As more artificial intelligence (AI) tools are released today, their popularity continues to soar. OpenAI’s ChatGPT is the most famous AI model, and it is gaining attention among internet users. Aside from texts, users are intrigued by how AI can help them generate images and other digital artworks quickly. ChatGPT’s game just changed. Once purely a text whiz (Large Language Model), it gained new visual superpowers with the GPT-4V upgrade (Visual Language Model). ChatGPT can generate images, but the capability depends on your GPT model. Can ChatGPT 4 generate images? Let’s find out the succeeding sections.

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Can ChatGPT 4 Generate Images?

Here is a quick answer: 

As part of the latest ChatGPT’s “Vision Update:” ChatGPT can now create images based on a user’s prompt. Unfortunately, this feature is only available for users on paid subscriptions called ChatGPT Plus or Enterprise. 

ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise subscribers can now create images, thanks to the “Vision Update.” The update involves integrating the GPT-4 model with DALL·E 3, forming the version GPT-4V. 

ChatGPT used to be all texts, but there were no images. As a LLM, it held conversations through question-and-answer interactions. ChatGPT analyzed its training data to craft responses based on patterns in human dialogue. But with the “Vision update,” ChatGPT went beyond its LLM roots. It’s now a multimodal AI that can respond to your prompts in multiple ways, including potentially generating images.

Multimodal AI is becoming popular in the area of artificial intelligence. This phrase refers to the ability of an AI to interpret multiple types of media, including text, audio, video, and images. The same AI may yield and translate multiple media types to the user.

ChatGPT-4 is a language model with multimodal benefits that enable users to use text and image prompts effectively. However, the feature has raised many concerns about the capabilities of ChatGPT 4 and whether ChatGPT can generate images.

Unfortunately, no. ChatGPT cannot create images or draw pictures. The chatbot was not trained to produce artwork but instead output text. OpenAI’s other creation, “DALL-E,” can generate images in different forms, allowing professionals and amateurs to create their desired images through textual description.

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Can you generate images on ChatGPT without a paid subscription?

The answer here is no. The free model works on GPT 3.5, which is essential compared to the other two. You’ll get a polite ‘not possible’ response if you ask it to create an image.

Here’s what happened when we gave ChatGPT the same image to generate with the 3.5 default version:

[insert screenshot of sample prompts and result]

Instead of creating a detailed image of the prompt provided, it presents a text response describing the image in more detail. Below is another example of a chatbot’s reaction to generating images in the 3.5 model.

If you’re faced with the responses above when using ChatGPT and are keen to create an image fast and for free, check out Bing’s image creator, which Microsoft CoPilot powers. This allows you to craft images quickly – just be sure to be precise with your descriptions to avoid extra work.

Can ChatGPT enhance images?

Considering its advanced imaging capabilities, you may wonder if ChatGPT can enhance and edit images you have inputted yourself. Unfortunately, ChatGPT cannot edit pictures on its own. However, there is an image editor plugin that users can utilize with a paid ChatGPT Plus subscription. This plugin allows you to make improvements and touch-ups to images that you have inputted.

The Future of ChatGPT Image Generation

ChatGPT-4 is a language model that lets users generate image and text inputs. While it has excellent text generation abilities, it cannot create images, as it’s a task beyond ChatGPT-4’s scope.

Don’t fret if crafting images directly within ChatGPT-4 isn’t currently possible. Tools like DALL-E, another OpenAI creation, stand ready to bridge that gap. This powerful image generation platform allows users to unleash their creativity, turning text descriptions into designs, layouts, and stunning visuals.

So, while we can’t quite paint with words in ChatGPT-4 just yet, the future of AI holds exciting possibilities. Perhaps future updates will bridge the gap between text and image generation within ChatGPT, allowing for a truly multimodal creative experience.

ChatGPT Image Generator Alternatives

Many AI image-creation tools are out there, and finding the right one for you is an essential step in getting the most out of a subscription. The list below presents some other AI art tools on the market.

  • Jasper Art – A popular AI tool that converts a text prompt or textual description to images.
  • DALL-E2 – OpenAI’s image-generating tool is the best quality open-source model, with a steep learning curve.
  • Dream Studio – an AI-powered platform that lets you create images using text prompts. It utilizes a powerful AI model called Stable Diffusion to turn your descriptions into images.
  • Nightcafe – Another popular tool known for its more comprehensive features than its rivals.
  • Midjourney – A leading AI art generator, excellent at all art styles and #1 for photorealism.

If you’d like to dive deeper into this topic, our helpful guide looks at the best AI graphic generator In 2024.

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