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Sleigh The Competition With These Christmas Designs

December 6, 2019, by

cute baby licking cupcake

Christmas is one of the most anticipated holidays by consumers and business owners alike and for very good reason. It’s the season of joy and festivities and of course, shopping! An estimated $465 billion will be spent on Christmas as the average American will spend around $700 on gifts and goodies this year.

As entrepreneurs, the biggest challenge during the holidays is how to set themselves apart from the competition. The secret is in marketing and not just selling yourself to your prospects. You need super convincing powers to get people to patronize you. Here are some ways and Christmas design examples you can try for the fast-approaching Christmas rush.


Christmas Cards

holiday marketing

Sending Christmas cards to your most loyal customers and business partners isn’t as outdated as you think. In this digital age, sending cards speaks volumes and incite a personal touch. This is very good at building trust and connecting with them.

Christmas cards such as this will help you maintain contact with previous customers and cement your relationship to make them come back again and again. This is also a great way to thank them for doing business with you. Plus, it’s a good way to gain referrals and generate new leads.


Facebook Ads/Posts

royal copenhagen

There are 169.5 million Facebook users in the US alone and it is estimated to increase in the coming years. This is the reason that marketers and business owners take advantage of using Facebook ads or creating Christmas posts for the platform. Users are inundated with these so you need to create a post that can easily grab your audience’s attention.

It doesn’t have to be a big production number, a mere high-quality product photo will do wonders. Just make sure that the images you use are well-crafted such as this one from Royal Copenhagen.



benetton holiday marketing

Prepping your website for Christmas is a great way to entice people to look at your wares and motivate them to shop. Be it just a landing page or the whole shebang, designing for the holidays sets the festive mood and brings in the spirit. This website Christmas design by United Colors of Benetton is such a perfect example.

It doesn’t have trees or mistletoes. However, it gives the clear message of the holiday with some splashes of Christmas colors such as reds and greens. This was done intentionally so as to promote peace among different races, religions, and backgrounds during this season.


Email Marketing

chanel holiday marketing

Send emails to your customers with Christmas designs and themes. As an entrepreneur, you should use email marketing as part of your strategies as it has been proven effective to maintain a connection with your customers. If you’re already doing this, create an email specifically with Christmas in mind.

You can add valuable information that can also help boost your sales. You can also greet them a Merry Christmas while letting them know of an event or promo you’re holding. This email from Chanel is simplicity at its best, it captures the spirit well without too much of a fuss.



karen ehman holiday marketing

As they say, ‘tis the season of giving and what better way to do this than thanking your customers and spreading the cheers through giveaways. Everybody loves to get gifts this season so a giveaway promo is a sure-fire way to catch your prospects’ attention. You can create a 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways like this one from Karen Ehman.

You can always create something as beautiful as this but if you don’t have the artistic skills, you can always reach out to the pros. If you’re a startup and have a limited budget, you can create giveaways that won’t cost you an arm and a leg but still get the same results of increasing brand awareness and sales. All you need is some exploration and experimenting.


Gift Cards

hastings hotel holiday marketing

There are so many benefits of creating gift cards for your business whether you’re just starting out or wanting to get more sales for the season. For one, you’re providing convenience to gift-givers. This idea eliminates the guesswork about what gift to get. Receivers will have a larger number of options and are sure to get the gifts that they truly like.

What’s best is that you win new customers while keeping your loyal ones satisfied. Get inspiration from this beautiful Hastings Hotel’s gift card. You can create brand awareness, build loyalty and trust, and give your customers a solid sense of security. When they know that using your gift card reduces their risk of becoming victims of fraud, they’ll gladly get one. Just make sure that your cards will have advanced and safe technologies embedded in them.


Advent Calendars

mankind holiday marketing

This is probably the most enjoyable marketing strategy you can think of this Christmas. Advent calendars offer excitement for a good 25 days, it’s a gift that keeps on giving. Take a look at this advent calendar made by Mankind filled with grooming essentials for men.

You can also create a digital online advent calendar that you can run on your website, Facebook, or Instagram pages. This is a great way to increase engagement and generate new leads. You may want to create a quiz as part of the calendar and give prizes to the contestants. Better yet, think of anything creative to pique interest and increase sales.



clinique holiday marketing

A very cost-effective way to get your Christmas message is through the use of creative Christmas poster designs. When placed in strategic locations, a poster has the capability of providing you with visibility 24/7. It can call attention to your company especially if it has eye-catching elements that can turn heads as people pass by it.

This Clinique poster is so beautifully done with its high-resolution imagery and perfect use of white space. The poster is crisp, clear, and clean that it captures the Christmas spirit so well. It needs no text or heavy content to send their message across. The bundle of lipsticks and the star on top is enough to send out a feeling of festivity.


About the author

Cel is a traditional animator for over than 15 years. She is also a Fine Arts Graduate who majored in Advertising and is now a Content Writer.

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