With trick-or-treat season just around the corner, many businesses are trying to get on the scare-fest fever to increase brand recall and boost income generation. Marketing brainstorming during this season typically involves coming up with Halloween contest ideas to make the brand relevant during the holiday. Without further ado, check out the best Halloween contest ideas you can try for your office or business.

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The Significance of Halloween Season for Businesses 

National Retail Federation’s report states that more than 175 million Americans planned to spend an estimated average of $86.79 for Halloween Festivities last year. These numbers add up to a $9 billion total estimated commercial transactions over the season.

Around 9 out of 10 respondents said they planned to spend on candy. While 7 out of 10 Americans said, they planned to spend on costumes and decorations. 

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US Census Bureau, on the other hand, released a report in 2017 that trick-or-treaters ages 5 to 14 reached an estimated total of 41.1 million kids. That equals a lot of costumes, candies! 

With millions of Americans willing to spend money on garb, treats, decorations, and all other things in between, the season presents an invaluable income generation opportunity for businesses. 

Fun Halloween Contest Ideas Your Team and Clients Will Love

Here are some fun contest ideas you might want to launch this season. Choose a plan that best fits your business. And note tips to market the contest to maximize publicity during this crucial season.

Costume Contest

Halloween is all about donning costumes! Launch a costume contest in your office or your store and encourage everyone to participate. Give the competition a twist — give special awards for those who come in pair costumes or team costumes.

The best way to market a costume contest is to put an outfit peg of the chosen theme on the event posters. Doing so would give participants a clear picture of the motif and could help them plan their costumes better.

Pumpkin Carving 

Give pumpkin carving enthusiasts a special event to look forward to! A pumpkin carving contest will be an excellent opportunity for hobbyists to showcase their Jack-o’-lantern-making skills. Aside from the best pumpkin, you can also give away other awards such as scariest or funniest lantern. 

Before the contest, you might also want to hold a pumpkin carving workshop led by an experienced carver. Not only will this allow more people to join the competition, but it will also give participants a skill they could use for many Halloweens to come.

Free Treat Coupon

Encourage your customers to buy more from your store by giving them a free treat coupon. To avail of the promo, customers would need to have a minimum worth of purchase. Or buy selected products, preferably seasonal ones that need to be exhausted before the Halloween season ends.

Given the statistics above, it would be best to start marketing this coupon promo as early as September. This is to take advantage of the influx of Halloween shoppers. Check out this article about Halloween Promotional Ideas That Will Turn Heads

Guess the Number of Candies

This game is perhaps one of the most uncomplicated, but most fun Halloween contest ideas any business could ever hold! 

You wouldn’t need intricate planning or preparations for this contest. All you need to do is to put out a bowl or bucket full of candies. Then let each customer guess precisely how many candies there are. 

Customers who guess the precise number will win treats. You can also give out consolation prices for customers who gave a number to the nearest tenth.

Office Decorating

If your business is office-based, you can encourage your team to get into the Halloween spirit by launching an office decorating contest.

Have each department decorate their cubicles in the spookiest, ghastliest way possible. Make the contest more exciting by requiring the team to be part of the tableau and dress their part!

Costume Photo Contest

If your business doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar store, a costume photo contest would be just as fun.

Depending on the theme of your contest, urge clients to post photos of their costumes on social media using your contest hashtag. The best costume photo wins.

Not only is this a fun contest, but it’s an excellent way to get free social media mileage for your brand as well. Dunkin’ Donuts has done it in the past, and the photo submissions were just too cute!

Scariest Tweet Contest

Encourage clients to wear their thinking hats and come up with scary short stories that will give readers goosebumps this season.

Participants would tweet their scary stories and use a predetermined hashtag to enter the contest. Make the contest extra challenging by only allowing single-tweet entries. Joiners would have to be extra creative to fit their story in a 280-character piece.

Pet Costume Contest

If your business is related to pets, like a pet shop or a veterinary clinic, then a pet costume contest would be the perfect Halloween event for you. Set out a motif or let “hoomans” get crazy creative by having an open theme. 

It will give pet owners a chance to dress up their furry friends in cute costumes. At the same time, the event will make passers-by stop and gush at the entrants. And hopefully, shop in your store or set an appointment for your services.

Recipe Contest

This competition is one of those Halloween contest ideas that would excite people who love food! 

Launch a Halloween recipe contest wherein participants would need to submit their recipes featuring a given ingredient. Say, a savory pumpkin dish or a dessert with candy corn in it.

Hold a Masterchef-like event for the competition and have culinary experts judge the entries. Holding this contest will be a tasty way to celebrate Halloween!

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