Many marketers have benefited from and leveraged AI through content production, personalization, and distribution. But which strategies should you apply when using AI for content marketing?

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AI Content Creation

Creating content starts with identifying the right keywords and ends with the final checks and reviews before publishing content. Before AI, marketers could produce written content manually and come up with engaging copy to attract the target audience. 

Now, content creation can be done instantly with the help of AI. You can automate the process. The right tools guide you in producing the most engaging content. Before using content creation tools, know what’s part of the process.

Here are the use cases of AI content creation:

  • Keyword generation
  • Content ideation
  • Outline creation
  • Blog and article writing
  • Email creation
  • Image generation
  • Social media post creation
  • Video generation and editing

How to Train AI to Write in Your Style

AI requires various writing samples. You should also indicate style, structure, and voice to produce copy or content that aligns with your voice. Several AI tools allow you to customize content creation using custom instructions or a brand voice feature. This customization feature is the best way to teach AI how to write in your style. It will be more accurate in generating content in your style, structure, and voice.

Here are three ways to train AI by using three AI tools (ChatGPT, Writesonic, and Typetone).


1. Open ChatGPT

2. On the left sidebar, click your profile and select Custom Instructions

3. From there, answer the two questions ChatGPT requires when replying to you.


(Note: The Brand Voice feature is available on paid plans)

1. Open your Writesonic account

2. On the left sidebar, click Brand Voice

3. Then select Brand Voice again

4. From there, you can enter a link, add some text, or upload a file

5. Click Analyze, and Writesonic will analyze your content to produce it using your brand voice!


(Note: You can add more brand voices on paid plans)

1. Open your Typetone account

2. Click Tone of Voice

3. Select Add brand voice

4. Fill out the form

5. Click Add voice, and Typetone should write in your voice once customized!

AI Visual Content Creation

ai visual content

One subsection of content creation is visual content creation. Images and videos are the most common forms of visual content that AI can generate. Obtaining images or videos with these AI visual content creation tools is easy. 

You need to submit a prompt and wait for the AI to generate variations of your prompt. Meanwhile, AI video generators rely on a script to create an AI-produced video. Synthesia is known for this.

However, most visual content creation tools won’t exactly produce what you have envisioned. Plus, it can be difficult to edit it, too. That’s why you should consider hiring a graphic designer or video editor to work alongside these AI tools for content marketing. They can polish the AI’s work and create a better design or video. 

Here are three tools to start with in your visual content creation process:

Canva has Magic Studio, their AI-powered suite. They have also integrated the Dall-E into their apps. You can use this instead of subscribing to Dall-E.

Fotor also has another AI-powered image generator to produce visuals. You can request logos, avatars, posters, and product designs.

Simplified is another tool for all your content creation needs. It can generate images, edit videos, and write content for you.

AI Personalization

ai personalization

Marketing personalization tools have been powered by AI long before the AI boom in 2021. However, AI personalization tools have more complex systems to enhance the customer journey.

Here are some use cases of AI personalization:

  • Adding a “Recommendations” or “People Also Ordered This” section on your website
  • Personalizing ads and content when customers search for specific terms on a search engine or social media platform
  • Using chatbots to help users get the answers they need and personalize responses based on their queries

Top AI marketing personalization tools:

  • – This tool helps marketers plan and optimize digital marketing campaigns before they launch. It analyzes data to ensure you produce engaging campaigns and personalize ads to relevant audiences.
  • The Seventh Sense – This tool optimizes and personalizes emails to individuals. Plus, it enhances engagement rates to create successful email marketing campaigns.
  • ChatBot – Let chatbots talk to your customers before buying products. ChatBot can assist your customer service team, personalize the customer journey, and recommend relevant products to potential customers.

AI Content Curation

ai content curation

As part of your research process, content curation helps you understand the latest trends and get updates about everything in your niche. AI can further personalize the content you need to see. 

AI content curation tools use machine learning to provide users with relevant, personalized topics and news. Flipboard, Feedly, and Curata are three AI content curation tools to get news and trends about your industry and niche.

AI Content Distribution

Distributing your content to the right channels is necessary for reaching new audiences and getting insights into which content your audience likes the most. Social media management platforms are the most popular content distribution channels. 

However, powered by AI, social media management platforms can produce enticing captions and posts that rake in more likes before promoting your content. Some are AI-powered content creation social media management platforms, allowing you to create content, publish, and schedule your social media posts in one place.

chatgpt zapier integrations

You can automate this process with a workflow builder like Zapier to distribute your blog on various platforms. Zapier has default workflows to help you promote blogs on social media platforms without using codes.

AI Language Translation

Language translation is necessary for reaching a wider audience. AI language translation tools simplify the translation process since you don’t need to hire various translators to translate short copies. Plus, AI tools can translate up to 20+ languages. However, ensure that a human translator can check the translated content. This prevents any communication mishap and doesn’t use any offensive language.

AI Language Translation Tools:

  • (25 languages)
  • DeepL (31 languages)
  • Taia (97 languages)
  • Smartling (150 languages)
  • (240 languages)

Can I use ChatGPT for Translation?

Yes, you can use ChatGPT to translate over 20 languages, like Spanish, French, Korean, German, Chinese, and Italian. The AI tool also says you can request other language translations not included in their list.

Here’s How to Use ChatGPT to Translate a Language

1. Prepare the content for translation

2. Tell ChatGPT that you need content to be translated by using any of the prompts below

3. Copy the content from your document and paste it on the message bar

4. Wait for ChatGPT to translate the information

Example prompts to get the translation you need:

  • Can you translate this [copy] in [language here]?
  • Give me variations of this copy in [language here].
  • Please translate this [word or sentence] in [language here].

AI Content Performance Analysis

ai content performance

Content performance is key in improving your content efforts and ensuring which content matters most to your audience. When measuring content, data like metrics and analytics come to mind and vary depending on the platform and content type. Here are the data that most marketers measure:

  • Organic search
  • Impressions
  • Views
  • Conversions
  • Keyword ranking
  • Backlinks
  • Shares
  • Opt-ins
  • Bounce rate
  • Follower growth

Some tools can also analyze content before you publish it. The top tools for analyzing content are headline generators, plagiarism detectors, and grammar editors.

Multiple AI performance analytics tools can help you identify content that performs well and ensure that final drafts and published content are engaging to your target audience. MarketerMuse,, and Outranking are the best tools to analyze performance.

AI Voice Search Optimization

ai voice search optimization

Voice search optimization is a specialized form of search engine optimization. The process is similar to creating written content, except the targeted keywords were voice searches by actual users. SEMRush has a nifty voice search optimization feature, which helps you identify the best voice search keywords and target users using voice search. As such, the best way to optimize voice search is through thorough keyword research.

Traditionally, most keyword research tools use APIs to collect data when generating keywords. However, AI-powered keyword research tools like and Surfer depend on algorithms to identify the best keywords when you submit prompts and ideas for acquiring keywords.


Using AI for content marketing should enhance your marketing workflow, boost productivity, and improve your content creation process. These tools are key to achieving your marketing goals and outdoing the competition! If you want to learn more about how AI can help your business, check out other courses!