Artificial intelligence (AI) has infiltrated our daily lives, even if many of us are unaware of it. You’ll mostly find them in the mobile app market, where they are proliferating. And to satisfy the consumers’ need for a better user experience, app creators have incorporated AI into their offerings. 

What are AI Apps?

AI apps leverage the power of artificial intelligence to perform tasks or provide services. These are used in a wide range of industries, such as healthcare, finance, retail, and many others. While most AI apps are still in the development stages, they carry the potential to revolutionize many industries. As technology keeps improving, we can expect to see and use more AI apps in the future.

Here are the top ten AI apps you need to know today:

1. Facetune

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A popular photo-editing AI app, Facetune offers a wide range of features. It is designed to enhance and beautify your selfies. It enables you to effortlessly remove blemishes, reshape facial features, whiten teeth, smooth out skin, and even alter body contour. Since AI powers it, you can do all these in just a few taps.

Facetune gained fame for its user-friendly interface and advanced editing capabilities. It is ideal for those looking to curate their social media posts or for capturing treasured memories.

2. Siri

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An intelligent virtual assistant, Siri is developed by Apple and integrated into many of its devices. It uses natural language processing (NLP) and voice recognition technology to understand and respond to user commands. Siri can perform various tasks, including setting reminders, sending emails, making phone calls, playing music, and many others.

Siri has the ability to understand context and engage in conversational interactions, making it a 

convenient tool to do many of your tasks swiftly.

3. Fyle

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If you’re looking to track and monitor your expenses, Fyle is the AI app you need. It is an innovative expense management platform designed to make the process of handling expenses quick and easy. Fyle lets you do this by simply taking a photo of receipts or forwarding your electric receipts through email.

Fyle uses intelligent automation and machine learning algorithms to obtain relevant information to generate reports. You can integrate the app with accounting software to allow for smooth data syncing and accurate financial reconciliation.

4. StarryAI

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Primarily an AI app art generator, StarryAI lets you create amazing artwork in just a few taps. All you need to do is type a prompt, and it will transform it into art. StarryAI allows you to produce any type of art form, from portraits and landscapes to abstract and surreal pieces.

What’s good about StarryAi is it’s totally free to use, making it an excellent way to explore AI art even without the skills and talent. This AI app is available on both Android and iOS devices.

5. Youper 

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An AI-powered health and mental well-being app, Youper provides customized support and guidance to its users. Its key features include mood tracking, journaling, guided meditations, and interactive conversations. It aims to help individuals manage their emotions, reduce stress, and improve their mental health.

Youper incorporates evidence-based techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness practices. It can help users promote self-awareness and emotional resilience. Its friendly user interface perfectly suits people looking for support for emotional self-care.

6. Replika 

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An AI chatbot, Replika, was created to be a friend and companion that serves a variety of purposes. You can use it for conversational practice, stress relief, life reflections, and even mental health support. Its algorithms will learn and understand your personality and respond to your questions in a human-like manner.

This app uses a large dataset of texts and codes to train its AI model. This means that the more you interact with it, the better it will respond and understand you. Replika is ideal for those looking for a friend, therapist, or companion. 

7. Lensa

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Another AI photo-editing app, Lensa, lets you create stylized portraits, anime avatars, and many other beautiful images. It uses a large dataset of images to train its model that can generate new ones similar to those it had seen before. Its key features include magic avatars, background removal, retouching, filtering, and text addition. 

Lensa uses the power of Stable Diffusion, a type of generative adversarial network (GAN) that generates realistic and creative images. It is ideal for those looking to improve their photos or create new ones.

8. Duolingo

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A free language learning AO app, Duolingo teaches learners new languages through gamified lessons. It offers courses in more than 30 languages. This includes Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch, French, and many others. The lessons are broken down into small-bite-sized exercises that are made to be fun and engaging. 

Duolingo uses an array of learning methods that include translation, fill-in-the-blanks, matching, listening comprehension, and speaking practice. It also uses various techniques to help learners stay motivated.

9. Robin 

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Frequent travelers and motorists will find this AI app useful. Robin is a map assistance app developed to be a virtual assistant that helps users with a variety of tasks. This includes getting directions, finding points of interest, playing music, setting reminders, and getting weather forecasts. It has voice commands, natural language understanding, personalization, and continuous learning.

Robin is still in beta format, but positive reviews from users will surely help this AI app gain ground. 

10. Hopper 

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An AI-powered travel app, Hopper helps users find the best deals on flights, hotels, and rental cars. It uses historical data and predictive analytics to monitor and track prices. It can also predict when they are likely to go up or down.

Hopper has excellent features that help you save money, such as price alerts and advanced flight booking, among many others. It can also guarantee prices on flights and hotels. This means that Hopper will refund you the difference when you book a trip and its price goes down.

Final Thoughts

AI apps have been disrupting our daily lives, and many are welcoming them with open arms. It’s because they provide convenience and ease that we have never imagined before. However, it is not always good and positive, as AI isn’t always foolproof. They still need us humans to perform at their optimum.

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