Managing construction work is both stressful and rewarding.

If you’re considering constructing a new commercial building, remodeling your business, or repairing any damaged properties, that’s a good sign. It indicates that your company is changing, growing, and developing.

What if I told you that a construction site can also serve as a platform for advertising? That’s right; whatever project you’re working on can be used to promote a business in a variety of ways. We refer to this as construction advertising.

What is it?


Construction advertising is the umbrella term we use to describe the various niche advertising practices involving construction sites.

 In other words, you may have seen a new restaurant, convenience store, or market being built in your area. There’s a chance you might’ve seen posters lining the fences. Or perhaps, you have seen a small billboard within the space, advertising whatever is being built. Maybe you’ve even seen posters on the scaffolding, covering the drab area with something colorful. These are all examples of construction advertising.

This marketing format is typically seen during the daytime and can take on many, many forms. Let’s go over them.

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Reasons For Investment


You may be wondering why construction advertising is necessary. After all, the construction site is intended to be temporary. So, why spend money on advertising?

Construction advertisements function similarly to pop-up stores. They create intrigue by utilizing their temporary nature. Unlike pop-up shops, however, they leave something behind when they close. Something that will undoubtedly be around for a long time. People’s interest sparks as the progress of your structure increases. Once the building is completed, more people attend your grand opening.

Furthermore, construction advertisements are typically inexpensive. This is due to their short turnaround time and low production cost. They promote construction companies, draw attention to a project sponsor, or advertise the associated brand.

Promotional Fencing


So, promotional fencing; what is it exactly? You’ve probably seen this type of advertisement while walking the streets. This is the most common and least expensive type of construction advertising.

As we all know, when building a structure, workers must erect fencing around the perimeter of the site. This is done to warn passers-by not to enter the territory. After all, we don’t want anyone to get hurt. Aside from obvious protection, this fencing also serves as a canvas. You can post advertisements, specifically posters, on fences to raise awareness for whatever brand you’re promoting.

Poster Billboards


Poster billboards are similar to regular billboards, only smaller. They typically advertise local products or services. As a result, they can advertise businesses on construction sites.

In the realm of construction, poster billboards can serve two functions. They can either complement the construction or draw attention to it. Let me explain. Assume you’ve never heard of a particular brand, but come across a construction site. This billboard will explain what the construction site is and why you should be excited about it. This is a complimentary advertisement.

Now assume you already know about this brand, and are driving through town. You notice a poster billboard announcing the arrival of your favorite brand at this location. This encounter creates a lot of buzz and raises brand awareness.

Worker Trucks And Uniforms


Did you know that the construction workers themselves can do the advertising for you? 

Work trucks, for instance, can undergo a makeover to advertise your business or products. You never know who may pass by, see this truck or vehicle, and take interest in the construction going on. 

T-shirts and other branded clothing will work as well. A worker’s uniform decorated with your design, your colors, or your slogan, will generate brand awareness without getting in people’s faces. Just don’t get too mad if your logo gets a little dirty.

Scaffolding Covers


Now, this is probably the most noticeable and most effective method of construction advertising. 

Scaffolding describes a temporary structure on the outside of a building. Usually made of wooden planks, poles, and metal. Construction workers often use these while building or repairing a structure. Although they help out a lot, they are, frankly, quite ugly looking. 

That’s where scaffolding covers come in. While most sites use a simple plastic covering, you can use this as an opportunity for fun and creative promotion. Scaffolding covers work to protect the building while also giving the best array of options for advertising. Your building will withstand weather and environmental pollution in the most innovative way imaginable. 

While it’s much more expensive than the other options in this article, scaffolding covers are extremely large and unmistakable. They’re absolutely perfect for brand awareness. They also add a professional, and sometimes artistic feeling to your project. Ultimately, this form of construction advertising leaves the impression that you’re building something important.

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