You’re getting visitors to your website. But how come they aren’t converting? If you are frustrated and confused, retargeting is an effective tactic to increase conversion rate. Retargeting is a popular way of targeting users who have previously visited a website, browsed an eCommerce store, or bought something online. However, once you finalize a sale, your connection with the shopper stops. With retargeting ads, you can attract the attention of those who have previously visited your site through various methods. 

Here is a compilation of the ten best retargeting ads examples to understand how this digital marketing strategy works. 

Facebook Retargeting Ads Examples

1. Stir up your visitors with social proof 

Merely visiting your website or browsing a few products does not necessarily mean that visitors are fully aware of your brand. It is not enough to convince them to choose you over a competitor. Use this opportunity to highlight social proof, showcasing what current customers appreciate about your brand. For example, the advertisement above includes a testimonial from a customer saying the pillow is soft and comfortable enough to excite the audience to know more about the product. 

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2. Show ads based on audience activity

Madewell uses this technique well, cleverly pairing images with a personalized copy. Leveraging user activity data to pique your audience’s interests is crucial. Through Facebook pixel, you can gather the people visiting certain product listings. Then, you can bring them back to your site by featuring the products they looked at in your ads.

3. Make an offer they cannot refuse

Someone visited your website, and they browsed a few products, too. Perhaps they even added a few items to their cart. But they haven’t bought anything yet! 

Seize the opportunity to actively engage by deploying a retargeting ad and presenting them with an enticing discount, something they can’t refuse. Since these individuals are familiar with your product, feel free to communicate directly and straightforwardly.

4. Use dynamic targeting 

online advertising design example

If you have complete products, Facebook dynamic ads will save you time and effort. To do this, upload the product catalog to Facebook to create a custom audience. Then, you can reach your website visitors with ads showing relevant items. These can be users of the products looked at or the things complementary to your purchasers of the month. 

In short, Facebook dynamic retargeting does all the heavy lifting for you by providing relevant content based on a user’s behavior.

5. Highlight the shipping schedule

online advertising design example

It’s no secret that shipping time or delivery date is a common concern among online shoppers. Letting your customers know the delivery dates in the ads can do magic for your conversion rates. When seeing the exact shipping date, people often visualize the items arriving, making them feel like they’ve already bought them. 

6. Create a sense of urgency 

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Here is another compelling retargeting ad example. It is about using the fear of missing out (FOMO) technique. This tactic can motivate your potential customers to return to your website. You must emphasize the following points in your Facebook ad campaigns to develop a sense of urgency:

  • Limited-time offer
  • The products sell out fast
  • Limited seats are available

Google Retargeting Ad Campaigns

7. Follow up with visitors through discovery ads

Only some initial visitors convert into customers. Some potential customers require additional time for decision-making, while others may become distracted.

Re-engage these visitors using Discovery Ads to draw them back to your site. You can connect with individuals through Discovery ads as they explore Gmail, browse YouTube, and peruse the Google Discovery feed.

Other Examples of Retargeting Ad Campaigns 

8. Sequential retargeting

Are you dealing with a prolonged sales cycle or having a complicated purchasing journey that involves multiple touchpoints? If that’s the case, sequential retargeting could benefit your strategy.

Similar to how email nurturing guides visitors through the conversion funnel based on their interactions with emails, sequential retargeting operates comparably. Using the above example from Shopify, you can categorize your audiences into distinct groups or lists and include or exclude them based on their actions. These actions may include visiting landing pages, spending specific durations on the site, or downloading content.

When these actions occur, a new set of ads featuring fresh messaging is displayed, encouraging visitors to progress to the next stage in the conversion process. Simultaneously, they are excluded from the previous ads, ensuring a dynamic approach to guide them through the detailed buying process.

9. Provide additional arguments in favor of your brand

In several cases, your customers don’t convert to sales from the first visit because they are not ready yet. They might need additional arguments to convince them to make a purchase. Give them those killer arguments in your retargeting ads!

Consider the significant concerns that might keep your customers from buying your products. These concerns may relate to pricing, guarantees, delivery, return policy, and customer support. 

10. Motivate your audience to complete a checkout

online advertising design example

Lastly, motivate your visitor to check out.

Statista says the global shopping cart abandonment rate is about 80%. But you can recover those abandoned carts by using retargeting ads. You can offer a discount to motivate users to proceed with order completion. Always set a time restriction for a special offer so you can play on FOMO.


The best retargeting ads are essential to any marketing strategy because of their engagement effectiveness and cost efficiency. If you still need help finding yourself, test each of these retargeting ads examples and see what ads connect with your audience. You can start by choosing two of these Facebook retargeting strategies. Implement them into your retargeting funnel. 

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