Case Study: Improving ENAGAGEathon’s First Impression On Users

“If I were to recommend Penji to a client, I would tell them if they want that is completed in a timely fashion to their needs and to their wants, with a team that really cares, they need to use Penji.”

Veniece Newton


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ENAGAGEathon is a community engagement application that tracks and rewards socially impactful activities.

What is ENAGAGEathon?

Founder Veniece Newton created the ENAGAGEathon because she knew people wanted to make an impact in their community, but might not know where to begin. Her company gives people somewhere to start. Users can see missions and events based on their passions and get updates accordingly. They can gain badges and level up to earn the rewards accordingly. She currently has over 2,000 users and 50 companies on ENAGAGEathon, working with their local communities.


Veniece wanted ENAGAGEathon to stand out. When she was working on different initiatives for it, she started finding problems. She knew she wanted great designs, but she didn’t have the time to do it. She needed flyers for events, application design concepts for the app version she was planning, and pitch decks for her launches.

Every time she came up with an idea, she needed a design for it. One particular project she knew she wanted was an app design for ENAGAGEathon. Users online could reach through her website, but she wanted to find a way to reach people who didn’t have a computer in front of them


When she heard about Penji, she decided to sign up. Veniece had heard about the different She started requesting designs for the same problems she had earlier and was excited about all the options she had for one flat price. Over time, she saw the different parts of her company grow thanks to Penji’s designs. She requested smaller things at first, such as a business card and logo.

Eventually, she requested her app design and had an ideal image in mind for it. By seeing the changes first hand through Penji’s customer dashboard, Veniece could pinpoint all the changes she wanted. She talked back and forth with our design team, undergoing multiple revisions before finally seeing the perfect design. 


“If I were to recommend Penji to a client, I would tell them if they want that is completed in a timely fashion to their needs and to their wants, with a team that really cares, they need to use Penji.” – Veniece Newton, founder of ENAGAGEathon. 

Veniece has continued to be blown away by Penji’s quality of work. She was able to receive everything she wanted and more. Currently, she’s hard at work with the beta version of ENAGAGEathon’s application. Thanks to the designs created by Penji, she’s able to talk to programmers and put the designs to work. She continues to have other materials designed by Penji, such as event marketing materials. 

Last year, VoyageATL covered her journey from creating Community Angel Foundation and Cypher City to managing her busy schedule through different projects. Thanks to our designers’ quality service and a wide variety of options for businesses, founders like Veniece can focus on the business side of their projects without ever worrying about the designs. Want to see if Penji is a good fit for you and your company? Sign up for a demo with one of our team members today.

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