Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the recent explosion of a new social media app called Threads. Created by Meta, the company behind Instagram and Facebook, Threads is a text-centered platform designed to ‘spark conversation’ and encourage the ‘sharing of ideas’… Yea, just like every other social platform (It’s also for ‘microblogging‘ … aka posting).

But there are a few key features that set Threads apart as the prime competitor of Twitter. So the conversation has quickly moved from “what is threads” to “threads vs twitter.” In this post we’ll give a rundown of everything you need to know, and most importantly, who you should choose.

Some Facts About Meta’s Threads

Threads made a splash garnering 30 million users in just a day and 100 million in under a week. The platform was launched on July 5th, 2023 after a roughly 6-month development process. It has officially been named the fastest growing app in history. 

The development of Threads was no pet project. Mark Zuckerberg recently admitted it was designed to compete with Twitter stating that the platform “hasn’t nailed” its opportunity to create an open conversation app. Much like Instagram reels, which mimicked TikTok, Meta’s Threads app mimics features of Twitter. 

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Posting on Threads vs Twitter

To describe Threads as anything other than Twitter with a different name and logo would add confusion and do a disservice to the original concept for Twitter.”Nick Hilton

Posts are the most unremarkable aspect of this comparison, so let’s get that out of the way first. Posting on Twitter vs Threads is largely the same process. Tweets and Threads posts look similar with the option to like, comment, share, and repost (retweet). So if you’ve never used Threads, you can probably rub two brain cells together, jump in, and start using it.

Just like Twitter, Threads allows users to see each account’s posts in one section and the reply chain in another section.

The only big difference here is the character limit: Tweets can be as long as 280 characters (unless you’re a member of Twitter Blue, in which case you can tweet a whopping 10,000 characters). Threads posts have a 500-character limit. So if you have a lot to say and you don’t want to give Elon Musk all your money, Threads it is.

The Interface

“Threads is lacking an incredible amount of features, including the majority of the great features Elon added since his takeover.”Nikola Maharajh

Now let’s get into some of the nitty-gritty details of how each platform differs. Threads isn’t shockingly different from other social apps. In fact, it’s basically a blend of Instagram and Twitter… minus all the added features. Users can share text, photos, videos, and links.

Trending Topics

Twitter has long been known for its Trending tab, which features the biggest stories circulating social media. Threads has no such thing, but this could be because the app is so new. When comparing Threads vs Twitter, people who want to read the news/yell about the news should opt for Twitter.


Twitter features two separate lists on each person’s profile: ‘following’ and ‘followers.’ To see who you’re following on the Threads app, you’ll need to click the ‘followers’ tab and go to the ‘following’ section. Basically, it’s a bit more roundabout on Threads.

two phones with twitter and threads logos on screen


Twitter is pretty ad-heavy, while Threads doesn’t have an ad base set up – yet. Still, advertisers are chomping at the bit, and it’s likely only a matter of time before the platform introduces its ad platform. In fact, Threads’ very first ad deal with Hulu has already been announced.


To change your Threads username, you’ll have to change your Instagram username. Of course, Twitter is a stand-alone platform so this doesn’t apply. Also worth noting: Instagram allows you to change your username twice every 14 days, while Twitter users can update their handle anytime. But unless you’re having an identity crisis, this probably doesn’t matter much to you. 


Twitter offers wider search options. But again, this is something Threads may develop as it evolves. On Twitter, you can search for accounts, hashtags, and tweets. On Threads, you can currently only search accounts. So if you’re deciding between Threads vs Twitter, know that your search capabilities are still limited on Threads.


Twitter verification badge colors

Verification on Threads is simple, and you’ll notice many people already have the blue symbol next to their username. If you’re verified on Instagram, you’re verified on Threads.

Twitter’s process is different (it used to be simple, but.. Elon Musk). Now, Twitter users who want a verification badge will need to buy it. By that we mean you’ll need to sign up for Twitter Blue. Some organizations may get a different colored badge (eg. government institutions get gray and some businesses/nonprofits get yellow), but for the most part, it’s Twitter Blue or no badge.

Deleting Your Account

In the eyes of some social media users, this is where things get dicey. Users can never delete their Threads account unless they delete their Instagram. The two are attached, and Threads is like an extension of Instagram (even though you have to download a separate app). This rubs some people the wrong way, as trying out a brand new app quickly becomes a forever contract. Yes, you can always delete the app from your phone, but your account will still be there.

Twitter allows users to delete or deactivate their accounts, which is largely the same thing. If you deactivate and don’t touch your Twitter account for 30 days, it’s toast. So if you want to take a break, just remember to reactivate your account before the month is up.

Data Privacy

“While Meta has its fair share of setbacks, including Facebook’s mishandling of user data, the success of Threads indicates that Meta’s users are eager to explore new avenues beyond established social media platforms.” Virginia Backaitis

data privacy on threads vs twitter

Data privacy is controversial. Some people are angry about it and go to great lengths to protect their digital anonymity. Others are largely oblivious to how much information is being gathered about them, or they simply don’t care.

If you’re someone that cares, you’ll be interested to know that Threads collects more personal data than Twitter – at least that’s the case right now. Threads can access your browsing history, home address, health status, and contact info, along with things like your race, religion, sexual orientation, and even biometric data (face, fingerprints, voice, etc).

This doesn’t mean that the Threads app absolutely has all of this data on everyone who uses it. But it may concern you to know that pretty much nothing is off limits.

How does Twitter compare? Twitter can track your purchase history, browsing history, exact location, and contact info. The main difference is that it doesn’t track “sensitive information,” which includes some of the things listed above that Threads tracks.

Check out Wired’s blog, Threads vs Twitter’s privacy policies for the full breakdown.

Will Threads Kill Twitter?

threads monster eating twitter

Meta’s new app has been referred to as the “Twitter Killer” and “Instagram minus pics.” Where it will end up in the future is anyone’s guess. Some argue that Threads is a fad that will soon go the way of Vine, Google+, and MySpace. These critics say there are not enough unique features to make the platform memorable and worth using in the long-term. Twitter still exists and despite its array of catastrophes, it’s not going anywhere soon.

Others insist that Threads will be the Twitter we always hoped for – a “friendly” place with less toxicity, angry rants, and hate speech. Threads will usurp the throne from Twitter, which will soon be the ghost of social media past… and we’ll all have a safe space… on the internet.

Who’s right? Only time will tell.

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