Finding reputable designers is critical in today’s age, when your website can make or break your entire business. Web designers need to be up-to-date with the latest design trends. They need to be able to troubleshoot, and most importantly, they need a sharp eye for clutter-free design. If you’re thinking about hiring, the following web design services for small businesses are worth considering.

Done-for-You Web Design Services

When it comes to stellar web design, you have two options: Hire out or do it yourself. If you feel competent with design tools, you may be able to design or redesign your website alone. But for many companies, there’s just too much to do. Leaving your website in the hands of experts can be a huge relief – not to mention a workload off the plates of your team.


Penji is an unlimited graphic design service that handles all your design needs in one simple platform. Users simply request a design – whether it’s a landing page, illustration, ad, or email graphic – and the project is automatically matched with the best person for the job on Penji’s team. Unlike freelance platforms, Penji is a full-time workforce with vetted designers who are trained and work regular schedules. You’ll never have to worry about missed deadlines or designers flaking. Penji’s support team is always around to answer questions and get to know more about your brand so they can offer the best web design service.

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Curious about how Penji works? Watch a demo and see how to get the most out of unlimited graphic design.


WebFX is a full-service digital marketing agency offering a range of services. These include web design, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click advertising. They’re known for their data driven approach and a focus on driving measurable marketing results. You can use their project calculator to get an estimated quote for the cost of your custom website.


Fiverr is one of the most famous freelance platforms on the internet. There are lovers and haters of Fiverr, so you’ll have to decide which one you are. The platform has come a long way in upgrading the quality of its designs and the reliability of its freelance workforce. You can get just about anything on Fiverr including web design services. Users simply set up a profile, browse through “gigs” set up by web designers, and choose a designer. You’ll need to make sure the designer you choose is within your budget and that they can work within the parameters you need.


99Designs is a web design service much like Fiverr, connecting businesses to freelancers. But it’s unique in that users create design contests rather than choosing a designer. Once you create a design brief describing what you need for your website, designers get to work and submit their version to you. You can provide feedback and designers can even borrow help from other designers to make improvements. In the end, you choose the design you like best and pay a set fee for the project.

DIY Web Design Services

If you’re looking for a more hands-on solution, there are plenty of web design services you can wield yourself.

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Figma is used to build and test designs for apps, websites, and more. It’s a favorite platform nowadays because teams can share designs and get feedback as things are coming together. While the platform is best used by professional designers, it has some drag-and-drop features that make the learning curve accessible to non-pros.


Similar to Figma, Sketch is a UI/UX web design tool with a wide range of prototyping capabilities. Sketch is a macOS-only application, while Figma can be used on any operating system. The platform has a vibrant plugin ecosystem that allows users to extend its functionality. There are numerous plugins available for tasks like prototyping, collaboration, and tool integration.


Perhaps Squarespace’s biggest claim to fame is its beautiful templates and its ability to host small to medium-sized stores. It’s a solid choice for blogging, with features like social media integration, multiple author support, and an intuitive blogging interface. Squarespace provides a good balance between simplicity and customization. But it’s limited in flexibility compared to platforms that allow more extensive customization.


Wix is another wildly popular platform. It’s especially popular among creatives and small creators who want custom websites that are easy to design. It’s also user-friendly and suitable for beginners. The drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to do a lot without much technical knowledge. If design aesthetics are a top priority, some users prefer Squarespace for its curated templates. If you value more design freedom, Wix might be a better fit.

Need One Design & Nothing More?

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Maybe you don’t need regular web support or a design subscription. In fact, maybe you just need a landing page. In that case, Penji Express is the perfect place to choose a designer, put in a simple request, and be on your way! 

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