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Marketing Manager

Are you an experienced self-taught digital Marketing expert with management skills looking for a fast growing company to test your skills? Join Penji! We’re a fast-growing tech-enabled creative platform seeking to expand our reach globally. You’ll be working with a team of passionate marketers, writers, designers, animators, and developers at at our HQ office in Philly to deliver breakthrough campaigns reaching millions of users nationwide. We’re a mission-driven company aiming to simplify and make graphic design accessible to everyone. If you’re looking for a place to grow, develop your talents, and work on meaningful projects, hit Apply!


Since 2017, Penji has provided on-demand access to the top 2% of graphic designers. We’re the leader in graphic design subscription services and recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies. 

Beyond our business success, we’re a community-conscious startup dedicated to supporting nonprofits and those who are helping others. Graphic design is what we do. Being a responsible employer and supporting our communities is who we aim to be. Join us on our mission to leave a positive footprint.


  • 3+ years of management or supervisor role overseeing team size of 25+
  • 2+ years of Google Ads experience
  • 2+ years of Facebook Ads experience
  • Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects
  • Experienced running + testing multiple campaigns simultaneously
  • Experienced in running multiple A/B testing campaigns
  • Experience building, deploying, and scaling ads across various platforms
  • Proficient ad copywriting experience
  • Ability to develop, collaborate, and execute complex multi-variable strategies
  • Data-driven. Can extrapolate valuable insights from raw data
  • A solid online design portfolio consisting of web-based marketing campaigns and brand identity/awareness


  • Managing & motivating marketing team: You’ll be tasked with managing, creating tasks/goals, hosting weekly meetings, and supporting your team to achieve marketing success here at Penji.
  • Goal settings: Create weekly sprints and monthly goals for each member of your team and track their progress.
  • Marketing campaigns development: Research and discover breakthrough marketing campaigns to experiment with. Create projects, achievable sprints, and delegate tasks accordingly to deliver.
  • Developing creative ad strategies & experiments: Research and develop strategies to drive sales and brand awareness. Analyze data and create experiments to identify new opportunities/audiences/ideas. 
  • Creating campaigns: Plan, execute, monitor, and create targeted campaigns across multiple advertising platforms. Additionally, develop A/B tests and various experimental campaigns to understand our audience, industry, customer behavior, and other valuable metrics. It may require design and copywriting skills to deliver ads efficiently. 
  • Managing ads across all platforms: Constantly collect, monitor, improve, and upkeep ads across all platforms. Ensure all ads are operating cost-effectively and achieving their KPI promptly. 
  • Constantly learning: Constantly learn and educate yourself on advertising. Continuously improve your methods and strategies. 
  • Generating ideas: Generating new ad/campaign ideas and coordinating them into executable experiments. 
  • Creating & presenting reports: Create frequent reports to present your findings, strategies, and ad performance to the team. 
  • Collaborate with a team: Work with designers, marketers, writers, developers, and others at our HQ and Global team to execute assignments/campaigns/tasks. 
Time commitment
Entry-Mid level
Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm

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