Looking for inspiration or ideas to include in your new eCommerce website? If you’re about to start an online store and don’t know where to begin, here are 20 eCommerce website designs that are truly awe-inspiring, you’d want to follow their suit.

When smart ventures need a stunning website design like these examples, they turn to Penji. We offer high-quality website designs that allow brands to stand out from their competitors. 

If you already have a website but want to go forward with a new design, read on and see how these unusual eCommerce designs have become some of the best so you can learn a thing or two and be an inspiration as well.

1. Not Another Bill

not another bill homepage online store

A website that offers gift subscription services and more, Not Another Bill has a minimalistic design approach to give emphasis on the products they sell. The use of a crisp and clear photo gives a feeling of looking at a stylish fashion magazine.

2. New Chapter

new chapter homepage online store

The New Chapter ecommerce design has included quizzes and customized “choose-your-own-adventure” packages to give users and prospects a fun and engaging website experience. It helps educate viewers about their products to eventually convert them into sales.

3. Hebe

hebe homepage online store

Hebe’s use of high-quality photos combined with an excellent choice of typography makes it appealing and attractive which is what an online clothing store should be. Everything about the website spells class and style, without the fluff. Not much noise around here, just pure fashion.

4. PowerOnPowerOff

power on power off homepage online store

Straight off the bat, PowerOnPowerOff informs viewers all about their products and what they can do for you instead of bombarding you with their promos or discounts. The website features long scrolling that adds new information and becomes interactive as you go down the homepage.

5. Simply Chocolate

simply chocolate homepage online store

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Simply Chocolate’s website brilliantly displays each chocolate bar in an ingenious way. When you scroll down the page, you’ll see a chocolate bar floating around, gets unwrapped, and is broken into pieces. You simply have to see it to believe it.

6. Rebecca Atwood

rebecca atwood homepage online store

This website looks good overall, whether viewed on a desktop or on mobile which is an essential factor when designing your ecommerce store. It has a “click to buy option” that redirects you instantly to the product page, lessening the work of searching for it at another page.

7. Bon Bon Bon

bon bon bon homepage online store

Another chocolate company, this time, based in Detroit, but full of spunk and swank. The website is fun and light, and the addition of a box that lets users choose their faves: the Build a Box Box Box, makes for great user experience.

8. Bliss

bliss homepage online store

Filled with bright and cheerful colors and images, Bliss’ website is spilling to the brim with fun and energy. The use of clear and high-resolution photos makes for an appealing and attention-grabbing website.

9. The Sill

the sill homepage online store

Selling plants for everyone in the family, The Sill’s website oozes with green and all the colors of nature to provide a refreshing feel and look. The words ‘The’ and ‘Sill’ are placed at the extreme sides of the homepage and will cleverly come together as you scroll down. The company motto is “Plants Make People Happy” and this can be clearly seen all throughout the website.

10. The Parfait Stand

parfait stand homepage online store

Tokyo, Japan is home to The Parfait Stand and its website is one of the best ecommerce website design because of its use of stylized photos of the products and the restaurant itself. The landing page uses an animation that adds dimension to an otherwise flat representation of sodas floating around.

11. Crossrope

crossrope homepage online store

A new take on the jump rope, Crossrope offers a unique and fun experience while getting results for your fitness goals. The website perfectly tells their story to encourage people to have fun using a totally new and different method.

12. Mulberry

mulberry homepage online store

A high-end fashion online store, Mulberry uses colorful photos that have the zoom to hover technique that encourages clicks and views. The website uses big, bold images and few words that won’t distract the audience from seeing the real start of the show—their clothes and accessories.

13. Skullcandy

skullcandy homepage online store

Great color combination and photography that jumps out of the page, Skullcandy’s website has got what it takes to grab their target audience’s attention. Every page clearly describes their brand while engaging the viewers for fun user experience.

14. Owl

owl homepage online store

The Owl website is packed with creativity at every turn – something that we, at Penji, loves to do with our web designs! It has a touch of minimal design that you can see at the videos that automatically play to showcase their products. Since the design is very minimalistic, download times won’t bore even those with short attention spans.

15. Caroline Z Hurley

caroline z hurley homepage online store

Once you see the crisp and clear photo on the homepage of Caroline Z Hurley’s website, you’ll get a sneak peek at what the whole website is about. The wonderful imagery sells without exerting too much effort. The products are laid out conveniently, making it simple and easy to make your choices.

16. JeepPeople

jeep people homepage online store

Jeep fans won’t have a hard time getting all of their jeep needs with this JeepPeople eCommerce design. It is designed specifically to guide their customers in buying the parts that work well with the make and model of their vehicles. No more guessing game, you are asked to select your model and go on from there.

17. Molly Jogger

molly jogger homepage online store

Ease of use is what Molly Jogger’s website is aiming for and it seems to work very well. You can browse through the site and easily find what you’re looking for.

18. Wolf Gang

wolfgang homepage online store

Some of the websites in this list use bright colors to get attention which is the opposite of what Wolf Gang has done with theirs. They have a heavy design using dark and somber colors which, in their case, catches the eye as much as those who use vibrant colors. An important factor in making eCommerce design stand out is to do what the others aren’t doing.

19. 100% Pure

100 percent pure homepage online store

Creativity will set you out from the rest, but pure simplicity will make you stand out without putting too much work. The website for 100% Pure needs no fancy-schmancy design elements that are unnecessary in a company that sells purity.

20. Two Chimps Coffee

two chimps coffee homepage online store

If engagement is what you’re looking for in a website, then Two Chimps Coffee is where you should get your design inspiration from. Before you leave the website, a pop-up window will appear and a call-to-action button with the words “Gimme Some” will entice you to buy from them.

Requesting a Web Design from Penji

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2. Review and Revise

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3. Download

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