Graphic design sounds like a simple job, but it can encompass a lot. Not every designer is good at every medium, and customers often discover this the hard way.  

If you run a business or especially an agency, you’ll need a wide scope of different design projects completed on a regular basis. This allows you to build brand recognition, attract customers, demonstrate professionalism, and ultimately raise revenue.

In this blog, we’ll cover the gamut of design projects you can order beginning with the obvious services and continuing to more creative options you may not have thought of.

Graphic Design Services

Logo design

Logos come in all shapes and sizes – typically circle, square, or triangle. Your logo should make a memorable impression and encapsulate the essence of the company. 

Brand identity design

branding package examples

Branding is more involved than most people realize. Throwing together any visual elements will leave your audience confused at best. Constructing a brand identity is about bringing every elements together into a cohesive visual narrative and inviting your audience in.

Website design

Your website is the single most important design project you’ll ever embark on. Not only the initial design, but all subsequent upgrades and changes will keep you on track and solidify your current brand direction louder than anything else will.

UI/UX design

These designers focus on creating interfaces that are visually appealing and user-friendly to enhance the overall user experience.

Print design

Materials like brochures, flyers, and posters are included in this category. Print design allows you to communicate information like sales and discounts, events, or anything else you need to communicate to a wide audience.

Social media graphics

Social graphics are one of the biggest job designs right now. This is because few have the time, motivation, or expertise to create consistent, engaging content. The trick is, you must choose a designer who understands your brand and knows how to captivate your unique audience.

Business card design

Business card design has come a long way. Gone are the days when you need to have a boring business card to hand out at networking events. A designer can match your card to your unique personality and profession.

Packaging design

attractive and functional packaging can make or break a new product launch. When done right, it can even serve as free advertising. Quality packaging design reassures customers that they’ve chosen a quality product when it shows up at their doorstep.

Infographic design

Infographic design involves creating visual representations of information or data to communicate complex ideas quickly and clearly. It can jazz up a presentation, webpage, or social post like nothing else.

Letterhead and stationery design

Stationary is often considered obsolete. But if you’re ever in a situation that requires it, you’ll be glad you opted for custom, branded stationary for physical business documents.

Banner and signage design

Banner and signage design entails creating large-scale graphics for advertising, events, or informational purposes. These are optimized for visibility in whatever setting you place them.

Icon design

These are the small graphical symbols that represent actions, objects, or concepts in user interfaces and digital products. Often overlooked, icons can provide that finishing touch of detail your brand needed.

Typography design

Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and visually appealing. It’s also about pairing the correct fonts together for maximum appeal.

Book cover design

Front and back book cover design must focus on both aesthetic appeal and marketability to attract readers.

Magazine layout design

Magazine layout design includes arranging text, images, and graphics within a magazine, ensuring a polished and cohesive publication.

T-shirt and merchandise design

Popular today for “print on demand” businesses, merch designs can be order from designers as one-off projects or in bulk.


Illustration is one of those things that makes your brand appear truly custom. It involves producing artistic drawings or images that can be used in books, magazines, ads, and digital media to enhance storytelling and engagement.

Product label design

Even something as miniscule as a product label is better branded than unbranded. A designer can help you polish up the little details of your brand – even the ones customers don’t consciously think about.

Menu design

Most restaurants need menu updates from time to time – especially those with seasonal menus. A designer can help you bring life to a menu and match it to an eatery’s style.

Presentation design

Presentations are most often needed for business pitches to investors or in-company meetings. In any case, professionals rarely want to spend their time and energy on presentation design. So a designer helps with the layout, templates, and any graphics/infographics needed.

Email newsletter design

Newsletters have shifted in recent years. With most people being inundated with emails, brands need to be concise and speak directly to the reader’s needs. Custom email templates and graphics can help you showcase your best offerings and features.

Vehicle wrap design

Vehicle wraps are a somewhat unconventional advertising technique. But depending on your business model, it might be the perfect avenue to explore.

Trade show booth design

If you frequently attend trade shows or similar events to market your business, you might want a designer’s help to spruce up your booth. Anything from banners to cutouts to table displays can garner more visitors to your booth.

User manual design

User manuals don’t have a reputation for being exciting and aesthetically pleasing. But this can be changed with the help of a designer. Any manual can be made more readable with the right subtle design tweaks.

Digital ad design (banners, display ads, etc.)

One of the most common needs is ad design. Designers are tasked with crafting ads that speak for themselves. Those scrolling through social media should catch a glimpse of your ad and feel compelled to click.

Annual report design

Nonprofits rely heavily on the annual reports to showcase everything that they’ve accomplished. They ensure donor trust, and thus should be designed in the most engaging and inspiring way possible.

CD cover design

CDs are now considered outdated, but many modern artists still opt for vinyl, CD, and even cassettes as an homage to the past. Having a physical piece of music instead of only digital copies makes a strong impression.

E-book design

The cover of an e-book can determine whether or not someone is enticed enough to read it. E-book designs should be carefully thought out so that potential readers feel invited into the content.

Invitation and greeting card design

These are used for creating personalized and branded invitations or greeting cards for business events, holidays, or client appreciation. This will enhance your company image and potentially strengthen business relationships.

Photo editing and retouching

This is utilized to boost the quality of images for marketing materials, product photos, and social media content so you get a more polished and professional appearance.

Brand guidelines creation

Brand guidelines are essential for establishing a consistent brand identity across all business materials, including logos, color schemes, typography, and imagery. A designer can help you make sure your brand gives the same message and overall vibe to each potential customer.

Motion graphics

Motion graphics are more common than ever in digital marketing. Typically brands use them to create engaging video content on websites and social media.

3D modeling and rendering

Applied in product design and promotional materials, this design medium provides realistic and detailed visualizations of concepts to aid in decision-making.

Visual content for e-learning

E-learning has exploded in recent years, and designers can create engaging and interactive visual elements for online courses and training programs. Whether for adults or children, the design of e-learning content drastically impacts how much information the viewer retains.

Environmental graphics (signage, wayfinding)

This sort of design offers effective and attractive signage and wayfinding systems. Customers can navigate your business premises and feel more at ease in the environment.

Virtual event graphics

Virtual event graphics typically include things like backgrounds, overlays, and promotional materials, raising the professionalism of any online events.

Webinar slide deck design

Webinars can be long with somewhat dry content. To combat this, the design of your slides can create a more interactive and engaging atmosphere.

Podcast cover art design

Many brands and entrepreneurs are opting to start podcasts as a way to spread the word about what they do. Memorable cover art aids in brand recognition and attracting new listeners.

Custom illustrations for digital products (icons, avatars)

Your apps, websites, or software may benefit from custom illustrations that make the user feel more at home.

Social media advertising design

Social media is a prime place to run ads using custom designs from a designer who understands your brand. You can test different visuals, fonts, and offers to see which design performs the best.

Billboard design

This medium is employed to create eye-catching, large-scale ads that convey key messages quickly to a broad audience in high-traffic areas.

Packaging prototypes

This is used to develop and test physical prototypes of product packaging, allowing businesses to assess design, functionality, and consumer appeal before mass production.

Architectural visualization graphics

These graphics help businesses in real estate, construction, and development by providing realistic, detailed visual representations of buildings and spaces. They might be used for project planning, marketing, and client presentations among other things.


Storyboarding is useful for planning and visualizing the sequence of business processes, marketing campaigns, or video productions. Having a designer onboard can make the process much more effortless.

Art direction

Not every designer is equipped to be an art director, but the skills between the two roles may overlap. Art direction encompasses the management and oversight of a company’s creative projects.

User interface animations

These can be used to enhance the user experience of digital products by making interactions more intuitive and engaging, thereby improving usability.

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