Horror movies have been a big part of Halloween celebrations and have always been very effective in getting everyone in the holiday mood. While trailers can hype the audience to watch the film, Halloween movie posters can elicit the same response. Your horror movie or movie viewing experience deserves the same treatment as Hollywood films. With the right design, you can definitely bring out the creeps with just one visual.

If you need cool Halloween graphics for your Halloween movie poster, we’re giving out killer graphics for FREE. There are boo-tiful patterns and character illustrations free to use for your spooky poster. Download them here now! Let’s get back to the program and look at 15 of the most iconic Halloween movie posters. Also, see which ones have the potential of spooking everyone at your watch party.

1. Jaws (1975)

horror film poster design

The images on this poster perfectly capture the essence of the film. The shark that occupies a third of the poster has its sharp teeth bared with an unsuspecting victim swimming above it. This movie taps on our collective fear of the unknown. In this case, the murky deep waters.

A simple, bold font used in the title is all that’s needed to elicit suspense and tension in the film at just a glance at the poster.

2. Sinister (2012)

horror film poster design

Although this movie didn’t make it big in the box office like the others in this list, its poster is one that will give you the creeps. The movie is about a crime writer and the ghastly murders that happened in his own attic. The poster shows a young girl clad in white leaving a terrifying trail on the wall with her hand.

3. The Evil Dead (1981)

horror film poster design

At the center of this poster is a woman with an outstretched arm desperately trying to get away from the frightening hand that is pulling her down into the earth. The poster takes advantage of having good perspectives and angles that add a sense of mystery and intrigue. The letters V and A are shown longer than the others. This aligns well with the image of escaping the borders of confinement.

4. Hellraiser (1987)

horror film poster design

The producers initially wanted to put the skinned main character on the movie’s poster but were vetoed as the studio wanted no grotesque imagery on it. They opted to put Pinhead on it and had worked way much better than their original plan. They couldn’t be more right as that character had become iconic.

5. Halloween (1978)

horror film poster design

This Halloween movie posters list wouldn’t be complete without this iconic film. Its poster includes a pumpkin, a carving knife, and a murderous hand. These are the elements of a good scary movie. The black background gives the perfect emphasis for the shine on the tip of the knife.

6. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

horror film poster design

Touted as one of the most influential horror films of all time, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was released a long time ago. However, it can still evoke some serious spine-tingling sensations today. Its poster, depicting a masked man holding a chainsaw that is running towards the viewer, cemented the movie’s top position in the slasher genre.

7. It (2017)

horror film poster design

This movie adaptation of a Stephen King novel has a poster that does justice to the film. It doesn’t have blood and gore but is no less terrifying than the rest on this Halloween movie posters list. A clown is shown offering a balloon to a child wearing a yellow rain slicker in a dark background.

The title, as is the balloon, is in blood red that is mostly associated with danger. All these in a misty and damp environment that hides the true nature of the clown to make it even scarier.

8. Alien (1979)

horror film poster design

This poster from the movie Alien proves that even the simplest images can invoke chilling horror. The egg alone looks otherworldly with its odd bumps and seemingly rough texture. Plus, the crack forms a smile that seems wicked and evil with its oozing green glow.

The tagline: “In space no one can hear you scream.” If this doesn’t scare the living daylights out of anyone, we don’t know what will.

9. The Blair Witch Project (1999)

horror film poster design

The horror-stricken face on this movie’s poster says it all. The Blair Witch Project has gained popularity when it was first released 20 years ago. True enough, the documentary still confuses and scares its viewers today. The setting of the movie was in the woods, hence, the tops of trees in the upper part of the poster, tapping into our fear of the evil that is in the unknown.

10. Suspiria (2018)

horror film poster design

The poster for the critically acclaimed movie Suspiria is a true reflection of its artistry. Red, black, and white brilliantly illustrates horror like no other sets of colors can. The image of a woman with her hair hiding her face is artfully done with the matching use of spacing and layout.  

11. The Conjuring (2013)

horror film poster design

A haunted house, a noose, and a dead tree equal a horrifying movie poster that is downright creepy. The addition of a woman’s silhouette adds extreme scare factor as well. The noose means someone hanged from it but the only trace you see of it is on the ground with only a shadow.

The tree from which the noose hangs looks dead and the entire area emits a feeling of cold and emptiness. The whole scene on the poster will give you the chills. Not from the cold, but from a sense of evil and darkness.

12. The Thing (1982)

horror film poster design

John Carpenter’s The Thing is considered to be the greatest horror film of all time and deserves a spot on this Halloween movie posters list. It is set in the Antarctic, the reason for the icy surroundings. The movie is about shapeshifters. That’s why the face on the poster has been replaced with a bright light in shades of blue and white.

The stiff hands, the upright angle, and the refracted light all add up to extreme terror, ominous of the evil that is about to happen.

13. Paranormal Activity (2007)

horror film poster design

This movie had become the talk of the town when it was released in 2007, thanks to its poster. It shows a couple on their bed and a haunting figure by the door. It looks like an actual image taken from a video recording of the paranormal activity.

14. The Exorcist (1973)

horror film poster design

An iconic movie deserves an iconic poster. The battle between good versus evil is evident in this poster for the film, The Exorcist. It shows a priest who is about to enter a house that has a window that emanates bright lights against the dark exterior, giving the feeling of being in isolation in a spooky background.

15. The Descent (2005)

horror film poster design

The Decent is a movie about a group of women who went on an expedition and were met by blood-thirsty humanoid creatures after getting trapped in a cave. The poster depicts the women in a cramped position in the shape of a skull, screaming for their lives.

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