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Popular AI tools like ChatGPT and Dall-E paved the way for businesses to use AI for content creation. Many businesses have integrated AI into their workflows to generate content and publish them on various platforms in a few clicks. Besides producing written and visual content, how did AI help businesses achieve success with their marketing strategies?

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Driving Traffic to Your Website

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Written content is one of the major drivers in increasing website traffic. Many businesses invest in writing blogs, articles, web content, and copy to entice internet users into becoming users and eventually converting them into customers. However, if you don’t have a solid writing team yet and need more visitors to drop by your website, they can use AI as an assistant to attain your content marketing goals. 

jasper ai content writing tool

That said, writing blogs and other content for your web pages is not enough. You also need compelling copy to keep visitors on your site. That’s the case for BestPlaces.

Jasper published the BestPlaces case study, showing how it improved traffic and beat the competition. The AI writing tool reported that BestPlaces had an 800% increase in traffic. It’s all thanks to the 80,000 header paragraphs published by Jasper, which retained authenticity.

Writing Copy or Content in Bulk

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Another challenge that many writing teams experience is writing copy or content in bulk. For instance, eCommerce copywriters need time to create multiple unique and compelling copies for various products. Additionally, some blog writers also need time to produce numerous blogs if you have a monthly blogging strategy. 

However, AI can reduce the time that writers create copy or blogs. Some AI writing software applications have a bulk feature to reduce one’s tasks during the workday.

As impressive as this sounds, it’s important that you also review the AI’s work before publishing for plagiarized or grammatically incorrect phrasing or words. This way, you remain a credible and reputable business.

hypotenuse ai tool

One cocoa business used Hypotenuse to generate the following:

  • 500 product pages with detailed product descriptions with 200 to 300 words and product titles with 50 to 75 characters
  • 50,000 product descriptions in one week
  • 100 blog posts in one month
  • 30 landing pages in days

Plus, they had a reduced time-to-market of 72%! 

They used the Hypotenuse language model and integrated it into their product information management system to produce this much copy and help their current writing staff.

Producing Emails to Increase Conversion Rates

Another way AI can help you with content creation is through email marketing. They can generate email subject lines to raise the number of email opens. Additionally, they can produce engaging email copy that subscribers will click on. Plus, you can further customize emails through tone.

gumtree ai case study

One case study of increasing email open rates and raising conversion rates is from Gumtree. The company used Phrasee to generate optimized email subject lines. According to the company, they had a 35% increase in opens and a 44% increase in clicks!

Creating Marketing Videos Faster

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AI’s advanced capabilities allow various language learning models to produce videos from scratch. In turn, businesses can use these videos for onboarding, training, or marketing purposes. 

You can leverage AI video editors for your video marketing efforts. You don’t need to upload any clips since the AI video editing software will use assets from existing libraries. Or, if it’s a finetuned model, it can produce videos from scratch using AI-generated images of people and other objects. Plus, with AI’s help, you don’t need to record any clips or write scripts in advance. Some AI video editing tools can do this for you.

synthesia video marketing strategy

One company benefited from using AI video software, Synthesia, for its video marketing strategy. Doculife created explainer videos for customers. Thanks to Synthesia, they became 20x faster and were able to distribute content in multiple touchpoints.

Generating Images for Campaigns

Businesses use AI for content creation by submitting a prompt so that the AI model generates images. Some AI image software applications can only generate photos based on a prompt. Meanwhile, other apps can produce graphic designs or advertisements. This particular use case isn’t popular with creatives, considering that AI has raised concerns about originality

Even though that’s the case, many individuals still use AI image generators to create visuals for various projects. One way to curb plagiarism or copyright issues is to use AI content detectors. This way, if you use AI image generators, you can avoid getting into legal trouble.

One popular use case for generating images for an advertising campaign was Heinz. The ketchup company used Dall-E, the popular AI art generator. According to the company, the campaign generated a 38% engagement rate on social media and earned 850 million impressions globally!

Best Practices when Using AI for Content Creation

  • Use AI to assist your current team’s needs, not as a replacement for your whole team.
  • Review content by using grammar checkers and content detectors.
  • Be specific with prompts to ensure that the AI accurately generates the content you need.
  • Find and utilize AI tools that can stay consistent with your brand’s voice or style since some AI tools can be trained to your branding.

AI for Content Creation

AI has proliferated in such a short amount of time that many individuals, groups, and businesses use it for personal or professional use. One popular use case is content creation. 

Many businesses have increased efficiency and productivity. Plus, they can save money in the long run. However, it’s important to remember that AI is a tool and not a full replacement for talent. That’s certainly the case for the creative industry. Like the Heinz case, they used AI for one campaign, but Heinz still uses agencies for other advertisements. You can be like Heinz by using AI as a tool, but reach out to professional creatives in producing your content. 

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