Your agency can be instrumental to your client’s success. Thanks to your thoughtful planning and creative ideas, businesses can reap the rewards of success through increasing sales and a bigger customer base. Your advertising agency can be overloaded with many projects at once. Outsourcing some processes and using the right tools can take the load off the in-house team and get things done twice as fast. And if you want to increase your productivity levels, here are our top choices for the best services and tools for advertising agencies!

1. Get a Copywriter

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Get a Copywriter is one of the leading services for all your copywriting needs. They provide SEO copywriting, ad copy, email campaigns, and so much more! Plus, they specialize in various industries, including lifestyle, health, finance, tech, travel, education, real estate, and more! If you’re interested in partnering with them, you can subscribe, get rates for multiple content types, or hire a writer assisted by an AI. 

2. Penji

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Design is a must-have for advertising companies. Penji should be your advertising agency’s design partner for all ad design assets. We have experienced and vetted designers who will assist in producing designs for your clients. As an agency, you get these perks if you subscribe to the Agency plan:

  • Designers work on two projects at once
  • Get pro illustrations, ad creatives, and motion graphics
  • Talk to our customer service team in real-time
  • Contact the art director for your creatives
  • Get immediate text support
  • Receive projects on the same day

Plus, if you subscribe to Penji and input this code: GETPENJI25, you get 25% off on your first month! Outsource your designs with Penji and see the difference!

3. Video Husky

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If you have video-focused advertising campaigns, why not outsource them to a video editing service like Video Husky? The unlimited video editing service can scale your marketing efforts and help you submit your production projects on time. Plus, you don’t have to worry about hiring since they have vetted video editors on board. However, Video Husky opens up limited slots for their agency plan. 

4. Fiverr

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If you want to work with freelancers on a short-term basis, Fiverr is your best bet in finding freelancers ready to take on a gig. The freelance platform helps you find a suitable freelancer for whatever task on your current client project. You can find freelancers charging as low as $5 a project. However, if you want to work with seasoned freelancers, you can find them on the Fiverr Pro page!

5. Twine

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Do you want to build an all-in-one outsourced advertising team? 

Twine is another freelancing site option to hire extra sets of hands to finish your projects. The freelance site will hand-picked, vetted creatives to join your project. Plus, they can help you create briefs, manage and scope projects, and handle billing. That’s a feature included in their business plan. But if your team wants to browse the ideal candidates for your team, you can go for the standard plan. With this option, you’ll pay a 5% service when you hire a freelancer.

6. Zapier

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Zapier is a great tool for advertising agencies, considering that you can automate processes that can slow you down. It’s an all-around tool for helping you manage workflows and tracking your campaigns. Plus, you can also execute campaigns by integrating apps into your workflow!

7. Teamwork

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Teamwork is a project management tool to consider made for agencies. You can manage and plan client projects, organize your team’s workloads, and collaborate with team members seamlessly. Teamwork will help you stay on top of client projects by setting deadlines and budgets, getting reports, and integrating your other tools into the platform without leaving it!

8. Slack

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Chat apps are a must-have when talking to clients. Slack is a great tool when collaborating with your team members and clients. You don’t need to send emails anymore since Slack allows you to invite Slack inside your workspace! You can hold meetings and share files without leaving the platform.

9. SEMRush

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Advertising agencies would be incomplete without marketing tools. The first on our list is SEMRush. This handy tool is not just for SEO. It can help you with your client’s advertising campaigns. Its features include:

  • Market analysis – this allows you to understand that market better, plus know how your client competitors are faring with their advertising campaigns
  • Keyword research – this is great for PPC advertising strategies
  • Ad tracking – monitor your client’s and their competitor’s advertising campaigns

10. Sprout Social

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Social media management tools will make your client’s advertising campaigns successful, especially if you can manage everything in one platform. One of your top choices should be Sprout Social, considering its features and agency solutions.

You can connect your client’s social media accounts to Sprout Social to post content and even publish ads! Plus, you or your client can interact with leads when they comment on the ads! Additionally, you can monitor competitors and get reports on how your client posts are performing.

11. Google Analytics

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Google Analytics should be in your toolkit to help you run marketing campaigns. It will help you understand client performance and know how to get ahead of the competition. The search engine company has other nifty features like advertising snapshots and attribution. Plus, get real-time reports on your client’s site!

12. Hubspot

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Don’t let your client’s advertising campaigns go to waste without using a CRM tool. Hubspot has one of the best CRM tools to track your client’s campaign performance and nurture leads in the process. With this tool, you can help your client go from one marketing strategy to another! Plus, you can supercharge your client’s marketing efforts through live chat and contact management. One reason many advertising agencies use Hubspot is you can use their tool for free and upgrade for add-ons! 

13. Unbounce

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Our final tool on the list is Unbounce. Aside from the PPC and display ad campaigns, you’ll also need a landing page to convert your leads into customers. Like most tools on this list, you can integrate other marketing tools into this platform to run campaigns seamlessly. Plus, you can track ROIs and create more client accounts as your agency grows.