Because of its many advantages, artificial intelligence has reached almost every industry, from car manufacturing to health care. And now, it is proving valuable and troublesome to the academe. It has made writing quick and easy for scholars and students. However, the quality and integrity of their work are being put to the test. With the ethical and plagiarism concerns that are on the rise, an AI essay checker has become an indispensable tool. Here are the best:

1. GPTZero 

AI essay checker

Created by a Princeton student, GPTZero was explicitly designed to detect whether a piece of content was written by AI or a human writer. It analyzes content by looking for patterns to determine how predictable the writing is. Aside from being an excellent essay checker, it also gives you statistics about an essay, such as its perplexity and randomness. The lower the scores, the higher chances of it being written by AI.

GPTZero is a favorite among students and professors because it is free to use. However, as with most AI tools, you still need to verify its accuracy and the information it provides.

2. Turnitin 

AI essay checker

A widely popular AI essay checker tool, Turnitin has helped many educators and institutions maintain academic integrity. It identifies potential instances of copied or incorrectly cited content in student essays and papers. This AI-powered software compares uploaded content to an extensive database of academic and non-academic sources, including websites, articles, journals, and many more.

Turnitin isn’t available for individual purchases. Educational institutions and universities usually buy its license and give them access to their students and faculty members. 

3. Trinka 

AI essay checker

An AI grammar correction and language enhancement tool, Trinka is made specifically for academic and technical writing. It uses a text similarity detection algorithm called iThenticate, one of the best plagiarism detection software on the market. Its extensive paid publication database covers all scientific fields, making it an effective plagiarism checker for essays and research papers.

Trinka has a free plan which offers its basic functions. If you need more features, a monthly subscription fee of $20 is all you need.

4. Sapling

AI essay checker

For those looking for fuss-free AI essay checker software, Sapling is an excellent recommendation. It is one of the most accurate free AI detector tools, with an overall accuracy score of 68%. It has no false positives and correctly highlights the AI content and those written by a human writer.

Sapling has a free plan and three paid ones with pricing that starts at $25 per month. They also offer a free trial if you want to test the waters before purchasing.

5. AI Text Classifier

AI essay checker

Developed by OpenAI, AI Text Classifier is a machine learning model that tells the difference between human and AI-written text. It does not give a percentage or any type of highlighting to let you know which part of the content is AI-generated. Instead, it assigns labels such as “Very unlikely” or “Possibly” to the content you put in. 

Like many of OpenAI’s tools, AI Text Classifier is free to use. It is quick and straightforward, and easy to use.

6. Plagibot

AI essay checker

Check your essays quickly and easily with Plagibot, an anti-plagiarism detection software. It lets you upload a variety of document types, including Word files, PDFs, and many more. It is one of the most user-friendly AI essay checkers on this list, as you only need to paste your content and click “Search.”

Plagibot offers a free plan that allows you to search up to 2,000 words per month. If you need more than that, you have to contact them for all your pricing-related questions.

7. Content at Scale

AI essay checker

Not only is Content at Scale an excellent option for any business’s content marketing strategies, but it is also great at checking essays. It uses advanced language learning models to give you accurate AI detection capabilities. It also lets you publish content in bulk that’s optimized and bypasses AI detection.

With all the bells and whistles that Content at Scale offers, it provides value for your money with its subscription plans with a starting price of $250. 


AI essay checker

Claiming 99% AI content detection accuracy, it would be a mistake not to check out It will give you the percentage likelihood that a piece of content is AI-generated. It also highlights the text using different colors and gives it a label, whether it is AI or human-written. has a pay-as-you-go plan with a one-time fee of $30. If you want to enjoy more of this AI essay checker tool, a base subscription fee of $14.95 per month is what you need.

9. Winston AI

AI essay checker

Whether entirely written by AI or combined with human text, Winston AI can detect it. It has a high accuracy score of 84%. It can also tell you if a piece of content was run through a paraphrasing tool. Plus, it gives a percentage and highlights the parts of the text that it considers AI-generated. 

Winston AI has a free plan, but if you want to do more with this tool, you must subscribe to any of its paid ones with rates ranging between $12 to $19 per month.

10. Passed AI

AI essay checker

Created specifically for educators, professors, and teachers, Passed AI is one of the latest AI essay checker tools. It is trained on GPT-J, GPT-NEO, and GPT-3 to detect AI-written content. To make it more accurate, it has a document history audit feature that lets you see an overview of the piece that you put in.

Passed AI will also tell you the number of contributors and the size of their contributions to the content. It offers a free trial and two paid plans with rates that start at $9.99 per month.

Final Thoughts

Artificial intelligence constantly evolves, and while it offers many benefits, it poses some challenges. In the academe, identifying whether a piece of content is AI-generated is crucial. This is the reason an AI essay checker tool is vital. 

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