Finally, they have sophisticated AI systems to clean data, create visualizations, and collaborate with others.

11. Jupyter AI

Jupyter AI is the ideal data analytics tool for computer science majors. Currently, the AI tool is available as an extension, and data analysts can download it from GitHub. Even though it’s only an extension, you can chat with the JupyterLab AI for generative AI. Additionally, it keeps a notebook for all generated outputs. You can use this if you have Python 3.8 – 11 and JupyterLab 4!