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Get 100% Off These Black Friday Promotion Ideas

November 8, 2019, by

black friday promotion ideas

Black Friday is soon coming up and most businesses vie for the attention of bargain-hungry shoppers this time of the year. More than 165 million consumers joined in on the rush on Black Friday in 2018. Based on last year’s online spending on Thanksgiving and Black Friday which amounted to $9.9 billion—a 25% increase from the previous year—this year’s total spending is estimated to reach $12.3 billion.

Whether you’re just starting out with your business or have been at it for years, it pays to capitalize on the mad rush and increase your sales on Black Friday. Here are some Black Friday promotion ideas that you can grab to boost sales and get your brand to stand out from the competition.

Time Your Opening Hours

black friday marketing

While some businesses push shoppers to have a stakeout way before their opening hours, why not open yours a few hours later? It could be your regular store opening or later in the day. This eliminates the pressure from your customers to go out as early as dawn to catch bargains from your store.

Encourage them to sleep late that day by announcing your plan a few days, or weeks before your event. You can also stay open a little later than your usual closing hours. This will give shoppers more time to shop while your competition has already closed theirs.

These tactics will show them that they can still get great deals even without joining the frenzy of the other stores. A good strategy for building trust and connecting with your customers.

Create Irresistible Offers

black friday marketing

On Black Friday, consumers will be on the hunt for the best value for their money. You don’t have to slash your prices down by half to get their attention. You can always offer old stock items at a low price or free when they purchase a higher-priced item. You can also create bundles of get three for two or a drink with free appetizer types of promos.

For small businesses, you can still drive sales even if you’re on a limited budget. A good example is when you offer a bottle of shampoo at its regular price with a hairbrush for free. Not only are you creating good value, but you’re also freeing your storage from old stock to make room for newer ones.

For online stores, you can have flash sales to create a sense of urgency and get your items snapped up in a matter of minutes. Offer discounts on their next purchase so you can entice them to shop from your store again. Most deals that are hard to pass up are the ones that give customers every bang for their buck.

Highlight Your Unique Items

black friday marketing

To make your brand stand out from the crowd, turn your focus on products or services that only you can give your customers. Think of what you can offer consumers that the competition can’t. Then turn the spotlight on those items and offer them at discounted prices.

If you’re selling a mix of different items, you can still do this by highlighting certain products. You can group items that a home chef would love to have. You may also put up a section with t-shirts that come in complementing designs. Buyers will have an easier time making their choices when all their options are laid down in front of them.

Offer Superb Customer Service

black friday marketing

Foolproof Black Friday promotion ideas go back to the roots. To make your brand stand out from the rest, provide superb customer service. This is something that small businesses can do that the bigger ones can’t. While other shoppers are slinging it out in the major stores, provide your customers with one-on-one service and help them find what they need.

Your customers will appreciate being assisted in their shopping. While those in big stores are feeling lost or getting harassed in massive crowds, yours will remember you for a great shopping experience. This is suitable on a day that is notorious for being a shopper’s nightmare.

Choose the Items You Promote

black friday marketing

There are many reasons that businesses offer their products on sale. Big companies count on the huge volume of sales while smaller businesses aim to acquire new customers. Whatever the reasons are, you should be selective in the items you’re going to put up on sale.

The more established companies have the luxury of offering a big cut on the prices because of enormous profit margins. Smaller businesses will gladly take a loss as this is a good way to gain new leads and customers. Any of these strategies is still good to put into action because they have been proven to be beneficial.

Create a Social Media Campaign

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You can hold promos and sales all year round. But to make them more effective, you need to make an effort in spreading the word around. Create a social media marketing blast. Announce your Black Friday promotion ideas ahead of time. Additionally, let people know through teasers or a countdown on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

Create content that is engaging and enticing that would make your followers share with everyone. This is good for getting new prospects and building brand awareness as well. You can create a poll or hold a contest and give away prizes to the winners.

Spread the Word

black friday marketing

Posters, flyers, and even direct-mail marketing are good strategies you can use to let people know about your brand. Promote your Black Friday sale using these marketing materials and see an increase in traffic, both in-stores and online. Give out gift cards, vouchers, or discount cards to your loyal customers to encourage referrals.

Hang posters within your neighborhood in anticipation of your event and let them know what’s in store for them. Design flyers and give them out. You may also create a landing page on your website informing your visitors of your Black Friday gig. You can hire a graphic design team to create your Black Friday promotion ideas that would grab attention and convert viewers into paying customers.

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