Dinosaurs are often associated with strength and power. They ruled the Earth millions of years ago and were some of the most dominant creatures ever to exist. So, dinosaur logos might suggest that the company is strong, resilient, and ready to conquer its industry. Dinosaurs also represent evolution and adaptation. They were a diverse group of animals that adapted to various environments and eventually went extinct. By incorporating a dinosaur in your logo, you imply adaptivity, forward-thinking, and willingness to evolve to meet the changing customers’ needs. Ready to create a dinosaur logo? Let Penji create one for you at a surprisingly affordable price! Check out these 10 examples from Penji’s professional designers.

1. Dino Deals 

dinosaur logo design by Penji

The logo of Dino Deals, a retail and discount company, showcases a dinosaur image and bold brand name lettering in a color scheme that catches the eye. The logo employs a striking red font and logo against a vivid yellow background. Additionally, it includes a shopping bag icon with a percent symbol, indicating potential savings or discounts. The overall design supports the company’s commitment to offering reasonably priced goods to its customers.

With its attention-grabbing logo, any company like Dino Deals will surely turn into a preferred location for someone looking to save money on their shopping needs.

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2. Wild Roar e-Sports Gaming

dinosaur logo design by Penji

This dinosaur logo is an excellent example if you’re looking for an e-sports gaming logo that conveys power and strategy. It features a fierce T-Rex and a wild, creative font style for the brand name. The sharp lines and blue color scheme further intensify the brand’s message. After all, a visually-striking logo like this will make the company stand out in the competitive e-sports gaming scene. 

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3. Tyranno Roofing and Accessories 

dinosaur logo design by Penji

This black and yellow logo for a roofing and accessories company speaks about durability, reliability, and strength. It features a dinosaur with a robust appearance standing behind the roof. The layout suggests strong protection from the elements that may destroy a house or building. Plus, the solid color scheme emphasized the stability of the brand. 

Tyranno Roofing and Accessories logo design suits businesses that aim to provide high-quality and dependable products or services. 

4. Theropods Camera Accessories 

dinosaur logo design by Penji

You’ll need a compelling logo to attract customers into photography, whether as professional or an enthusiastic hobbyist. This quirky dinosaur logo tells the audience that photography is fun and exciting. It features a smiling dino holding a camera and posing with a thumbs-up sign. 

If you’re planning to launch your brand in a fun and convincing way, the Theropods Camera Accessories logo is a great example. 

5. Rex Entertainment 

dinosaur logo design by Penji

Rex Entertainment logo features innovative dinosaur imagery. The soft curves and excellent features suggest a lighthearted and enjoyable customer experience. As you can see, the dinosaur sports a VR headset commonly used for watching 3D movies. This modern element reinforces the company’s goal of providing state-of-the-art entertainment for its customers. 

The gradient color in the logo and brand name against a black background makes the design powerful and eye-catching. It is also perfect for creating a comprehensive branding kit to promote your brand. 

6. Raptor Truck Accessories

dinosaur logo design by Penji

Show off your adventurous side with one of our dinosaur logo collection’s best designs. Raptor Truck Accessories logo highlights an aggressive and brave dinosaur and a truck. The dominantly-red logo stands out against a solid blue background. Draw inspiration from this fierce logo if you’re into the vehicle accessories business. 

This dinosaur logo example aims to make it visually appealing and reflect the brand’s qualities and purpose. The use of bold illustrations and a dark color scheme can be effective in achieving these goals. However, it’s essential to use them in a way that complements the brand’s identity and resonates with its intended audience.

7. Gymzilla

dinosaur logo design by Penji

Add this powerful dinosaur logo to the growing fitness logo collection that attracts more gym members. The logo features a muscular dinosaur that seems to be doing a “weight exercise.” Its pixelated effect suggests an intense workout. This also reinforces the brand’s mission to provide challenging and practical training. Try a similar design to inspire customers to push themselves to their limits to achieve fitness goals.

8. Fossil Fuel

dinosaur logo design by Penji

This logo features an image of a fast and agile dinosaur with sleek lines that suggest speed and efficiency. It supports the brand’s promise to provide high-quality and reliable customer service. The designer paid attention to details such as the shape of the dinosaur’s head, the tail’s angle, and the creature’s overall posture. They all contribute to the logo’s sense of motion and energy.

The deep, earth-toned color scheme further reinforces the brand’s message. Draw inspiration for this straightforward logo that effectively communicates a brand’s message and values.

9. Dino Toys 

dinosaur logo design by Penji

Creating a logo accurately reflects a brand’s personality is crucial to success. One great example of a playful and well-designed logo is the Dino Toys logo. This logo captures the brand’s fun and friendly personality by showcasing three different dinosaur species in bright, cheerful colors. More importantly, the creative lettering adds an element of fun and whimsy. This logo would be an excellent choice for a brand targeting young children and their parents.

10. Dino Park

dinosaur logo design by Penji

To wrap up our list of dinosaur logos, here’s another design that will catch the attention of younger audiences. Dino Park highlights colorful dinosaur drawings with a beautiful natural backdrop. While the logo uses lots of colors, it still looks light to the viewer’s eyes. This fun and exciting logo attracts more park-goers excited to try the various park amenities and fun activities.

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