There are two types of vector graphics that can be used for digital marketing strategies. Raster art or bitmaps are created using the colorized pixel. However, the image quality is compromised when you enlarge a raster file too much. In comparison, vector art comprises geometric shapes instead of pixels. Unlike raster graphics, vector image files’ quality isn’t lost, even if you make them bigger or smaller.

But where can you find fun, free vector art images? Search no more because we’ve compiled 15 of the best vector art websites and apps for your design projects. 

1. unDraw 

vector art marketplace

Katerina Limpitsouni created Undraw in 2017 to help designers contribute to the open-source community and share their creations with everyone. They developed a website that contains SVG-scalable illustrations, which can also be downloaded as PNG files.

If you need royalty-free and quality illustrations for your projects, unDraw is the best option. unDraw is a collection of royalty-free photographs. The website shows that designers should contribute to the open-source community.

2. Pixabay 

Here’s a search engine with plenty of free illustration vectors for your designs. Pixabay vector art search portal has myriad free illustrations in its library. It’s also a repository of images from other free websites. Download various free vector images, ranging from nature to animal graphics and icons, from Pixabay. 

3. Freepik

vector art marketplace

Freepik boasts over 800,000 free illustration vectors. There’s everything to choose from. Do you need animals? What about silhouettes? You’ll find it on Freepik.

You can download the files in various formats, such as SVG, AI, and EPS. And the best perks about Freepik’s free vector images? You don’t need to provide any attribution. You need to create an account, download illustrations and icons, and finally, save your favorites to your account.

4. VectorStock

vector art marketplace

VectorStock contains millions of vector images up for grabs. You can filter them based on the trending or latest uploads, making your search easier. VectorStock supports AI, EPS, PDF, and JPG formats like other vector art websites. Again, all images are for free. However, the illustrations are for personal use online, and you may need to provide attribution if you use the downloaded images.

5. The Noun Project

vector art marketplace

The Noun Project is an excellent place for hosting more than a million free vector art collections. It has a myriad of customizable and easy-to-download images. Slip the icons you love into Google Suite software straight from The Noun Project’s rich library of free vector art. Doing so will give you a fantastic UI design presentation for your company. If you’re feeling techy, there’s a Noun Project API available. Perfect for all your fresh creative ideas.

6. Iconmonstr

vector art marketplace

You can download all the usual formats, including PSD, at Iconmonster. When downloading free vector images, you can choose either bold fill, heavyweight vector icons, or thin ones with a straightforward, minimalist design.

Iconmonstr is fantastic because it lets you ask for missing icons and even cast a vote for new ones.

7. Pixeden

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Pixeden was developed by designers and developers who needed a one-stop shop for modern designers’ tools. The website has a great selection of graphic materials, like vector images. Pixeden has mockup files, vector packs, icon sets, and infographic elements.

We also admire Pixeden for its realistic free vector images that are handy for web user interface design. Not only that, their vector categories even expand to 3D polygon shapes!

8. Vecteezy

Vecteezy is a platform that provides high-quality vector art and graphics. It offers vector illustrations, icons, patterns, and other design elements. Users can use these graphics for various creative projects, such as graphic design, web design, and presentations. 

In addition, Vecteezy allows users to browse and download vector graphics for free. It also offers a premium subscription service called Vecteezy Pro, which provides additional features and access to an even more extensive library of premium content.

The website is popular among designers and creatives looking for vector resources to enhance their projects.


vector art marketplace

If you’re pressed with time on your design project,  you can use Icons8, which features a Vector Creator tool. The platform allows you to design your illustration vectors from hundreds of free elements. They also have Ouch. It’s a feature that will enable you to select from premade vector images from the most talented artists on Dribbble to edit freely in the Vector Creator.

10. Vexels 

vector art marketplace

Vexels provides design resources, including vector illustrations, graphics, and elements. Similar to Vecteezy, the platform offers various design assets that can be used for graphic design, web design, marketing materials, and more. 

One notable feature of Vexels is its focus on editable designs. Users can customize and modify the graphics to suit their needs using design software like Adobe Illustrator. Vexels has free and premium services. When you opt for the premium account, you’ll get additional benefits like access to a more extensive library and commercial usage rights.

Common Uses for Vector Art Images 

Because scalable vector graphics are easy to work with and store, they’re the top choice for online and print collateral. Businesses often use vector graphics for advertising, marketing, and branding kits. Additionally, vector graphics can enhance mobile apps, websites, infographics, and digital presentations. Below are some of the many uses for vector art.

  • Advertising campaigns
  • Animations
  • App interfaces
  • Websites
  • Infographics
  • Landing pages
  • Magazine covers
  • Mobile apps
  • Brand collateral like logos and signage
  • Brand illustrations and t-shirt designs
  • Embroidery
  • Fonts
  • Hard copy printing (clothing, paper, etc.)
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Products and merchandise
  • Event promotions

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