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Infographic: 6 Best Practices For Social Media Posts

March 28, 2020, by

best practices for social media posts

Growing on social media doesn’t have to be rocket science! Learn simple strategies and the best practices for social media posts. Billions of people are on social media as you’re reading this. Whether they are posting, liking, following, commenting, or just scrolling, there’s potential for them to see your posts. Because of this, you want to optimize your social media. Here are 6 best practices for social media posts.

Pick A Theme

Your theme is a reflection of who you are. Choose a theme that you love and don’t mind sharing often. If you’re a motivational speaker, you may want to have a motivational theme. If you’re into fitness, focus your efforts on creating content around exercise, health, and fitness. The secret to choosing a theme is to pick something that you are passionate about and sticking to it.

Target Audience Research

You’re probably wondering how people are going to find you. Well, you have to find them first! Collect data on where they like to hang out on the internet. Compile a list of hashtags that they frequent. If they are regulars on forums, join in on the conversation! When you’re confident in who they are, you’ll have an easier time gathering engagement and followers.

Curate Your Feed

Each picture, video, caption, blog, etc. should mesh well together. When you scroll through a feed like Instagram’s, the theme should be obvious and the colors should be within the same realm. Strategic design skills will be helpful when curating your social media posts. This gives an overall mood when looking at your feed.

Stay Consistent

Posting consistently is key. It keeps you relevant and lets your followers know that you’re still alive. Create a schedule that is fitting for you. Each social media platform is different when it comes to growth, so do your research on what is ideal when it comes to posting. Many times, those platforms will reward you for staying consistent by allowing your post to reach a larger audience.

Post With A Purpose

If you feel that you haven’t posted in a while, don’t throw up just anything. Be purposeful with each and every post. If you are a tech blogger, your audience may not be very receptive to a picture of a half-eaten sandwich on your feed. A great way to get around this is to have dates where you create a ton of content so you can post it over time.

Engage With Your Audience

Social media is meant to be social. Like, comment, and follow. Don’t just look at your audience as just a number. They are people too! They will appreciate the time you put into commenting on their posts and return the favor. Engagement is the best way to create a loyal following.
These are some of the best practices for social media posts if you are trying to grow. The steps are easy and apply to any platform that you are on. Get started on your social media growth today!

best practices for social media posts

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