In today’s ever-evolving world of business, technology, more specifically, AI, is taking over. Product managers need to keep up to stay ahead of the curve. Their role is ultra-demanding: conducting market research, developing product strategies, collaborating with cross-functional teams, and more. You need these AI tools and software for product managers to save you time, energy, and resources.

Table of Contents

1. ProductBoard – Roadmapping Platform

A suite of product management tools, ProductBoard will help you understand your customers’ needs, prioritize features, and create roadmaps. Its key features can help product managers with Frame AI Integration, Visual Product Roadmaps, and Distinct Feedback Channels, among others. In short, it is a customer-centric AI product management tool for efficient collaboration and data-driven decision-making.

You can take advantage of ProductBoard’s 15-day free trial to see if it’s a right fit for your company. If it is, you can get any of its paid plans with pricing that starts at $25 per maker per month if billed monthly.

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2. ClickUp – Productivity Tool

A comprehensive project management tool, ClickUp comes with advanced AI features that let you customize, collaborate, and create real-time reporting. It uses AI to automate your workflows, give you universal search suggestions, write copy, and boost overall productivity.

ClickUp is user-friendly thanks to its drag-and-drop functionality, automation capabilities, and accessible documentation features. It has a free forever plan that has limited features. If you want to experience its full potential, you can choose from its three premium plans. Pricing starts at $7 per user per month. 

3.ChatGPT – Conversational AI Assistant

Probably the most popular the world over and in almost all industries, ChatGPT can also be a valuable AI tool for product managers. Aside from its capability to answer your questions, you can use it to analyze customer data, get coding advice and assistance, improve your product development processes, and more. It can also be helpful in identifying customer needs, inspiring roadmap ideas, and doing sentiment analysis.

The best part about ChatGPT as an AI for product manager tool is it’s free to use. You can upgrade your plan for $20 per month if you want to enjoy many of its other features.

4. – Data Visualization

If your job as a product manager requires you to design a product or app, can be the AI tool you need. You can use it to create your app in just under 30 minutes, letting you showcase your ideas without spending hours on product design. It can turn your hand-drawn ideas into full-scale designs or use its screenshot-to-design feature to convert an image to an editable one.

Visily also has a forever-free plan with paid ones already on the drawing board. In the meantime, you can use its 1,500 free templates, quick ideation, rapid prototyping, team management, real-time co-designing, and many other features.

5. ScreenApp – User Session Recording

Adding value to meetings, ScreenApp is an AI-powered tool for transcription, summarization, and note-taking for meetings. This lets you go back to the discussion and review it for parts you may have missed. It offers easy sharing of transcripts and summaries to inform everyone, even those not present in the meeting.

Like most AI for product manager tools in this list, ScreenApp has a forever free plan. Although it has limited features, it is ideal for startups or personal use. For bigger teams, there are premium plans with pricing that ranges between $19 to $99 per user per month.

6. Jam – Debugging Assistant

Working as a Chrome extension, Jam, is a debugging AI assistant that analyzes bug reports, provides automated source code analysis, and suggests fixes. Product managers can now understand what the bugs they encounter are and get solutions for them. This makes sharing and collaborating on your product’s improvement easy.

Jam will give you suggestions on how to handle bugs with quick and easy-to-understand TLDRs. It will provide you with annotated screen recordings for faster relays to your company engineers. Enjoy its free plan, but for a more thorough tool, get its paid plan at pricing that starts at $10 per user per month.

7. OtterAI – Meeting Transcription

An effective AI tool for product managers, OtterAI will transcribe and analyze voice conversations in real time. This app will capture meeting notes and provide insights. It will automatically generate your meetings’ summaries for easy reviews. It can also capture presentation slides to ensure that all the information mentioned in the discussion was recorded.

OtterAI integrates with many popular video conferencing platforms making it an indispensable tool for product managers. Its Basic plan is free, but you can also avail of its premium plans at $9.17 per user per month, if paid annually.

8. Missive – Customer Communication

Good product management requires efficient communication channels. Missive provides a unified inbox to help you manage and organize emails, SMS, and social media messages and chats. Its AI integration will automate repetitive tasks such as summarizing customer emails and fixing grammar mistakes.

You can start using Missive with a free plan. If you want to continue using it with full features, you can choose from any of its paid plans. Pricing starts at $14 per user per month.

9. Amplitude – Product Analytics

In today’s ultra-competitive market, product managers need to stay ahead of the game. This is why they need to get valuable information via data analytics. To help you with this, Amplitude is an excellent AI tool for you. It will help you measure and qualify data for improved decision-making, translate business questions into actionable insights, and simplify the experimentation process in product development.

You can use Amplitude’s AI toolkit for free with its Starter plan. For more robust features, you can go for its Plus and Growth plans, with prices that start at $61 per month.

10. – User Feedback Analysis

Another AI-powered product management tool, simplifies the process of analyzing user feedback. It uses sentiment analysis to help you understand customer emotions. It uses natural language processing (NLP) to determine common themes from the feedback data. 

Prodly offers premium plans for varying purposes. Pricing starts at $1,250 per month, including environment strategy and Salesforce development, among many others.

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