If an ad tells you to buy brand X and a friend urges you to buy brand Y, whose suggestion do you choose?

If you’re like most people, you’ll probably go for the brand your trusted buddy suggests. Statistics tell us that 9 out of 10 people consider recommendations from family and friends rather than ads.

This number tells us how vital word of mouth marketing is and why it’s crucial to know how to apply it to business. In this article, we’ll learn about its meaning, theory, and advantages. We’ll also look at word of mouth marketing designs that show how companies apply them to their strategy.

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Word of Mouth Marketing Definition

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Before we discuss some word of mouth marketing designs, it’s essential to know the meaning of the term. According to Word of Mouth Marketing Association, it’s mainly any marketing action that aims to earn recommendations from customers.

Despite some people’s idea of WOMM as an outdated tactic, it actually continues to be relevant until today. Amid the use of the Internet and social media, word of mouth continues to reign supreme in the digital world.

For example, have you ever tried eating at a new restaurant because you saw a friend rave about it on Facebook? If yes, then you’ve been a subject of digital word of mouth marketing.


According to academic theory, WOM is bred out of consumer-to-consumer interaction. At a micro-level, a person becomes a net source of info. By being a source, that person promotes the product. The other party acts as the net audience of word-of-mouth.


One of the main advantages of word of mouth is the consumer’s shortened decision-making period. To illustrate this, it’s crucial to review the sales funnel (awareness, interest, evaluation, engagement, purchase). Most tactics aim to guide prospects through the step-by-step process in order to make a sale. Word of mouth, on the other hand, can take the client straight to the fourth or fifth step. In some cases, prospects can even be led straight to purchase. It only goes to who the power of WOM and why it should be part of a business’ creative strategy and marketing designs. 

5 Word of Mouth Marketing Designs

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Here are some ventures that employ WOM as part of their tactics to improve brand recall.


Coca-Cola is one of the ventures known for using word of mouth in their strategy. A few years ago, they launched Share a Coke campaign in many countries. The bottles displayed the brand logo on one side. The other side says, “Share a Coke with” followed by a person’s name. The names varied depending on the common names per region.

As a result, soda drinkers went on a quest to find their names in store isles and fridges. Alongside that, people started buying bottles to share with friends and family. More than just mere drinks, the bottles became personalized gifts and conversation starters. 


This coffee house uses WOM to strengthen their brand identity. They rely on the quality of their drinks, products, and customer service to encourage customer recommendations. Their coffee shops have enthusiastic customer service that makes them stand out from other brands.

Alongside the quality of their products, many patrons also like Starbucks’ secret menu. These are the items that are not on their official menu but you can ask baristas to make for you. Examples of these drinks include biscotti frap, cake batter frap, apple pie frap, and s’mores hot chocolate.


Lush is one of those ventures that don’t invest in advertising. Instead, its main focus is improving client rating and letting products speak for the brand. Because Lush prides itself as an ethical venture, people who would want to partake in the causes they promote support their brand.

Their branding reflects in their main policies which include naked packaging, fight against animal testing, and 100% vegetarian.


Similar to Starbucks, McDonald’s also has a secret menu. This menu, albeit not being official, includes items like land, sea, and air burger (Big Mac + Fillet-O-Fish + McChicken) and a triple cheeseburger. What makes secret menus work is the way they feed on people’s curiosity. Furthermore, customers love the feeling of being in on the secret even if it’s something going viral online.

Needless to say, secret menus allow clients to enjoy something new despite having the same classic fast-food items. These orders are mostly shared through social media, further widening the reach of the brand’s tactics. 


Catching up with friends entails knowing what Netflix shows they’re into these days. Often, you’ll walk away from the chat with a new list of series on your mind. In the same vein, it’s not unusual to see Facebook posts that say someone is currently watching something. Posts like these are often accompanied by personal views about the material.

These examples only go to show how WOM supports Netflix’s popularity. By keeping people talking and sustaining their interest, clients stay subscribed. You can watch any country’s Netflix through using VPN with Netflix. Moreover, prospects are encouraged to opt-in to relate to whatever it is other people are raving about.

The Role of Graphic Design in WOMM

Graphic design can be a very useful tool in WOMM. Firstly, word of mouth marketing designs like vector drawings and other types of graphics are meant to stimulate discourse. By creating designs that are gripping enough to be talked about, marketers drive attention towards their brand. And by urging dialog, more people become aware of its products or services.

Secondly, graphic design can reflect how serious a venture is in being of service to its clients. A poorly-designed visual can reflect half-baked work or make a brand look amateur or even incompetent. A well-made design, on the other hand, shows that the brand means business. The brand cares about its clients enough to invest in well-crafted visuals.