Unlimited graphic design comes in many forms. Penji and Flocksy are both in the unlimited graphic design space, however, will help you in very different ways.

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Here is an analysis of Penji vs Flocksy to help you see the differences between the two services.

Is unlimited graphic design right for me?

With the growth of the design industry, companies like Penji and Flocksy are innovating the space, providing results through a fixed price subscription business model. Admittingly, unlimited graphic design is not for everyone. However, startups, marketers, and agencies have found great success in using unlimited graphic design. 

Consider an unlimited graphic design service if you:

  • Are frustrated with vetting, hiring, and firing freelancers
  • Need extra help but not looking to commit to a full-time team member
  • Need multiple designs monthly
  • Live a fast-paced lifestyle and need a quick turnaround for your designs 
  • Prefer the ease of interacting digitally rather than in-person

What sets these services apart is that you get a full team of designers with your subscription rather than just one designer when you hire a freelancer. Also, you have the freedom to select from a wide range of design categories, so you won’t be held back by skill deficiency. These services usually promise a 24-48 turnaround time. This allows you to do more without compromising your other projects.

Penji vs Flocksy

Penji and Flocksy are both alternative design solutions. But what makes them different?

Both services offer design at a fixed price, so what’s the difference?

Penji’s Pro

  • $399/m
  • 1 Designer assigned
  • Add unlimited users to account
  • Logos & branding
  • Unlimited designs
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Unlimited brands
  • Free photos & stock assets
  • Source files download

Penji’s Team

  • $499/m
  • 1 Designer assigned
  • Add unlimited users to account
  • Logos & branding
  • Unlimited designs
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Unlimited brands
  • Free photos & stock assets
  • Source files download
  • Web & App design
  • Custom illustrations
  • Infographics
  • Animated GIFS
  • Logos & branding
  • Presentations & Google Slides

Flocksy’s Team

  • $495/m
  • 1 active project
  • 5 users
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 5 Brand “Buckets”
  • Free stock photos & footage
  • Custom Template Library
  • Graphic Design Team
  • Video Editing and Creation Team
  • USA-Based Copywriting Team
  • Custom Illustrations

Penji’s Agency

  • $899/m
  • 2 designers
  • Add unlimited users to account
  • Logos & branding
  • Unlimited designs
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Unlimited brands
  • Free photos & stock assets
  • Source files download
  • Web & App design
  • Custom illustrations
  • Infographics
  • Animated GIFS
  • Logos & branding
  • Presentations & Google Slides
  • Prioritized support

Flocksy Access Plan

  • $995
  • Everything in Team
  • 20 Users
  • 2 Active Projects
  • Unlimited Brand “Buckets”
  • Option to Create Projects via Email
  • Option to Reply to Comments via Email
  • Voice-over and Audio Team
  • Animated GIFs
  • Website & App Design

The service that you choose will depend on what your goals are. Companies like Penji prefer to stick to one specialty, design, while others like Flocksy branches off into non-design categories such as web development, copywriting, and video. Because of this, who you are and what you need will ultimately help you decide which is the best service for you. 

Penji is overall great for marketers and agencies because of the core focus on design. However, Flocksy may work better for those looking to replace agencies because of their selection of offerings.

Software interface overview

Unlike working with freelance/agency graphic designers, top unlimited graphic design services make emailing back and forth obsolete. An intuitive web software interface takes its place so you’ll no longer be confused by where your project is along the process. Both Penji and Flocksy have their own web software to achieve the same goal for you as a consumer, however, they operate differently.

penji platform

Penji’s interactive platform centralizes all your communication into one place. Making a request can take as little time as one minute, depending on the complexity of your project. The form generates on one screen as you fill it out and you will only be asked questions that are definitely needed by the designers, saving you time and unnecessary clicks. All project requests are submitted through the software interface and revisions can be requested there as well.

On Flocksy’s platform, you’ll get a different experience. You’ll be taken through 10 steps as you make a request. Each step is a separate screen. Though some questions are necessary, the questions are unskippable, which slows down the request process and may cause confusion for the designers working on your project if you fill in unnecessary information. Once your project is started, a timer counts down to the time when you will receive your draft, which may provide peace of mind for meeting deadlines.

Price comparison

The cost of unlimited graphic design varies depending on the service you choose. But, what you can count on is the consistent subscription business model. Whether you need it for 3 years or 3 months, you’re not tied to any contracts, giving you the freedom to sign up and cancel anytime. Here is a package comparison of Penji vs Flocksy.


At Penji there are three packages to choose from: Pro, Team, and Agency. Since Penji focuses solely on graphic design, you get a wide selection of design categories to choose from and specialized offerings per package. This is perfect for marketers who need graphic design for their campaigns and agencies who need design work completed for their clients.


Flocksy has four packages: The Access Plan, Graphics + Video Plan, Graphics + Copywriting Plan, and The Graphics + Illustrations Plan. The starting package is slightly higher than Penji’s, however, it’s up to you to decide if that is worth it depending on what you are looking for. If you need web development and copy along with graphic design, the cost may seem more worth it.

Design offerings

Penji has 122+ total design categories at the time of writing. Flocksy has 40+ listed on their website. Though Penji and Flocksy are both in the unlimited graphic design category, they offer different services under a similar business model. Penji has a hard focus on providing the highest quality graphic design whereas Flocksy ventures into categories such as web development, copywriting, and video. Here is the list of design categories at Penji vs Flocksy:

Penji’s Design Category List  

  • Album covers
  • Android apps
  • Animated GIFS
  • Annual reports
  • Awards/certificates
  • Billboards
  • Brand style guides
  • Business cards/ letterheads
  • Car wraps
  • Caricatures
  • Catalogs/brochures
  • Facebook and Google ads
  • Hats, hoodies, mugs, leggings
  • Icons
  • Illustrations
  • Infographics
  • Invitations/stationeries
  • Landing pages
  • Logos
  • Magazine, book/ebook covers/layouts
  • Mascots
  • Patterns
  • Photo edits
  • Pitch decks
  • Popsockets
  • Print ads
  • Product Packaging
  • Restaurant menus
  • Retail bags
  • Rollup banners
  • Social media graphics
  • Stickers/ sticker labels
  • Tattoos
  • T-shirts
  • Twitch banner/header
  • UX/UI
  • Web applications
  • Websites
  • Wireframing 
  • And more…

Flocksy’s Design Category List

Banner design
Blog post graphics
Book cover design
Box design
Branding guide design
Business card design
Business form design
Changes to an existing graphic
eBook cover design
Edits to an existing logo
Email design
Facebook ad or post design
Fillable PDF design
Flyer design
Holiday ad design
Icon design
Infographic design
Instagram ad or post design
Label design
Landing page design
Logo design
Magazine design
Marketing material design
Menu design
Mockup design
Postcard design
Poster design
PowerPoint design
Resizing existing graphics
Simple animated GIF design
Simple eBook design
Social media design
Stationery design
T-shirt design
Template design
Tri-fold brochure design
Vectorize an existing logo
Webpage design
Workbook design

Quality of Work

While it’s true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we still need to see how Penji and Flocksy compare by looking at their portfolios. 


Penji hires only the top 2% of graphic designers in the industry. Our designers go through strict recruitment and training processes. Here are some of Penji’s previous works to show you what we mean:


As with Penji, Flocksy has graphic designers from all over the globe. However, there is no mention on their website on how they hire their designers. Let’s look at what they have to offer:

What Makes Penji Stand Out?

When you read about Penji’s story, you’ll realize why we stand out. We are a community-driven company and have been so from the get-go. We care for our community that’s why we pledge 10% of our monthly income to help those who are helping others. 

In addition, we offer our full service to deserving nonprofits and social impact startups through our Unlimited programs at discounted rates. This is in line with what our core values are which are to love our customers, be generous and dependable, be true to oneself, and quality above all else.

This year, we launched a few more programs to add to our growing list of advocacies. Here is a list of the programs that we hold close to our hearts. These are, we believe, what makes Penji different from our competition.

  • Penji Against Hate
  • Supplies For Change
  • Penji Partners
  • Penji Champions
  • Penji for nonprofits
  • Startups Unlimited

Final verdict

Your decision depends on what you need to be done. Flocksy may be a great option for those who are looking to replace an agency because of the wide selection of offerings like design, web development, copywriting, and video. With the quick turnaround time, you’ll be able to get more without committing to a contract.

If you’re a marketer or agency looking to expand your design work, Penji is the best option. Penji aims to provide high-quality graphic design for individuals and teams. Designers are specialized in specific areas of design so you get the best results. That means fewer revisions, quicker completion time, and overall more polished work.

On the surface, Penji and Flocksy may seem similar, but because of their separate list of offerings, your decision may waiver depending on who you are and what you need.

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