Branding is a collective effort between the business and the creative team. That’s why some businesses invest in partnering with a branding agency to help them with their branding efforts from the ground up. Meanwhile, the creative team develops custom and remarkable strategies and assets to establish a suitable branding identity for the business and yield success. But which ones have created successful campaigns and partnered with top brands? Here’s our list of the best branding agencies in the world.

The Best Branding Agencies

1. Landor & Fitch

branding agency

The branding agency has helped top brands reach higher heights and get even more recognized in untapped markets. They specialize in branding services, particularly in the following areas:

  • Strategy
  • Expression
  • Experience
  • Employee experience
  • Management
  • Performance

Notable clients include Adidas, KitKat, and Squarespace.

2. Wolff Olins

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Wolff Olins is another famous branding agency helping big business reach their branding goals. The agency has three approaches to growing brands. 

The first is overall branding. They help businesses with identity design, purpose, insights, and activation. Another branding specialization is culture. Client employees take centerstage and become the brand ambassadors. Finally, they enhance the brand experience. The agency will develop a strategy and experiment based on designs and other assets to help the brand grow.

Instacart, GSK, and Uber have partnered with this top branding agency.

3. Ogilvy

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Many businesses have trusted Ogilvy’s experience and know-how for branding. The agency has been in business since 1948 and has become the leading branding company for experience, public relations, advertising, and consulting. 

Additionally, they have over 100+ offices worldwide, helping up-and-coming businesses transform into big brands! Plus, they have worked with Samsung, IKEA, and Burger King for experience, consulting, and advertising work!

Get branded visuals for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time designer.

4. Pentagram

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If you can recognize the Mastercard, Fisher Price, and Popeye logos, you can attribute it to Pentagram’s experience working with brands over the years. The agency works on the following disciplines:

  • Identity
  • Graphics
  • Strategy and positioning
  • Packaging and products
  • Exhibitions and installations
  • Digital experiences and websites
  • Typefaces
  • Digital visualization
  • Motion
  • Sound

Pentagram works with the best designers in the world, producing exceptional assets for clients.

5. Siegel + Gale

branding agency

If a brand is ready to go global, Siegel + Gale is one of the best branding agencies in the world to partner with. Simple is their philosophy when assisting businesses in developing a brand. Here are their specialty fields:

  • Communication
  • Management
  • Brand-led change
  • Business Analytics + Insights
  • Experience
  • Design
  • Strategy
  • Naming

If you want to see their work come to life, they have helped AARP, SAP, and Nielsen with their branding!

6. MetaDesign

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MetaDesign is a popular global branding agency trusted by big brands and organizations. They mix digital and traditional assets to grow a brand. Lacoste, Volkswagen, and Yves Saint Laurent Beauty are the biggest clients. But what does MetaDesign offer to their clients?

  • Strategy
  • Creation
  • Experience
  • Activation
  • Product design
  • Spatial design

Their philosophy is to create a sustainable and long-term brand upon launch or rebrand.

7. Interbrand

branding agency

Interbrand is another leading branding agency. They offer similar approaches that most agencies provide. However, they have one particular branding discipline untouched by many agencies: brand integrity and ethics. They help businesses fulfill their social and ethical goals. Plus, they guide brands into identifying key areas to have more integrity towards their overall identity. 

Aside from that, Interbrand also creates digital designs. They are experts in digital refresh, redesign, and innovation! Plus, they also specialize in inclusive design, allowing businesses to attract customers from other markets.

8. Digital Design NYC

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NYC houses many branding agencies, but Digital Design NYC is one of the most popular ones locally. The award-winning agency creates web designs, packaging, graphic designs, and branding strategies and assets. The hospitality, eCommerce, SaaS, and consumer industries are their primary clients. 

Additionally, the agency follows a five-step program to ensure that the business has an established brand upon launch. It starts with research. Then, they move to discovery, design, and handoff. Finally, they activate the strategy by launching it. Their clients include L’Oreal, Lowe’s, and Forbes!

9. Evviva Brands

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Evviva Brands can bring a business brand to life. The agency has three simple approaches to starting or refreshing a brand: Quick start, mature brands, and talent brands. As a worldwide branding agency, they conduct comprehensive research to make a brand shine. Amazon, Delta, and Marriott are three of their top clients. Previous clients have said the agency was professional and thoughtful in managing their brand.

10. Tenet Partners

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Innovation is at the core of Tenet Partners. This agency has a multi-disciplinary approach, considering they offer 12 major solutions and more than 50+ methods of delivering these solutions. Plus, they have helped countless businesses from various industries to become leaders in their fields, including IBM, Xerox, and LG. According to happy clients, the agency is knowledgeable and attentive throughout the branding process.

11. Mucho

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Mucho is a forward-thinking design agency focused on securing the future of brands upon launch. They use analysis, brands, cultures, design, and experience as the foundation of their strategies. Additionally, they have four significant disciplines with over 20 methodologies to help brands achieve their goals. Visa, Venmo, and Apple are their top clients!

12. Vivaldi

branding agency

The last branding agency on our list is Vivaldi. Aside from their branding expertise, they are specialists in business strategy and transformation, technology and data solutions, marketing, and people. They run on the reinvention framework, which will help them deliver quality services to clients. American Express, Philips, and Holiday Inn are their top clients needing branding help.

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