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Whether you’re a seasoned animator or you’re just getting started, AI for animation is a hot topic that might interest you. Read along as we uncover how this game-changing tech is shaking up the industry, from turbocharging production to unleashing new levels of creativity.

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Can AI replace animators?

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No. Although AI can help animators and creators with scene or character movement, AI can’t replace animators entirely. Animators and illustrators are essential in creating animated backgrounds and characters. Plus, animator skills and creativity are still needed to produce high-quality animation work! How, then, can AI help animators – and even non-animators – with their projects?

How Can AI Help with Animation?

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AI offers animators a plethora of tools and techniques to streamline their workflow and enhance creativity. Through machine learning, AI can automate repetitive tasks like in-betweening, character rigging, and lip-syncing, freeing up animators to focus on more complex and creative aspects of the job. AI can also:

  • Create a script for your animation project
  • Let AI narrate or become the voice of your characters
  • Generate simple animation based on a specific prompt
  • Help with motions and poses

10 AI Animation Tools

1. Animaker

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Animaker is a popular AI-driven animation tool for non-animators, non-designers, and small businesses! Like other AI tools, you can submit a prompt, and the Animaker AI will generate an animated video output. You can customize characters and other assets to your branding. However, you can also use Animaker for video editing since they have thousands of video templates and 20+ video editing tools to polish your work before publishing it!


krikey ai for animation is another AI-powered animation tool for small businesses and content creators. Unlike Animaker, lets you take full control of production from start to finish. You need to sign up for and get credits. Once you sign up, you’ll be redirected to the editor, where you can personalize it based on your needs.


gooey ai for animation has the simplest AI animation tool. You need to submit a prompt and input the frame number and count. Once done, you can click “Submit.”

However, you need credits to use their AI tool. Additionally, to get 1000 credits, you need to sign up with your Google account. It takes 30 credits to produce and run the video.

Here’s a preview of what generated based on my prompt. It’s a decent output.

4. Cascadeur

Animators face many challenges during editing, especially when adding keyframes to animate every single motion. That’s a time-consuming process. However, Cascadeur can help animators with every motion. AI helps animators adjust poses anytime they move body parts. Animators can use this handy AI for animation tool with the following software applications:

  • Unity
  • Maya
  • Autodesk 3DS Max
  • Blender
  • Cinema 4D

5. Neural Frames

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Neural Frames is another option to get animated work done. You can try the AI tool for free, but it requires users to sign up due to the high costs of GPU. Once you register your email, you can start a new project. Then, you can submit a prompt or upload an image for your animated video. After that, you can select a song from their library or upload your own.

The editor isn’t beginner-friendly because if you need the image to move, you need to render another image again. Plus, the free account animation is limited, with a smooth zoom-in or zoom-out-like movement. Additionally, it seems the images change along with the aforementioned movement.

Ideally, this AI tool is for music video creators or those who want simple animated videos for their business.

6. Kaiber

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Kaiber is an alternative to Neural Frames. It has three main features:

  • Audioreactivity – Let your visuals move to the beat and rhythm of your uploaded audio.
  • Animation – See images come to life through animation
  • Transform – Witness how one object turns into another in a few clicks.

This is an ideal tool for creatives, especially those who want to show off their creative prowess!

There’s no free plan, but you can start a free trial and see how Kaiber can bring your work to life!

7. Move AI

If you want a portable AI-powered animation tool, Move AI should be your go-to tool. Unfortunately, it’s available only on the iPhone. Plus, it will only capture movements. You can refine the animation by exporting it as a file on your animation software. The AI for animation tool has three modes:

  • Single-camera
  • Multi-camera
  • Real-time


Here’s another AI tool that bases its animations on human movements. The AI software application has three main tools:

  • RADiCAL Core – You can record your video, and RADiCAL stores it in the cloud. From there, you can export it as a file to edit on your AI animation tool.
  • RADiCAL Live – Does your animation project need multiple characters? RADiCAL Live helps you set up a room where you and other actors perform various movements.
  • RADiCAL Canvas – Do you need real-time and collaborative editing? This tool helps your team edit on the fly. You need to upload 3D assets and characters to complete your project. However, you can use RADiCAL’s templates or build assets from scratch!

Aside from these tools, you can integrate your video projects into the following software applications:

  • Unreal Engine
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Unity
  • Blender

9. Deepmotion

Our final AI-powered motion capture tool on this list is from Deepmotion! It follows concepts similar to those of RADiCAL and Move AI. You can use it for free, then subscribe when you need more features to bring your animation to life. It has face, hand, and multi-purpose tracking. Plus, you can export your file to edit or upload on Roblox, Avaturn, Ready Player Me, Maya, iClone, Blender, and MetaHuman.

10. GliaStar

Do you want to animate your 2D or 3D mascots for upcoming video projects or post them to your website? GliaStar can help you with just that. Here’s how GliaStar can animate your mascot:

  • Make it animated through facial expressions and gestures
  • Can lip sync and talk in five languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese
  • Be rotated 360° for other movements

It’s important by this time that you have a 2D or 3D mascot prepared. However, they provide a trial where you can see GliaStar’s AI work its magic.

Using AI for Animation

Although AI is rampant in the animation industry, machines won’t replace animators. AI still needs more training to produce better work. But what’s even better is hiring animators who use AI-powered tools to deliver quality work for clients.

Additionally, if you need simple 2D animation work from professional graphic designers, Penji will be ready to take on your project! Our designers will ensure creativity and follow your prompt to a T. Plus, you can talk to an actual human to revise your work before you publish it to your website and social media pages. If you want to give Penji a try, get a demo here!