Headshots are at the core of one’s professional identity. It builds trust and establishes professionalism at the get-go. However, not all professionals have the cash for professional headshots taken. Some go the freelance route, where they hire a freelance photo editor. However, some would go for the AI path instead. And if you want to give this a try, here’s our list of the best AI headshot generator tools!

Top AI Headshot Generators

1. Aragon

AI headshot generator homepage

Aragon is one of the leading AI headshot generator tools. Students and professionals can leverage Aragon for their headshots. Teachers, doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, and salespeople are the ideal app users. However, businesses can also use Aragon to make headshots consistent company-wide. 

The AI tool has a 30 to 60-minute turnaround time to convert your selfies into professional headshots.


  • Starter – $29/person
  • Basic – $39/person
  • Premium – $69/person
  • Team – $39/person

2. Profile Pic Maker

AI headshot generator homepage

If you need a free and quick AI headshot generator that removes any background, Profile Pic Maker is your best option! You can upload a PNG or JPG up to 5MB. After that, they remove the background on your photo and then generate dozens of photos. It’s up to you to edit, resize, and adjust shadows. Additionally, ProPhotos adds makeup to women’s headshots!

You can use PFP Maker for social media, business cards, resumes, and email signatures.

Image rendering can take up to 90 minutes.


  • Free
  • Premium AI – $9

3. ProPhotos

AI headshot generator homepage

Are you looking for a professional headshot generator, then try ProPhotos. They have many clothing styles available and offer different backgrounds. Once the AI generates your headshot, you can edit and save these changes before using these on your profiles.

But ProPhotos renders images after 2 to 3 hours since their AI model has to be trained with the images you uploaded. 


  • Basic – $25
  • Premium – $55
  • Professional – $155
  • Enterprise – Custom

4. Headshot Pro

AI headshot generator homepage

If you want a realistic-looking headshot generator, Headshot Pro is your best bet. They have generated over 3,000,000+ headshots for well-known clients, such as Hubspot, Dell, and Shopify. 

The AI tool generates up to 120 headshots per person and includes up to 12 locations per shoot. This all depends on your preferred plan. A 2-hour turnaround time is consistent across all plans.

However, they recommend images taken on a white background with good lighting. It’s also recommended that you smile. Make sure to upload PNG, JPG, WebP, and HEIC files. Finally, you can use your headshots and get ownership.


  • Small shoot – $29/shoot
  • Normal shoot – $39/shoot
  • Premium shoot – $49/shoot
  • Team tier – $39/person

5. Insta Headshots

insta headshot webpage

Insta Headshots prides itself on being the world’s most realistic AI headshot generator. Based on its output, it appears most headshots are realistic. Users can post more than 12 selfies. The AI headshot generator tool recommends that the photo should have one person in the frame. Glasses and hats aren’t allowed. Their tool renders images for up to 90 minutes! Users can receive up to 200 headshots, depending on their plan.


  • Starter – $39
  • Basic – $49
  • Premium – $59

6. StudioShot

AI headshot generator homepage

StudioShot has a similar process for uploading images. However, instead of waiting for the AI to generate it, you get a say in what styles you want before it generates photos. Subscribers have unlimited touch-ups on all AI-generated headshots. Plus, they have 2-hour turnaround times.


  • 1 to 5 members – $39/person
  • 5 to 20 members – $29/person
  • 20+ members – Get a quote

7. Try it On

AI headshot generator homepage

If some AI headshot generators take time for you, Try It On takes 24 hours to generate your images. They encourage you to follow guidelines to avoid blunders. With Try It On, you can choose preferences and get recommendations too! However, if you don’t like what they’ve created, unfortunately, Try it On they don’t offer any refunds.

One cool perk of Try It On is the gifting option. You can use this tool to give someone an AI-generated headshot for holidays or special occasions and send an anonymous message.

Pricing: 100 headshots – $17 + $10/portrait to edit images by an actual designer

8. Secta

AI headshot generator homepage

If you don’t take a lot of selfies but have group photos, Secta can help you get headshots with that. Their AI can generate more than 20+ images, and you can use any of those for your profiles. 

However, Secta’s renderings appear more unrealistic than polished due to the touch-ups. But if you’re not totally satisfied with their renders, they have a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • Personal – $99
  • Teams, companies, communities, and non-profits – Request access

9. Dreamwave.ai

AI headshot generator homepage

Dreamwave.ai is another AI headshot generator that provides realistic shots. You can choose among unlimited background styles and poses. Plus, you have full ownership of these images so that you can choose them for personal or commercial use.

But if you’re not fully satisfied with Dreamwave.ai, you can get your money back within 14 days, as long as the AI isn’t trained yet. Unfortunately, they don’t offer refunds if images don’t follow their standards. 

They have a free option for individuals. However, there are limited spots for the free option. Plus, you can delete your photos, or they delete the images within 30 days. 

Pricing: $60 for 40 photos

10. AI Suit Up

AI headshot generator homepage

If you want an affordable headshot generator solution, AI Suit Up is one of the best options. Additionally, they are faster than the others on this list because they can generate images in less than an hour. But they have specific guidelines to ensure the images would render properly. Plus, you can upload 16 images, and the AI will generate 150 headshots.


  • Basic – $29
  • Professionals – $49
  • Ultimate – $79

Is There a Free AI Headshot Generator?

Yes, there are free AI headshot generators. However, since you want to use a free generator version, app usage will be limited. For instance, some will generate fewer than five images. Some would have limited clothes or background mockups.

Should You Use AI Headshot Generators?

It’s amazing to see what AI can do with our content, like texts, images, and videos. It can even help us with our headshots now too. But headshot generators can’t guarantee that they will provide you with a high-res image and a heavily edited version of your photo, making it look artificial.

But it’s ideal if you’re on a budget or avoid going through the grueling editing process yourself. Plus, you don’t need to get dressed fancily for a headshot generator. Take a selfie anytime, and let the AI do the work for you!

However, if you’re subscribed to Penji, you can request photo edits for your headshots! Let actual pros edit your images and design other assets. If you want to know what else Penji can do, check out the exceptional work our designers have done!