Bing probably isn’t your first choice of search engine. However, it is turning heads with its AI image generator and what it can do. What makes the Bing AI image generator different from other AI image tools?

How to Use Bing AI Image Generator

Before using the Bing AI Image Generator, you need to have a Microsoft account. This way, the image-generating process is much smoother.

Once logged in, go to this link. Then, fill out the prompt box and click “Join & Create” to submit the prompt!

bing ai generator design tool

After that, the AI generates an image based on your prompt. You’ll have to wait a few minutes for the image to load.

While you wait for the images, you can browse their homepage for other AI-generated images. This will give users an idea of what to expect when using the Bing AI image generator.

Once the AI has generated the image, it will provide you with four variations.

If you have a preferred image, click it and select the following options:

  • Share
  • Save
  • Download
  • Customize

If you select the Customize button, Microsoft loads your image to the Microsoft Designer app, where you can make small changes to the AI-generated image! 

CoPilot App

If you’re using the Copilot app, you can type the prompt on the chatbox. 

Once you submit a prompt, it will generate four images as well.

Like in the Bing link, you can select your preferred image from four different options!

The process is much faster on the Copilot app than the Bing AI image generator. Plus, you can seamlessly switch to other tools in the Copilot app as well.

Pros and Cons of the Bing AI Image Generator


  • Makes Dall-E 3 free and accessible to the general public
  • Edit images using the Microsoft Designer app
  • Submit prompts in over 100 languages
  • Allow users to earn boosts with Microsoft Rewards


  • Image generation is slow using the Bing link
  • Editing with Microsoft Designer is also limited
  • AI still generates gibberish when the image requires text
  • Option for art styles aren’t available before the AI generates an image

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Which Text-to-Image Model is Bing AI Image Generator Using?

Bing uses the Dall-E 3 model, which falls under the OpenAI umbrella. This is a perk for ChatGPT 3.5 model users or for non-OpenAI users since Dall-E 3 for Bing is FREE. You don’t need to buy coins or credits to generate images. However, images take time to generate. You can buy boosts to speed up the generation process!

Where Can You Access the Bing AI Image Generator?

If you have a Windows OS, Windows 11 has a 1-click button to activate Microsoft Copilot. 

Search for it when you click the Start button and click the Ask Copilot icon. Then, it opens a Microsoft Edge browser to talk to Copilot, which uses the Bing AI image generator to create images using the chatbot.

Additionally, you can download Microsoft Copilot from the Google Play Store to get images on the go!

However, if you’re an iPhone or Mac user, you can click the link for our tutorial below! Plus, you won’t miss out on the fun since Microsoft Copilot is available on the App Store!

Does Gemini Generate AI Images, Too?

So far, Bing’s only competitor in the AI-powered search engine game is Google.

Yes, the Google-powered AI tool can generate images, too. However, at the time of writing, Gemini can’t generate images of humans.

Top Alternatives to the Bing AI Image Generator


Runway is known for its Text-to-Video tool. However, you can also submit a prompt to get an image. Using Runway requires you to sign up to get your free credits.

One advantage of using Runway is the Settings. Aside from submitting a descriptive prompt, you can choose the ratio, resolution, style, and number of outputs. Other advanced settings include prompt weight, seed, and negative prompt.

Runway has a free subscription, allowing users to submit text-to-media prompts like images and videos. Free users get 105 generations. Users can upgrade if they need more AI-generated art.

Once you customize settings and fill out the prompt box, click Generate and wait for the AI to do its work.

Like Bing AI, you can select other options, and there are limited editing tools. You can hover over any of the images, select the kebab button (3 vertical dots in the upper right corner), and click the Open AI tool button. Here are the options:

  • Text/Image to video
  • Image to image
  • Infinite image – add more context-aware elements by submitting more prompts
  • Expand image – extend the image with a context-aware fill
  • Erase and replace
  • Backdrop remix – change backgrounds
  • Image variation – select your preferred image and create variations of that image
  • Upscale image – make the images bigger


Another contender for the best alternative to the Bing AI generator is PicsArt. Like Runway, signing up is necessary to get the AI-generated images. Before that, you can type your prompt and then click Generate. 

Then, you’ll sign up and customize your prompt before submitting it. You can select a style and aspect ratio.

Once submitted, the AI will generate four images. You can choose your favorite variant and download it. However, you can also make small tweaks before downloading it. 


Our final alternative is BlueWillow.

Once the AI generates your prompt, an image should appear after a few seconds. Like most advanced AI image generators, you can edit your images here, too. However, you have limited credits per day. Plus, it generates only one image.

When prompting, you can also customize it by selecting the following:

  • Text-to-image model
  • Image dimensions
  • Prompt guidance
  • Quality & details
  • Number of images

Plus, you can also add negative prompts for an accurately generated image.


The Bing AI image generator is considered one of the best AI image generators from the current ones in the market. Since it’s powered by Dall-E 3, it generates high-quality images than the other options. However, AI image generators like Runway, BlueWillow, and PicsArt are giving the Bing version a run for its money.

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