Primarily, infographics can be used for in house reasons. If you are breaking down certain policies and procedures, it easy to choose your infographic topic. However, when it comes to marketing, choosing the most attention grabbing topic can be complicated.

To be clear, creative infographics are so helpful for digital marketing. Thus, when designing your digital marketing strategy, it is important to add infographics in the mix. They add a visual component to your grid. Also, they shed light on who you are as a company. 

However, it can be difficult to decide what a good infographic topic is. Trend analysis and defining your target audience can help. Equally, it is important to make sure you are posting quality content. Your target audience is going to be most engaged with you when you are posting trending content. 

Whether you are posting for business, educational, or entertainment reasons, you want to make sure you are ‘on brand’. Posting topics that do not correspond to your brand voice can throw off your target audience. Make sure to keep all of your content relative and relevant.

Content Topics

Furthermore, conducting trend research to determine the best results is important. Use a popular platform such as SEMRush to see trending topics. Some examples are:

  1. Step by Step Infographic
  2. Timeline Infographics
  3. Environmental Health Infographic
  4. Mental Health Infographic
  5. Gender Equality Infographic

To elaborate, these trending topics have high traffic. Meaning, researching monthly trends to determine high volume topics will bring your content more traffic. Remember, stay on your target audience and trending content to strategize the best. 

Additionally, honing in to create a narrow brand strategy will help boost your business visibility. To do this, ensure that your content is both easy to digest, informational, and visually pleasing after building around your topic. Meaning, making sure your content is presented in the best way is how to bring in the best results.

5 Creative Infographic Examples


Penji utilizes infographics for lifestyle and marketing tips. Digital marketing tools and content strategies can be hard to assemble. Following our socials can provide assistance to marketing agencies and business owners looking to expand their marketing. 

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Everybody loves Canva. This platform offers a free infographic maker. You can choose from a plethora of design templates. This way you can find something that closely resembles your brand aesthetic. After you insert your data, you can download and repeat!

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Social Media Infographics


Impact is an Instagram account that focuses on ‘digestible and socially-impactful content’. This account is filled with creative infographics that focus on visual storytelling. The issues covered span from environmental justice, to women’s rights, to mental health issues and so much more. 


This account is run by Impact. While Impact does shed light on environmental health, this account targets ‘earth, climate, news and…human impact’. Understanding climate change and the human role in it is more important than ever. 


So.Informed is an Instagram account that is helpful in ‘breaking down political and social issues to help you stay informed’. By providing information on current political changes, such a policy updates and leadership news, it is easy to stay aware. 

Visual Storytelling at its Finest

These infographic topics may all be different. However, the strategy behind all of them is clear. Consequently, the viewer knows what matters to each social media account / business and is intrigued by the design. Creative infographics instill a sense of trust in your brand.

Meaning, that since you are able to correctly story tell using data, your information and presentation is more trusted. You know what you are doing, you understand what you are saying, and you believe in the described causes. This will help build brand trust.

Moreover, data visualization done in this way creates a wonderful user experience. This interactive visual brings together multiple important elements. To emphasize, visual storytelling is how to capture new viewers, hold their attention and carry out your call to action.

In conclusion, use creative infographics for your social media today. Penji is here to help make not only creative, but personalized, visual presentations. Bring your vision and your beliefs to life today!