Most of the time, we remember logos more than a company’s name. This can only mean that these logo designs are effective as they have imprinted deeply on customers’ minds. Architects should understand the importance of harmonizing form and functionality. The same should go for your brand’s design. A logo is a way to show the world your skill and style as an architectural firm owner. 

Before you start drafting your logo, explore our collection of architect logos from firms of every size and specialty. Study the colors, symbols, and fonts architects use to build their brands. These logos are made by professional logo designers at Penji to motivate you to develop your own design. 

1. Elemental Architecture and Co. 

architect logo example

Geometric logo design is popular in the architectural and engineering sectors. For example, the cube logo is unique, clean, and modern. In addition, the color combination of the bars containing the cube logo reflects creativity and professionalism. If you want a fantastic geometric logo that conveys complex ideas in a simple form, go for a design like Elemental Architecture and Co’s logo.

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2. Powerhouse Design Partners

architect logo example

Powerhouse Design Partners’ logo is eye-catching despite having a dark color palette. Adding a white font color breaks the monotony of the layout. You’ll notice that the posts inside the house form “PH” initials, which stand for Powerhouse. This astounding logo design screams the firm’s identity and is worth emulating! 

3. Pangaea Design Group 

architect logo example

Our following architect logo example leans toward minimalism. The upward arrow within the letter “G” symbolizes the company’s relentless pursuit of goals and success. Likewise, the texts, simple icons, and the solid background color complement each other. Contrary to the usual architect logos, the brand mark is integrated into the lettering. After all, having your brand personality is a priority criterion when choosing a custom logo design. 

4. Temple of the Gods Architect

architect logo example

The Temple of the Gods Architect logo is the best inspiration if you are a company specializing in landscape architecture. A simple but timeless logo design earns you a bonus point for leaving a positive impression on the audience. In this design, the artist combined the texts and logo in a clean, effortless manner. 

5. ImpelDown Architect Services 

architect logo example

A dramatic vibe in logo design also sparks the curiosity of our potential clients. The combination of two geometric shapes represents the brand logo. The black-and-white palette and varying font styles bring a unique appeal to customers.

6. Steel Dungeon Partners

architect logo example

Get inspiration for this extraordinary architectural logo. Aside from geometric and minimalist architect logos, we also feature this design with an industrial vibe. The circular logo with plenty of lines and the brand’s initials create a distinctive statement. 

7. Tower Structure Services 

architect logo example

The post or tower-like icon represents the brand name. You can interpret the logo as a person’s profile if you look at the icon differently. For the color, the grayish tone resembles the color of sand, which symbolizes the nature of the business of architectural firms.

8. Skeleton Key Design Lab

architect logo example

Draw inspiration from the design rendered for Skeleton Key Design Lab. The right colors, shapes, and fonts make the layout visually attractive and impactful. In popular culture, skeleton keys are potent symbols and are perceived to bring good luck. Using gold as the color for the skeleton key logo adds a vintage look to the overall design. 

9. Dream Designs and Blueprints

architect logo example

Dream Designs and Blueprints make this logo stunning by using visually appealing layouts and colors. The circular icon features various relaxing elements, including a crescent moon and stars. Creative designs like this will surely beat your competition in your field.

10. Rise Architect and Associates 

architect logo example

To complete our list of architect logos, here is the Rise Architect and Associates logo, where lines and arrows dominate the design. Its iconic images define the brand’s creative characteristics. Looking closely between the arrows, you will see an abstract rendition of the RAA initials. Accordingly, the upward arrows convey the mission and objectives of the company.

Fundamentals of Architect Logo Designs

Starting the logo design process with no prior experience is quite intimidating. But you can achieve this through in-depth benchmarking and wise decision-making. So, it is best to learn the basic elements of a quality logo.

Design for your brand. Good logo design doesn’t look the same for every brand. What we mean by that is that your brand persona is the most critical factor to consider when designing your logo. Your brand identity will define your logo design choices, like the colors, shapes, and fonts you use.

Shapes. Every shape evokes a specific emotion in viewers. For instance, a square logo can subtly communicate that your brand plays by the rules and won’t cut corners. In contrast, a circular logo is more engaging and friendlier to the viewer. 

Colors. Entrepreneurs and designers should study color theory and apply it efficiently. Lots of blue in your logo speaks of calmness, tranquility, and joy. Meanwhile, when it’s primarily green, it evokes being one with nature, freshness, and cleanliness. 

Fonts. Your font preference says a lot about your brand. Fonts with serifs look polished and formal, but sans-serif fonts feel more casual and less expensive. You can use a stylized font to connect with a particular market demographic or keep an overall impression with a popular font.

There you go. You’ve learned the fundamental principles of logo design. And for a complete and organized design process, read this checklist of the things you’ll need for your brand

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