Media is a company helping local tech communities with a number of projects.

About Media is a company helping local tech communities with a number of projects. Their reach goes through multiple large cities in the northeast region, including Philadelphia, Washington DC, Brooklyn, and Baltimore. They connect people and their organizations through news, events, and services all year. Their tools serve entrepreneurs and others who care about technology by helping improve recruitment, marketing, and economic development. The website even includes a careers section for local tech companies to post their open positions on’s website. 

The company often teams up with other organizations One of the largest projects works on is Philly Tech Week. This week-long event brings in experts and businesses from the Greater Philadelphia area to showcase the latest and greatest in technology. With seven different tracks to chose from, Philly Tech brings in all types of organizations, entrepreneurs, and self-starters. 

Challenge – Too Many Projects

Jeanette Lloyd is Media’s Director of Marketing and Partnerships. Her job is to focus on event marketing, audience development, and product marketing. She’s one of the creative minds behind Philly Tech Week and all the work that goes into it. Outside of the event, there are still several major projects Lloyd needs to focus on. 

As a result, her team is constantly working on different projects at once. Lloyd wasn’t sure exactly how she was going to handle it all while also remaining within her budget constraints. With graphic designs often taking time in-house and hiring an outside designer expensive, she had to look at all her options. 


When Lloyd learned about Penji, she immediately started using them for her projects. By paying one flat fee a month, is able to put Penji in their budget without having to worry about the number of projects they’re requesting. She was able to save both time and money by investing in a set team of designers. Projects she would stress about in the past 

A recent project she trusted Penji with is a social media post design for the Philly Tech Week kick-off festival. After previously using Penji for other Philly Tech Week projects, Lloyd knew exactly what she wanted. She requested a specific look and feel for the design, attaching samples she liked. Just like Lindsay from Roundtrip, Lloyd is incredibly detailed with her requests. 


“What sets Penji apart is that I feel like I have a team” – Jeanette Lloyd, Director of Marketing and Partnerships

Lloyd continues to use Penji for a number of projects. While the bulk of their requests are based on social media, they also use the designers for logo designs and presentations. They’re still busy at work planning events, putting together valuable technical news and even teaming up with MilkCrate to provide three apps for non-profits.

Recently, teamed up with us to sponsor Inc. 5000 Celebration of Success, bringing people from Philadelphia to celebrate multiple businesses appearing on the coveted Inc. 5000 list. They continue to make strides in the tech industry and have the designs to prove it. Just like, Penji can help your business stand out among the competition. Learn how by scheduling a demo with us, or seeing our customer testimonials.